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Recruitment Process Solution Using Odoo

Generally, most people think about enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions as systems that handle fulfillment processes.

As soon as an invoice is created for a sale a company makes, until such time that the product or service is rendered or delivered and up until the money from the payment arrives at the bank, the ERP solution has it tracked from end to end.

However, ERP solutions can also handle one of the most important, if not THE most important business processes that every organization performs: human resources (HR) and recruitment.

See, recruitment is a back-office process that just cannot be done away with due to the gravity of its importance to an organization’s success Your business is only as good as the talent it can attract and recruit – if only the process of recruitment was as easy as stating its importance.

Recruitment is of such importance that some of the world’s leading businesses are still having candidates go through a battery of arduous tasks and interviews just to get a chance to become part of their organization and contribute to its success.

Amazon is one of those giants whose vaunted recruitment process has gotten them to hire the best talents in their respective fields – it’s the literal key to their ongoing success. Let’s see why.

The Amazon Recruitment Process

Amazon is home to a recruitment process that puts potential candidates through a battery of five rounds of two-hour interviews.

That’s not yet even mentioning the fact that it is made expressly clear to aspirants that their application can be thrown out the window at any time a decision-maker at Amazon decides that the candidate is not fit for their corporate culture. 

These so-called “bar raisers” belong to a department that is different from what the candidate is applying for, which lessens the pressure on them to make a hiring decision just because a requisition needs to be filled – which is quite literally the secret to Amazon’s success in attracting talent and getting them to stay.

That said, it goes without saying that Amazon files through thousands of candidates daily, and puts thousands more through their systems. That’s a lot of candidates, and that means that’s a boatload of paperwork to be chasing around. Heck, that’s a lot of work for all companies to keep track of, whether they are Amazon’s size or otherwise.

That creates a problem that requires a capable solution to deal with – and ERP solutions, in particular Odoo, in our estimation, is one solution that will make the gargantuan problem of sifting through thousands of profiles and hiring them makes Amazon’s vaunted hiring process look easy.

How can Odoo Help Streamline the HR Process?

As we all know by now, recruitment in itself is an essential business process that is centered around tedious administrative and follow-up work. With all the essential processes within recruitment itself, it’s easy to lose track of progress, and it is far harder to monitor every aspect of recruitment without the help of a solution that manages it entirely.

Enter Odoo HR. Odoo HR, unbeknownst to many, is capable of automating the entire recruitment process from start to finish – and, in our estimation, makes it foolproof, when compared to traditional recruitment management systems that are large, bloated, and downright clunky.

Odoo’s HR management module puts together each function of human resources and recruitment management into one interface that is capable of integrating various HR processes such as employee relations, managing employee data, recruitment processes, compensation and benefits, and recordkeeping into one app that is straightforward to access and use with the rest of Odoo’s ERP suite.

Here are the ways Odoo’s HR module streamlines and simplifies recruitment – and why your business should consider it.

1. Easy Employee Management

Odoo’s HR module allows you to manage employees across locations and departments. This includes managing access to sensitive data, managing employee relations, leave requests, time tracking, recruitment – literally every aspect of your company’s human resources can be managed in one module as part of the Odoo enterprise resource planning suite. This can help you gain even more insights on the talent you wish to retain, and the talent you wish to attract – just like Amazon does.

2. Efficient Time and Attendance Tracking

Say goodbye to inefficient time and attendance tracking tools. Odoo’s HR module allows you to sift through time and attendance records across a number of categories such as by project, by client, by tasks, or any other category you wish to view timekeeping records. Plus, with its easy integration to accounting modules, Odoo’s HR module allows you to automatically view reports including time spent on projects with real-time precision.

3. Effective Leave Management

Leaves can be a handful to manage for some managers. Odoo HR however makes it easy by offering a full time-off request application where their managers can simply approve or reject at a click of a button. This also sends an automated notification to both the manager and the employee, while automatically updating calendars across the organization. 

4. Manage All Employee Expenses

Certain businesses require expense management to track how much their employees are spending on their clients and provide transparency as to how their budget allocation for employee expenses are spent. Odoo HR has a useful expense management feature that likewise provides managers an easy, hassle-free way of tracking their employee’s expenses and accept or reject such in the system. This is then fed into Odoo Accounting for recordkeeping purposes. More insights as to employee spending can also be gleaned, and in turn, help companies look after their budgets.

5. Performance Evaluation Made Simple

One of the most important functions that human resources fulfills is that of doing employee performance evaluations regulars. And yet, it’s one of the most tedious tasks that managers are required to do. Odoo HR makes performance evaluations simple by providing a single point of contact for everything, making it easy to identify the pain points that your employees raise, and identify its strong suits.

6. Recruitment Process Optimized

Ask any recruiter around and they will agree that job posting is a tedious, time-consuming task. Not anymore with Odoo HR. Job postings are done in a matter of a few clicks, while simultaneously tracking submissions in an easy manner. Recruiters will now only need to actually track and manage their individual pipelines as a result. 

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