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Odoo Payroll Features

Modern Payroll with 100% accuracy

Tax Calculation

Calculate and Generate reports for Provincial and Federal taxes .

Payroll Automation

Design and execute company payroll process.


Automate employee specific withholding and deduction.

Project Payment

Link project hours with payments.


Generate Custom Analytics on employee payroll


Sync with peripheral apps for a seamless solution

Tax Calculation

Odoo Payroll calculates and generates reports for federal, and provinces taxes for your employees based on their residency and employment type. It also handles complex tax situations such as employees working in different tax jurisdictions. The tax calculation engine is updated regularly to ensure compliance.

Payroll Automation

Design and automate your company's payroll processes with Odoo payroll. The software reminds you to process payroll and gives you the option to confirm it before running. You can view payroll reports at a company or individual employee level and post journal entries to Odoo Accounting. Odoo Payroll also generates a report for direct deposit and integrates with payment gateways like Stripe. For employees without direct deposit, you can generate and print paper checks and stubs, which will be stored electronically.

Project Payment

Odoo Payroll provides tracking for special cases, such as barcode scanning, platform login/logout, and time clocking, to ensure proper payment disbursement to employees. It can be integrated with hardware or software tracking. The software also allows tracking of work on external customer projects and calculates compensation for employees based on the time reported


Odoo Payroll calculates all employee deductions, both company-wide and individual, for each payroll period. The software allows for the management of company benefits by defining a deduction policy for each benefit. Employees can enroll in benefits through the self-service portal. The software also handles garnishments by managing the time they occur, generating reports, and submitting payment to the correct agent


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