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Odoo Point-of-Sale for Various Industry

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 3 mins
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Using Odoo In Point-Of-Sale.

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Odoo’s point-of-sale software can be personalized to the specific needs of restaurants, retail stores, and small businesses everywhere. Applying Odoo’s smart interface that any retail or restaurant business is sure to get the hang of within minutes, operate a simple POS online or offline, and across iPads, Android tablets, and laptops.

The basics of Odoo for retail and restaurants

Owning a business like a retail store or restaurant isn’t easy. There’s an extensive list of things to look after, including elements of sales, inventory, and accounting. The inability to manage any of these can sink a business rather quickly. Odoo’s POS software can thankfully help with these tasks, employing a fully integrated inventory and accounting design. As sales and transactions are completed, all this information is automatically processed into designated analytics to be reviewed any time. Also, should you need to put together invoices, the software can be customized to gather data from the POS system and link it directly with Odoo accounting.

In a restaurant environment in particular, Odoo’s POS system is customizable to be set up specifically to a restaurant map. This allows your staff to be assigned, select and/or serve tables according to the map. Printers can be connected, orders can be sent automatically to the kitchen through this software, and split bills for groups, among other features. Wait staff love something so easy to use and even better, all this activity is instantly recorded for restaurant management to browse in real-time or at a later date.

Workers using the Odoo POS system will find it simple and easy

From the perspective of those using the Odoo POS software, it has everything they need to process transactions and stay on top of work. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy for even inexperienced workers to select product and complete a transaction. Thanks to Odoo’s POS software’s parallel orders feature, the system can serve multiple customers at the same time no problem. The barcode scanner accompanying your POS system is used to scan for prices, discounts, loyalty cards, and adding points. Credit card payments are also easily registered through Odoo.

What else can Odoo Point of Sale do?

Odoo Point of Sale for retail and restaurants can also be used to provide receipts, handle refunds, track warranties, follow customer claims, schedule deliveries on inventory, plan sales strategies and promotions, and more. Customize the software according to what you need it to do. It works online and offline as well. Assuming you have to use it offline, as soon as you connect online, everything uploads and that information is processed accordingly.

Odoo’s integrated nature means as soon as a product is sold, a sale is registered in the system providing up-to-the-minute inventory information to management. Integration also works to supply accounting with real-time information on product being moved, invoicing requirements, and sales. You don’t need any technical knowledge or advanced installation instructions to install it either. It’s as simple as installing the software, connecting the devices such as printers and computers, and you’re good to go from there.

With no limits on how far Odoo Point of Sale can take you, it comes highly recommended to restaurant management, small business owners, and anyone overseeing a retail or service-based work environment.

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