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Zoom – Odoo Events Connector Ap

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 4 mins

What exactly Zoom – Odoo events connector is? We all know what Zoom is, and those who were not aware of this software were forced to get acquainted with this virtual meeting app. The COVID pandemic caused us to stay indoors, and the majority of the world population was left at the mercy of video calling/meeting apps like Zoom. The pandemic did paralyse the usual workflow, and without apps like Zoom, things could have crumbled altogether.  

Many large organizations made use of the Zoom app to conduct meetings or arrange training seminars. At the same time, many new businesses emerged during this pandemic phase that depended entirely on the likes of Zoom and Odoo. The Odoo app acted as the backbone of the management by working as a friendly ERP system that made everyday tasks more straightforward and hassle-free for them. 

Suppose your organisation has been using the Odoo ERP solution to take care of your requirements. In that case, Zoom- Odoo Events Connector might be just the thing for you to enhance your company’s productivity. In this write-up, we discuss this excellent app that took organisational management to another level. 

Let’s check out Zoom- Odoo Events Connector has in store for us.

What is Zoom?



Duh! I know. But for the sake of clear understanding, I need to start from the very beginning. So, let me get to it quickly. 

Zoom is basically a cloud-based teleconferencing software. It aims at making our virtual communication easier by using audio mode or video mode, or both modes together. You can use this software to communicate with your co-workers, schedule a meeting, and sometimes celebrate virtually with your colleagues. 

Today, Zoom is the most favoured software for virtual meetings amongst organisations and make no mistake, and every size of the company uses it. It does not matter if your company is big, medium or small – Zoom is freely available to all (well, not always freely).

The prime purpose of this app was to save time that one had to spend while arranging for meetings and organising the physical space to make everything perfect. With Zoom, it is effortless to put on any type of meeting with a click of a button, and the same can be held without any disruptions. 

What is Odoo?



In order to keep their work tidy, organised and manageable, organisations nowadays have started using ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. It helps them to monitor and manage all the business activities in a single software. Odoo is one such ERP system that companies widely use to make they are work-life easier.

Odoo helps companies with inventory management, people management, logistics management, accounts management, and many more. If you are new to the business world, you would be astonished to see how easy your life could become with the likes of Odoo ERP solution. 

What is an Odoo Events App?

odoo apps


Odoo Events App is an all-in-one event-management platform that can handle large- and small-scale events for you. With this app, you do not need any event planner since Odoo Events App is perfectly capable of doing this job instantly for you. Whether it is organising the event, selling tickets or even doing its promotion, this app has it all. 

You can make use of Odoo Events App for webinars, festivals, exhibitions, conferences etc. Moreover, you can also organise the calendar and manage speakers. It is possible to do SEO and Google Analytics integration with Odoo Events app. 

Notable Features:

  • You can allow visitors to submit speaker nominations by adding a presenter proposal form to the event page
  • Displays your agenda automatically on your website
  • Visitors can easily browse through the schedule of events and also filter by location, date, etc
  • You have to option to set the payment method via credit card processing or client invoicing
  • Features like early-bird pricing, member benefits, multiple-ticket tiers, etc., to add more flair to the sales process
  • You can add sponsors of your event and display their details at the bottom of every event page
  • Selling sponsorship packages is also possible via Odoo eCommerce

The Need for Zoom – Odoo Events Connector

zoom-odoo events connector

While these apps are marvels in their domain and have proven to be of great advantage to the organisations in their day-to-day lives, they need to bring them together. 

You might still be using Odoo Events App and Zoom separately in your companies, but just imagine how simpler it would be if you did not have to switch between both apps time and again. Of course, you could get used to it, but why? Wouldn’t it be just easy to use them in one place? The answer should be YES! That is why we need the Zoom- Odoo Events Connector.

Understanding Zoom- Odoo Events Connector

zoom - odoo events connector


The Zoom and Odoo Events App can help you with the integration of the Zoom and Odoo Events app. The best part is that you don’t need to study rocket science for this integration – a simple configuration in the Zoom server would do the trick, and you can connect online meetings through your website. You can easily host numerous online sessions on your Odoo website with this app.

Features and Advantages:

  • You can maximise the efficiency by syncing the online meetings with your Odoo website events
  • It is possible to host online class events with this app
  • Ending the session is possible from within the Odoo interface
  • It has API based authentication (JWT)
  • Zoom and Odoo Events App has multi authentication, and it is possible to configure the moderator and the attendee
  • You can use global settings to start any meeting. Alternatively, user-based settings are also available to help you host online Zoom sessions

How to Create an Online Event?

It is very easy to create online meetings with event types using this app. Follow these simple steps to make it possible.

  • Go to the Events section
  • Now select Online Events
  • Choose the Meeting Type
  • Go to the Online Events and Credential section and select the meeting type and insert the password
  • If you want to start an immediate event, you can click “Initiate Event”, and the zoom meeting will start

Moderator Credentials

  • The name of the employee inserted in the “Responsible” field gets the moderator privileges
  • The attendees can get access to the Zoom meeting URL via eLearning Platform – “Live Sessions”
  • You can press Initiate Class event if you want to publish it on the Odoo website for access


Odoo is one of the best ERP solutions that you will ever get for your business. And what better than having the functionality of making a call and speaking with your professional peers through Zoom from the Odoo interface. 

Don’t you think it is a fantastic feature that you would get? At the end of the day, what you are looking for is to maximise the utilisation of Odoo in the best possible way. And Zoom – Odoo Events Connector gives you the perfect opportunity to make the best of the resources you have at your disposal, i.e., Odoo.

This write-up was focused on giving you detailed information about Zoom – Odoo Events Connector. I hope you find the details mentioned in this helpful write-up enough to make the most out of Zoom – Odoo Events Connector.

I would sign off by saying that if you are an organisation that has got acquainted with Odoo, this is your chance to make the most out of it. Use this tool and see your business communication flow seamlessly across departments in your organisation.

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