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Odoo Zoom E-learning Connector – #1 E-learning Solution

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What is Odoo Zoom E-learning Connector? There is hardly anyone in the business world today who has not heard about the Zoom app. The pandemic of the 21st century forced the entire population to get stuck within the four walls of the homes while the businesses struggled to get things running. 

Apps like Zoom turned out to be a life-saver for businesses during these times. Whether it was a small company or a large organisation, everyone depended on professional video conferencing apps like Zoom to take care of their needs. 

On the other hand, Odoo made its presence felt with the introduction of its super-friendly ERP solution. Corporates couldn’t just let go of a solid and reliable ERP solution since it made their lives a lot easier, even during these difficult times. Odoo E-learning also played a vital role in the growth and development of businesses. 

In this write-up, we study all about Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector business software that aims to make your business management more straightforward and practical. But before we dive deep into this topic, it is essential that we cover the basic information about Odoo, Odoo e-learning and the Zoom app individually.

A brief introduction to Zoom

Zoom meetings are a cloud-based program that allows one to schedule and arrange meetings in the personal and business world. There are various plans available, ranging from free for small businesses to premium membership for larger organisations with complex requirements.

The utility of this reliable app is what made it so popular. With Zoom, you can arrange webinars, meetings, training sessions, events, and a lot more. The best part about this app is you can do all this remotely while travelling or relaxing at home. That is one of the major reasons for its increased demand during the COVID crisis. 

Major corporate houses have become trustworthy partners with Zoom so that they can take care of their communication, events, webinars, etc., with ease. Access to the Zoom app has expanded from the traditional mobile and web-based platforms to a more sophisticated domain like ERP. 

A brief introduction to Odoo Zoom E-learning Connector

odoo zoom E-learning connector

Odoo ERP has a modular architecture that allows businesses to operate with great flexibility. One of the major reasons behind its favored usage is the provision to tailor the entire system as per the needs of your business. You can develop and extend the app using Odoo. Moreover, you can even customize the existing apps of the store to cater for your requirements. 

Odoo is a cloud-based platform and has extensive customer support to help you at every stage. However, one needs extensive knowledge and expertise for the installation and setup of the system. It would also be wise to understand the cost structure of this ERP solution before you decide to finalize their system. The decision to use a particular package must be based on your specific requirements.

A brief overview of Odoo e-Learning

Odoo offers various applications to help you choose the best as per your business requirement. One such app is an LMS or Learning Management System called Odoo e-Learning. This app is used for community learning by organisations in tasks such as training and seminars. 

The popularity of Odoo e-Learning extended during the pandemic since no other app like this facilitated ease in usage with increased productivity. Organisations required an app that would help them with proper remote training of their employees. However, each organisation needed the app to be specific to their requirement. It was facilitated by Odoo e-Learning.

It is possible to access content such as videos, presentations, documents or web pages on various devices. You may also use its super easy editing feature. It allows the admin to check each participant’s progress through Metrics. Additionally, you can take feedback, arrange quizzes, certifications, etc., with Odoo e-Learning. The availability of numerous royalty-free images and a user-friendly portal gave the edge to Odoo e-Learning over other apps. 

A comprehensive look at Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector

When you have been using Zoom and Odoo e-Learning individually, switching between both becomes a hassle. With the help of the Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector, you can make your life a little smoother since it allows you seamless integration of both the apps into your ERP. 

You get the option to use Odoo e-Learning with your website or even use it as an individual process. Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector allows you to host sessions online along with the Odoo e-Learning platform. Imagine how efficient your process could become with this simple and effective integration?

A few of the Odoo Zoom e-Learning connectors’ fantastic features are smooth sync of website events with online meetings, initiating meeting sessions via global settings using a multi-configuration app, and hosting online Zoom sessions via user-based settings. 

Features of Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector

Here are some of the noteworthy features of the Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector:

Possibility of e-Learning with Zoom

  • With the help of this app, you can sync your online meetings with your website. This helps you enhance efficiency
  • It is also possible to host online class events through the integration of Odoo Events with eLearning
  • You can also close the sessions through API based methods

API Authentication (JWT)

You can easily configure the Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector with API based authentication for seamless connection with Zoom. 

Option for Multi-Authentication

It is possible to configure the Moderator and the Attendee using the Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector.

Option for Multi-Configuration

When you use the Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector, you can initiate the meeting sessions via the global settings. Alternatively, you can also use the user-based settings to host Zoom online sessions.

Configuring Global Zoom

Here is how you can configure global Zoom:

  • Go to the Zoom server URL
  • Enter your credentials
  • Generate a JWT token from the Zoom App market

Configuring User Zoom

You can follow the following steps for user zoom configuration:

  • Visit Zoom server URL
  • Enter your credentials
  • Generate a JWT token from the Zoom App market

How to Activate Online Class for Accessing Zoom Events Integration?

If you want to Activate Online Class for Accessing Zoom Events Integration, you must go to the Menu of e-Learning and choose “online class” from the “options”. 

The credentials and configurations of Zoom Lectures/Events Moderator 

Here are the details about credentials and configurations:

  • The member’s name you insert in the field called “Responsible” would get the moderator privileges when they join as a privileged user from the website for Zoom events
  • All the people who have to attend the e-Learning can access the URL of the meeting via the e-Learning platform “Live sessions”
  • If you want to publish it on the website for instant access, you must simply initiate the class
  • You can also carry forward the participants of e-learning to Zoom events

Concluding Words

Every organisation would strive to better their internal processes in their quest to grow. One of the most effective ways to do so is by connecting the individual apps that the member of the organisation uses on a regular basis. Not many ERP solutions in this marketplace have such facilities to allow easy integration. Odoo, however, has dominated this arena because of this provision. 

Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector is one such app that makes it possible to integrate Zoom and e-Learning within your ERP systems. Just think about how simple your workflow would become when you start using these apps combine? 

In this blog, we covered the details about the Odoo Zoom e-Learning connector and how you can simplify the process of this integration to the best of your organisation’s advantage. We hope that you got the best out of this informative write-up.

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