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How to Overcome the Lack of Employee Engagement and Communication with Odoo

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 6 mins

Overcome the Lack of Employee Engagement and Communication with Odoo. Businesses that adopt Odoo ERP often wonder how to overcome the lack of employee engagement and communication with Odoo. Lower employee engagement is often caused by miscommunication, undervalued employee work, or disengaging employees from relevant discussions on the essential decision-making process. Intentional or unintentional employee exclusion based on various discriminations (such as racial, religious, regional, color, or linguistic discrimination) can also promote a lack of employee engagement. In a well-connected workplace with equal rights and norms of every voice being heard, employees tend to be more engaged, and present novel and unique ideas to resolve critical internal and external matters.

Overcome the Lack of Employee Engagement and Communication with Odoo

Employee engagement promotes increased productivity due to a sense of team objectives achievement. Better employee engagement also causes better team performance that transforms the norm of the business from individual performance-oriented to team performance-oriented. Interactions among the employees of various departments promote homogeneity leading to reduced workplace stress, a leading cause of earlier and frequent burnout among employees.

lack of employee management
Figure 1: Visual Representation of Employee Engagement

Odoo Discuss is one of the most prominent modules of Odoo apps that significantly helps in overcoming the lack of employee engagement, and communication. Since Odoo Discuss is fully integrated with the whole Odoo ERP ecosystem, employees of all departments can easily access the Discus and begin seamless communication within and outside of the respective departments. The beauty of the Discuss app lies in its seamless integration and communication across the modules which effectively turns the whole business communication into one big meeting session. With Discuss being active, the employees can mention colleagues, and bosses across the board to ask for help, guidance, and troubleshoot the issues of the organization, customers, and suppliers alike in an interactive, fully engaged manner.

Odoo discuss

Odoo can help eradicate the lack of engagement among employees via Discuss by removing the typical communication delay issues such as waiting period, unavailability, and connectivity that is prevalent in e-mails, phone calls, and social media respectively. Many misunderstandings among employees, and management that cause workplace stress and negativity are related to delayed responses from peers and superiors. Odoo can help relieve such stresses by enabling companies to communicate in real-time.

A magic pill that the Odoo ERP offers is inter and intra connectivity of its in-house apps. The connection makes it easier and seamless for employees to refer to various corresponding issues related to the project at hand. Consider an example of a customer who needs a custom order of a product, and the customer support agent of business needs his superior’s opinion regarding the order. In Odoo ERP, the agent can fire up the Discuss app and point to the hyperlinked order code and ask for the superior’s suggestion. The superior on the other end, can immediately click the order link, and get direct access to the order to see the available options for himself. All this activity happens seamlessly without even leaving the Odoo. The superiority of employee engagement and communication in all matters concerning business is exemplary with Odoo.

Employee productivity is a differentiating factor in high-performing and under-performing businesses. Unlike similar-sounding words, hard work is not necessarily proportionate to high productivity. The difference lies in the amount of work done at a certain time. With Odoo time becomes a conserved resource. Because of interconnectivity, all kinds of inventory management, maintenance, rentals, invoices, accounting, and in the end reporting can be done all within the same ecosystem of trusted, open-source ERP. Odoo ERP promotes the growth of connectivity, better engagement, and superior communication by enabling all things real-time.

Each company and enterprise build an organizational culture of its own. The process is often intentional, but sometimes the norms and behaviors seep in un-intentionally too. With effective employee engagement and communication such as via Odoo Discuss,the cultural values, and norms can not only be embedded into the company but the bad behaviors can be weeded out too. Via occasional events arranged via the Event App, and newsletters sent via Discuss,the employeescan be made aware of the company mission, and core values.

Coherence in business values and business mission is the cornerstone of employee engagement. With Odoo branding and centralization, the coherence and unanimity in business operations become natural. This coherence binds each employee with his peer and the success of every individual is seamlessly understood to be linked with the success of the company. When all departments are working on the same (virtual) floor, a complete interactive engagement becomes a fundamental part of the business operations. When implemented in a business scenario, Odoo acts as an adhesive that binds every employee of respective management levels to a single fabric that portrays singularity, maturity, and collectivity.

lack of employee management
Figure 2: A Physical Representation of Virtual Communication Channels

Various analyses point out employee empowerment as a key factor in employee engagement within an organization. Employee empowerment is strengthened with effective, out-of-the-box thinking concerning communication and communication channels. Employee empowerment can be taken to the next level by using two apps that Odoo has built-in its business suite:

  • Approvals
  • Appraisals

With Odoo Approvals employees know the exact channel to follow for various organizational approvals. These approvals include renting applications, payment matters, procurements, and various trips that an employee must make in connection to performing his duties effectively. With Odoo Appraisals, the managers can flexibly create insightful evaluation plans, collect employee responses, and generate a final appraisal of an employee that is sharable. The whole process can be automated too to generate a sense of neutrality.

Odoo offers various, powerful plans via well-developed business apps to meet the needs of effective organizational employee engagement and communication strategies. The core standards and upbringing of Odoo ERP automagically focus on the management level concerns such as unifying the workforce, and leading employees to behave like a single unit instead of a mashup of individual entities gathered under a roof. By deploying open-source, fully integrated, well-managed Odoo ERP, businesses invest in the future of their employees evolving as a team, keeping communication, engagement, and empowerment at the core of business mission and values.

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