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Things are not going as planned?

Software development may not always proceed as planned. Send us a message if you believe the project is either defective, not producing the expected outcomes, or is running far behind schedule.
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Why you might need rescue and support services

Lack of Planning
  • Significantly over budget for the project.
  • The pace of development has greatly slowed.
  • The service provider is unable to fulfill its promises.

Poor Execution
  • Software not working or performing poorly.
  • Performance issues – lags and crashes.
  • Major flaws in security systems.
  • Inefficient or antiquated programming language.

Reviving abandoned project
  • Developers going out of business.
  • Interoperability issues.
  • Old tech stack, or target platform.

  • Unfriendly UI and poor user experience.
  • Basic features are lacking, making it unsuitable for the intended use.
  • Software is either not scalable or scaling is labour- and time-intensive.

Rescue process

The software project recovery method was broken down into 6 easy steps.

1. Analysis
Our experts will first evaluate your project, its state of development, any flaws, and your needs.

2. Project recovery strategy
We'll then provide a fair and practical work schedule. In this phase, we will let you know what is possible and how we intend to accomplish it. We welcome recommendations for enhancements at all times.

3. Recuperation & growth
After we come to an agreement on a strategy, our team of knowledgeable project managers, software developers, programmers, graphic designers, and others will start working on your project (either correcting it or building it).

4. Quality control and testing phase
Your product will be given to our QA Testers after development is complete, who will thoroughly inspect it for flaws while addressing any discrepancies. 

5. Final evaluation and release
Finally, we give the findings to you and ask for your comments. After one last revision, if necessary, your product is prepared to go on sale!

6. After-development support and upkeep
We can provide additional support and project maintenance based on your specific needs. This comprises upgrading the system and introducing new features.

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