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Odoo to Keep Track of Inventory in Warehouse

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 3 mins

Android POS System: 5 Most Downloaded Point of Sale Systems in the Play StoreProduction Scheduling Software: How to Maximize Your Output While Managing Your Business. A warehouse manager is challenged with numerous responsibilities.

They have to stay on top of warehouse inventory stock, deliveries, and handle order fulfillment.

Odoo Inventory is the perfect software for inventory management, helping with things like delivering orders, completing transfers, scheduling receipts, and more.

Sending out product.

After you pack your inventory, scan your delivery order document into Odoo and then, add products to the system.

Odoo will automatically print a shipping label for you. From there, you can confirm inbound delivery and get your items ready to ship out.

max your warehouse productivity

Odoo’s already integrated with all major shipping carries, including UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

This gives you the chance to see precisely what your shipping cost will be, in addition to being able to validate customer addresses and order or cancel any delivery in a click.

Monitor everything.

warehouse inventory

Why inventory managers love Odoo for warehouse and industrial environments is because of the amount of oversight it provides day-in and day-out.

From a single app, you can monitor inventory sales, see purchases in progress, and trace every movement in the warehouse.

Automatically generated reports are viewable in a pivot or graphic view. If required, you can even automate fulfillment by creating re-ordering rules and adjusting the thresholds as needed.

When used like this, Odoo can be a massive time-saver for you and your staff through automating certain inventory processes.

Keep your warehouse efficient.

A warehouse doesn’t have to be complicated and now, with Odoo, you can see real-time reporting including forecasts, traceability, and cost analyses.

Feel free to filter, group, and explore the automated reports to see how individual assets are performing.

As a manager, data like this may be able to help in cutting down on inefficiencies and help to identify growth opportunities. At any time, receive a clear snapshot of what’s happening with your inventory.

Fully integrated.

The last point that we have to mention when it comes to the advantages of using Odoo for inventory is in how it can be integrated with various other elements of manufacturing, purchasing, and sales.

The ability to communicate between different departments and coordinate your efforts in real-time makes it easy to run a more efficient, high-performance business.

Drop-shipping, managing a multi-warehouse system, or product variants are no match for Odoo software with its inventory management component ready to use.

Automate procurements, generate serial numbers, and use its barcode scanning integration to make running a warehouse even smoother. With Odoo, you can make the complex simple and easy to manage.

The warehouse management challenges of the 21st century and pressures of inventory management benefit from a software like Odoo to rely on.

There are thousands of warehouses already plugged into Odoo and seeing the difference it makes to their business.

Don’t deny yourself the same success. As you begin to coordinate company operations with sales, purchases, accounting, project management, employee timesheets, recruitment, attendance, and more, you’ll see an unbeatable level of software support.

We think it’s fair to say, there’s a better way to manage inventory stock and it’s Odoo.

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