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What is Odoo Website Builder and How it Can Help You with Your Online Reputation

As a website builder, Odoo is one of the simplest ways to design and publish a website.

Design pages, create blogs, design a forum to interact with followers, and enter in a new product for eCommerce.

All these things can easily be accomplished through Odoo’s user-friendly drag-and-drop based interface.

Odoo Website Builder

odoo website builder

When you start developing your website evidently you’re going to want to structure different pages.

You can choose from more than a dozen pre-made website page templates and customize using a simple drag-and-drop scheme. Incorporating video and images have also never been easier.

You can also customize every aspect of your website pages, from the fonts used and their size, to the colors, background effects, animations, and more. You don’t need to learn a single line of code to do all this.

Click and hold to move elements around, preview pages, and publish when it’s all prepped!

Publishing a blog post

The same customizations you make on a website page through Odoo Website Builder you can do for your blogs.

Create a template for yourself that makes it easy to reproduce pages with different headlines and different writings.

Integrate your social media links, like those from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere.

Create a short writer’s biography that shows your picture, name, and a couple lines about yourself. Customize fonts, design, pictures, and page elements as needed.

Again, it’s as simple as clicking and holding, and drag-and-drop. Structure where you want your blog posts featured on your home page.

Entering in new products.

What a lot of websites use Odoo for is eCommerce because of how diverse Odoo is at integrating various aspects of eCommerce.

Entering new products into Odoo is easy and done similarly to creating new pages. You choose a product template page and then, from there, you can customize with a title, price, pictures, color selection, amount, an ‘Add to Cart’ call to action, and more.

Even more impressively, activating some of Odoo’s other features, you can easily track eCommerce sales, generate automated reports based on the products that are selling, and procure a lot of on-site data that can help inform how you manage your business.

Why Odoo makes it so easy.

Building websites is an art form but as a small business owner, Odoo knows your time is valuable.

Few entrepreneurs and managers have the hours required to master how to create a website from scratch. Not having that time would put you at a disadvantage in the past.

These days, thanks to Odoo, you can skip having to pick up all that code and instead, use your personal taste and your design abilities to craft the perfect site for your customers.

Add features like a newsletter, a blog, a customer portal, an events feature, a job board, or create a massive eCommerce site with an endless library of products. Brilliantly through Odoo, you can do all this and more just by clicking around.

It’s your website so own it! Be your own website builder and create it all from scratch using Odoo’s advanced website creation software.

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