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How To Get The Best Odoo Provider

Odoo is one of the best ERP systems with many unique features and capabilities. Odoo ERP software powers a wide range of industries including e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and more.

It can meet the needs of any company by providing you with a huge number of ERP modules. But to get all these benefits, you need to hire a reliable Odoo implementation partner. Who should it be? Let’s figure it out, but first let’s look at what this ERP is.

What Is Odoo And What Makes It Unique?

Odoo is a complete business suite that provides a powerful and versatile approach to business management software. It is comparable to conventional proprietary ERP business management systems but provides a much more unified database and unified presentation of business information.

Odoo uses a modular architecture, i.e. you can connect and operate several different options and functions without interfering with other system functions. Odoo has minimal dependencies of one module on another. Overall, implementing Odoo is one of the easiest ways to update the working functionality of ERP solutions.

The implementation includes the entire OpenERP integration and deployment process, including the following items:

Odoo is open source, anyone can access its source codes, but Odoo experts are still needed to better implement Odoo.

Who Is The Best Odoo Partner In The Usa?

Most Odoo partners have a team of specialists who are experts in the latest technology and have both technical and functional knowledge and experience with Odoo ERP. An Odoo partner can help you automate key business and workflow processes such as:

Plus, choosing the right Odoo partner saves you valuable time and money by offering great business management solutions to increase your revenue.

Should You Contact Odoo Experts From The Outside At All?

The need for Odoo ERP software is now almost undeniable for every business organization. It currently has nearly 4 million active users. It is one of the most valuable offerings, a one-stop end-to-end business management solution that creates a comfortable workspace. Odoo software is based on a modular structure that streamlines core business operations and provides balance.

Odoo experts help you manage vital company activities across all work segments through automation. They also manage the database through a centralized, single, integrated system. Some data can also be shared and accessible between all employees through a single dashboard so that harmony is maintained between all departments of the company.

Here are the benefits of reaching out to the Odoo experts:

  • If you choose the right Odoo provider, you will be able to take advantage of the highest quality Odoo ERP implementation services at the best price.
  • A competent provider will be able to customize Odoo ERP completely tailored for your industry, according to your business requirements. It improves business performance by helping you focus on profit-driven growth and expansion.
  • You will receive support from a dedicated team of Odoo professionals who will allow you to use your business according to your potential and preferences. They will offer you a complete solution that is perfect for your business.

Odoo’s specialist range of services starts today at an average of $4,000 – $4,500. Experts model and customize software from full assessment to design according to your needs.

You can consider the following models:

  • Odoo inventory
  • Odoo Accounting
  • Odoo project management
  • Odoo E-Commerce
  • Odoo Sales Management
  • Odoo Marketing
  • Odoo Human Resources
  • Odoo Customer Relationship Management

How Does The Collaboration Go?

It all starts with examining your business. This step begins already during the personal consultation process. The specialists talk with the Client and his users about their requirements and how they are currently performing their duties. Next, current processes are identified and documented. All of this gives Odoo experts an insight into your business environment.

Project planning is the next phase of collaboration with the Odoo partner. This stage solves the following tasks:

  • Helps experts close the functional gap
  • Establishing proper system policies for maintaining and backing up data
  • Execution of tasks according to the Implementation Plan together with the project team
  • Creation of required custom reports
  • Odoo experts work with your team to define specific tasks, responsibilities, and timelines for your project

Next, you will need to configure, install and/or update the modules and copy them to the test database for use during the pilot testing of the project.

In addition, at the beginning of each sprint, the project team meets for a “sprint planning meeting”. During this meeting, the project team determines which items from the product backlog can be completed for the upcoming sprint and breaks them down into tasks in the sprint backlog. If new requirements were discovered or old requirements changed after the project appraisal meeting, these items will be updated at that meeting.

End-user training is also an important step in bringing Odoo to your enterprise. As a rule, user training is carried out at the end of the integration. Here are some examples of key areas that will be covered during the training:

  • How to enter transactions, and the different ways to enter and publish them
  • How to use queries and reports to get the information you want to access
  • How to save the data that accumulates in your system
  • How to complete the period-end and year-end procedures in each module

Pilot testing is usually done before or after user training. The pilot test is based on the processes that are produced during the development of business processes, and has two functions:

  1. System setup testing
  2. Verification of the correctness of the changed processes and work instructions

During the commissioning period, experienced experts meet all the necessary requirements to ensure a smooth transition to the new business system. At this time, all tasks of the project plan will already be completed, all users will be trained, all processes will be reengineered, and the final data migration/transformation will be performed.

The final sprint will include a post-implementation review and continual improvement. This will discuss a roadmap for ongoing improvements and may provide preliminary planning for additional steps in your implementation.

How To Get The Best Odoo Provider

It can be easy for any independent Odoo developer to get started building modules and customizing Odoo with some basic knowledge of the Odoo framework. But it takes years to gain experience to establish a development method that follows guidelines to ensure that Odoo modules are built the way they should be built.

Qualified and competent Odoo partners have deep knowledge of the multidimensional structure of Odoo module development. Most of them have helped save and reconstruct many Odoo ERP implementation projects that were previously dysfunctional due to improper execution by some newbie developers.

To help in the long term and to simplify the process of upgrading Odoo versions, Odoo experts create all custom Odoo features, for example, as an independent module without changing anything in the Odoo core data structure.

Highly skilled programmers and developers will not only optimize all the technical aspects of your business requirements but will also bring you Odoo consultants to ensure you have seamless access to Odoo ERP customization and integration. Since every business has different needs, Odoo consultants can help you align your business needs with Odoo workflows and provide valuable advice.

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