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When and Why You Should Use NodeJS

Developers use different APIs (Application Programming Interface) to create the web server or services you want. Ruby, Python, C++, PHP, CSS and plenty more. But there is one API that has revolutionized the web server applications and that is Node JS. Javascript is used all across the world for its ease of access and compatibility. Let us go through a few facts on when and why you should use Node JS as your API and how Syncoria is there to help you in the process.

Real-Time responses

Javascript is great with real-time responses as it uses only one thread at a time and handles requests sequentially. This approach has made Node JS a great API to create both front and back end development. Syncoria can provide you custom developed applications and Node JS is one of our best picks for web service operations.

Cross-Platform Support

When creating a web service application, developers have to keep in mind all the different platforms potential users might be using. Node JS is compatible with Windows-based servers, Linux based servers, and Mac-based servers as well. As Syncoria uses Node JS as one of the custom development tools, we have experienced developers who can create the interface you need for your business.

One Developer Approach

Previously, front and back end developers used different languages to operate properly, which was pretty inconvenient for both the client and the developer. But as Javascript has gained the fame and trust of the developers, Node JS has become a common line tool to incorporate both sides easily.

The Chrome V8 Engine

Node JS utilizes the legendary Chrome V8 engine to create interfaces. It was first introduced in 2008 and has gained the trust of the developers quickly. It can be integrated into different independent projects and Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera etc. browsers use this particular engine.

Data Streaming

HTTP requests are one of the main reasons to slow down your web server applications. As Node JS uses a single thread and is very good with request handling, it can achieve great things e.g. Encode videos and audios in real time while they are being uploaded, resulting in much less processing time.

Utilizing JSON Data

As Node JS allows you to use the same language on the client side, the server, and the database, you can now keep track of all your data across all platforms.

Why Syncoria?

Syncoria is digital transformation solutions company based in Toronto, Canada. We have over 100 years of combined experience to help small and medium businesses to grow. We use Node JS as one of our development tools and can incorporate all your needs in one place. Jumping from software to software and language to language is a huge inconvenience for you and your developer as well. So, why not consult with Syncoria to get rid of all your problems at once and create a custom application that you can use in years to come. Visit our website to know more about our services.

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