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We are a full service digital agency based in Toronto. Since 2004, our team of local and offshore technology integrators has consistently delivered integrated digital solutions to small and medium B2B businesses across Canada


What We Do

Integrated Business Solutions

Integrated Business Solutions

Managing your business becomes seamless, end-to-end, with fully integrated CRM, Accounting, E-Commerce, Business Analytics, Data Integration, POS, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Marketing Automation solutions



We design digital products that are beautiful and easy to use. Our goal is to make the journey of your customers, team members, and stakeholder as efficient as possible. Our design process is transparent, iterative, and collaborative.



We are passionate about creating remarkable experiences for your customers. We use innovative technologies, videos, augmented reality, and virtual reality to create product displays that your customers love interacting with.

Custom Development

Custom Development

We work across web and mobile. Our understanding of simple and complex technologies allows us to identify the right tools for the job. Our lean and agile approach to project management gives us flexibility and efficiency.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We promote your business to the right audience using interactive designs, programmatic media buying, and powerful SEO techniques. We also service your clients and partners through direct communication.

Tech Support

Tech Support

We offer proactive maintenance and reactive tech support for all your digital assets. We make sure all your digital systems are running smoothly and secure. Our on-demand tech support allows you to keep the focus on the core business.

Some of our clients

  • hatil
  • newgen
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  • tomauri
  • praztek
  • cvhi
  • dancor
  • belform
  • globpos
  • osler
  • condo
  • catche
  • hell
  • solutionlaw
  • sweat

Tech we use

  • odoo
  • drupal
  • ios
  • android
  • django
  • nodejs
  • laravel
  • angular js

Select Case Studies

Cases Preview

Matching Carpoolers

Problem: Majority of the ride-sharing apps turn users into taxi drivers. What if you just wanted to carpool and not deviate from your route too much. We created a solution where you can keep your day job whilst picking up a few fellow commuters along your way. In the process get some perks that are available to carpoolers.

Solution: A combination of real-time location tracking, navigation algorithms,
and real-time traffic data from Google maps allowed us to match drivers and
passengers within deviation limits set by the driver.

Result: The app has generated 47% successful matches between drivers and passengers within deviation limits.

Planogram shopping cart

Problem: Retail shelf space is limit. Every wholesaler’s core business problem is to populate those shelves with their products. On the other hand, the retailer’s goal is to maximize profit by utilizing the limited space. Tomauri, a consumer electronics wholesaler, wanted a hook for the retailers to plan and order all the products on a shelf from the Tomauri e-commerce platform.

Solution: Retailers can input their shelf specifications (Height, width, and depth) into the virtual planogram tool and see a virtual version of their wall. They could then populate their shelf with Tomauri products which would show up in the dimensions of their packaging. They could also see the profit they could make from the shelf they have created and order all products on the shelf right from the tool.

Result: Currently the output from the tool accounts for a big portion of the total online sales. Since the launch of the tool, the business volume has been growing consistently.

Cases Preview
Cases Preview

My 3D Lungs (Patient education portal for William Osler Health Systems)

Problem: Smart patients of today prefer to know the details of the medical procedures that they are about to go through. But, correct medical information that is comprehensible to the regular patient is hard to come by. Osler Thoracics needed a platform to easily educate its current and potential patients about medical procedures.

Solution: My 3D lung showed various portions of a lung and what would happen if certain medical procedures are applied to them.

Result: Doctors have stated that they use the tool during a good portion of their sessions to easily explain complex surgical procedures.


Virtual furniture retail store

Problem: Furniture stores require a large amount of real estate at prime locations. Due to the high costs, many furniture retailers are opting for e-commerce for some or all of their products. However, consumers often find it difficult to get an idea about the size or the appearance of a piece of furniture from a webpage. One of our customers, who is a furniture retailer, wanted to show more furniture in his store than space allowed.

Solution: A virtual furniture store where customers can interact with life-size 3D models on a large display.

Result: The retailer has used the virtual store in shows and events, as well as opening up 3 locations that have the virtual store installed, saving money in real estate while giving the customers a great way to check out a product before purchasing.

Cases Preview
Cases Preview

Augmented reality for furniture

Problem: How many times have you bought a sofa that you thought would fit nicely in your living room but ended up blocking access to your bedroom? It is hard to gauge the size of furniture from a webpage or even at a furniture store with high ceilings. One of our customers, who is a furniture retailer, wanted customers to be able to place life-sized furniture at their homes virtually before making the decision to buy

Solution: An augmented reality app that places a virtual furniture, modeled to size, into your own home using augmented reality.

Result: The app is being used by customers on a regular basis by customers to place orders directly from the app.

High traffic telco digital system development and maintenance

Problem: We designed and developed the website, e-commerce retail store, online wholesale business, and blog for a global telecom operator with a subscriber base that is twice the size of the population of Canada. The challenge was to ensure service availability with 99.99% uptime for 200,000 daily visitors.

Solution: Provided system architecture with Layer 7 Load Balancing for a distributed Drupal installation.

Result: The system is now capable of handling over 3000 concurrent users with a daily maximum of over 200,000 visits, with near-zero downtime.

Cases Preview

Reduce wastage in concrete manufacturing case

Problem: We implemented a full-featured ERP system for the concrete manufacturing unit of Mir Akhter Hossain Ltd. – a 50-year-old construction company. The main challenge was to optimize the production process and increase visibility.

Solution: We implemented a fully integrated system (including integration with PLC based batching plant) to track all business processes. Our solution included Accounting, Purchase, Data Analytics, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Fleet Management, and Maintenance (for equipment and vehicles).

Result: In one year after the successful implementation the company was able to reduce raw material wastage by almost 2%.

Cases Preview

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