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Waste Recycling Integration with Odoo Inventory

Manufacturing companies throughout the last few decades have been able to harness the advancements in technology to streamline their production processes to produce more products per raw materials and at any given time. 

However, the increase in production has also brought a sharp increase in waste as by-products are leached out and consumers throw away their products in order to buy new and improved ones. 

The huge accumulation of waste is severely detrimental to the environment and also poses a significant economic risk as companies stand to face retribution from international backers or the government. 

But on a brighter note, recycling waste has been linked to a lot of economic benefits as companies can reuse raw materials to increase their productive capacity. 

Waste Recycling Integration with Odoo Inventory

This also allows them to cater to their shareholders who are concerned with ethical consumption and the environment as well as market them as an eco-friendly firm to foreign donors. 

This article will seek to outline the ways in which you can recycle your waste with the Odoo Inventory Management System

What is the Odoo Inventory Management System?

Odoo Inventory Management System is a powerful software solution for all of your waste management needs. It has an intuitive, clean and fast UI with reliable server support for smooth operation at all times. Notable features include:

1) A double-entry inventory which allows full transparency and traceability from the supplier to the consumer and vice versa. 

2) A flexible system that allows the management of single or multiple warehouses by activating features on demand. 

3) A diligent and mobile corrective system that allows the automatic updating of transactions on the fly. 

4) A powerful database and information handling system so that waste pick-up and recycling is carried out smoothly with minimal need for lengthy paperwork. 

How to integrate waste recycling with Odoo Inventory?

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1) Waste Purchasing:

One of the largest ways manufacturers recycle is by purchasing waste from consumers. Manufacturers often purchase waste products that they themselves had produced. 

Oftentimes, this process requires a lot of paperwork and proper job scheduling as waste is purchased in bulk. 

Odoo apps allow customers to send in a waste pickup request with proper information such as the type and quantity of the waste products and the pickup location. 

These forms are displayed in multiple formats for ease of access and can then be reviewed by the backend team to send a purchase request. The monitoring of the transaction is done with great accountability as every information is clearly presented. 

This information is automatically fed into the main inventory module which then decides on the space required for the incoming waste products. It also properly schedules jobs to ensure the smooth operation of the recycling process. 

This is done by considering the amount of waste purchased and the time taken to recycle them. The whole process is also made to work seamlessly and efficiently with all the other jobs and processes in your company so that there is minimal overlap or rescheduling.  

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2) Waste Processing:

Next comes the crucial step of deciding how to process and recycle the waste. Oftentimes, companies try to recycle the raw materials that have been partially used up in the production process in order to cut costs or increase efficiency. 

Odoo’s Inventory Management system allows proper cataloging and tracking of raw materials involved in the manufacturing of a product and also performs routine quality checks with automated machines in order to determine the feasibility and marginal benefit of recycling. 

This is done by updating the central database with information that is streamed from different modules, using unique identifiers for the raw materials, using specific standards and thresholds to determine the process of recycling and using proper job scheduling methods to ensure smooth operation. 

The collected waste discussed in the previous point is recycled with the help of a robust and comprehensive BOM (bill of materials) and proper routing processes for optimized workflow. After purchasing the waste, Odoo allows you to send in a process request with the aforementioned information in a clear and detailed format. 

A BOM and manufacturing order for the recycling can also be automatically generated with great accuracy and diligence. There is total integration with purchase and manufacturing modules from Odoo apps or your own desired ERP system to allow seamless inter-mingling of information and constant updating of databases and work schedules. 

All of this allows you to recycle your waste with a specific manufacturing and processing workflow generated by a powerful routing system that ensures minimal overlap and production hold ups and also generates efficiency.

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3) Integration with Odoo Inventory/Stock:

The biggest advantage of using Odoo is the effortless integration with the entire ERP system and the main inventory module that it provides. 

From the time a waste pickup request is received to the time it is finally recycled at the end of the production workflow, there is constant updating of information into the inventory module. This allows supervisors to monitor and track each individual item through the routing process and to also decide on the proper work scheduling that is needed. 

The information is presented in forms, lists or spreadsheets with detailed information that is easy to follow. There is minimal chance for error as the information collecting and processing tasks are automated. 

This is because machines naturally are less error-prone and more diligent than humans and manual methods.

All this information is used to regulate and control the different machines in your warehouse or factory to achieve the desired outcome. This means that every Automated Material Vehicle or Waste Processing Machines involved in the routing process are able to perform their tasks with optimum precision.

It is also easier for supervisors and managers to delegate tasks to workers in a way that allows maximum flexibility. Lastly, you can rest assured that all the information will be accurate as it is verified and validated with a host of stringent parameters and thresholds. 


Recycling waste is a complex and crucial procedure that requires a lot of mental and physical effort. 

Odoo Inventory makes it easier by performing the routine tasks with precision and diligence, making information available in an intuitive format and across multiple modules and automating the manufacturing processes to ensure peak efficiency. 

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