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How Can I Use Odoo Modules for Manufacturing Planning?

Are you a business owner operating in manufacturing and seeking to reduce overhead, improve productivity, make processes efficient, and optimize decision-making?

If so, Odoo might just be the most appropriate enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for you.

Odoo ERP is a suite of business applications comprising sales, project management, customer relationship management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, human resources, and so much more – including modules specifically developed for the manufacturing industry.

It doesn’t matter what type of manufacturing your company is engaged in – Odoo is ideally suited to fit your needs. And we’re going to discuss exactly how.

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Why Odoo Manufacturing?

Odoo ERP’s manufacturing modules can help companies operate within various modes, such as repetitive, discrete, and process-driven environments. Companies engaged in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of products in a fast and controlled fashion.

The same can be said for companies that work with methods to make the most out of their resources, such as tools, plant machinery, raw materials, and fulfill or exceed their customers’ expectations concerning quality and delivery.

We at Syncoria can help your growing manufacturing business regardless of your company’s size, and help develop, design, and implement an Odoo-based enterprise resource planning system. It will help you manage and stay on top of your manufacturing processes, regardless of whatever stage.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in garment manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing, a supply chain component of high-technology engineering widgets and elements, or operating production lines in the food and beverage industry. We can help you with a tailormade end-to-end ERP system to improve your productivity and, in the end, achieve the ROI you wish to gain from implementing Odoo.

Odoo Manufacturing brings all of the factors that every manufacturing business – or any business for that matter – requires to run a successful and profitable organization.

From the initial receipt of customer orders that then are processed, through warehousing, management of stock, and then delivery, Odoo’s modular approach to ERP will integrate each step of your process. This will make it easy for your system to run optimally and be managed under a straightforward platform. 

Our expertly trained consultants will initially work with you to get a close look at your operational processes. Then, they will plot these on Odoo, with the eventual goal of reaching peak operational efficiency.

That said, let’s take a quick look at the essential features of Odoo Manufacturing, as well as its benefits.

Key features of Odoo Modules for Manufacturing?

Odoo ERP is a fantastic solution for practically every challenge that manufacturers face. For instance, when trying to manage their growth, boost productivity, reduce overhead, and improve synergies across the entire manufacturing lifecycle. Here are some of its best features and benefits it can provide to your organization.

  • Manage production of items that are required during the final step of assembling your products.
  • Stay on top of your products and manage them into manual or automatic assembly lines.
  • Get a clear picture of your entire planning and manufacturing process and reschedule them whenever needed.
  • Take apart a finished product and retrieve its components piece by piece.
  • Gain access to all your resources, monitor them under one easy-to-use interface, and optimize your production and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Make new routings for orders of work to in order to plan your production process depending on the routing that you wish to utilize.
  • Create a Bill of Materials within a current order so that you can manufacture product components within another Bill of Materials.
  • Create make to order rules, minimum stock inventory rules, or develop a master production schedule (with Odoo MPS) to increase efficiency and automate your procurement process. Odoo’s scheduler can do all the computations you require for you. Utilize your routes, lead time, and constraints so you can maximize your stock inventory, prevent the occurrence of shortages, and avoid overstocking of certain items.
  • Develop your products and include options to configure them as you create orders.
  • Utilize barcodes to hasten operations at each step of your manufacturing process, regardless of whether you use serial numbers, lots, or otherwise products that are unidentified..
  • Peruse constantly updated reports regarding performance analysis, logistics, traceability, raw materials costing, and so much more in order for you to make better informed decisions about your organization’s direction and status.
  • Manage productivity with a live Overall Equipment Efficiency report and track your TPM. Manage your key performance indicators such as MTBF and MTTR, or create custom dashboards that are appropriate for your organization’s needs.

Manufacturing apps 

Here are some of Odoo ERP’s manufacturing apps that your organization can use – this is, however, just a sample. Odoo can do so much more for you. Let’s take a look at some of the modules that Odoo Manufacturing has in store for you.

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  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). PLM is an application that was developed precisely for the management of engineering processes. If you employ a product engineering team, they will be able to manage change more efficiently. This is due to faster communication between departments, a systemized approval system, and having a centralized repository of documents.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance requests will come time to time, and some of them need to be addressed in real-time. Odoo can help you automate your maintenance processes so that you can nip incidents in the bud.
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  • Quality. Odoo can help you set your quality assurance points, keep track of inventory before, during, and after the entire production process, use a quality control strategy that you can implement in the middle of production.
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  • A wide array of modules to use from. Odoo boasts thousands of modules that you can easily integrate depending on your organization’s needs, making it the most customizable, holistic enterprise resource planning system.

One more key benefit of Odoo Manufacturing apart from its ease of customization and use is the fact that Odoo has a variety of modules that benefit not just your manufacturing department, but literally the entire organization – at your desired pace you see fit. Odoo’s modular system means applications can be added and subtracted easily, and that each department you have in your organization can all use the system, because it is integrated with everything you need to collaborate as well as run an efficient business.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Odoo Manufacturing’s most important modules pertaining to manufacturing, starting with Odoo Manufacturing Management.

Odoo Manufacturing Management

Odoo Manufacturing Management can help companies that design, manufacture, and distribute products; it can also help companies utilize the most appropriate processes that best utilize your existing resources, such as raw materials, tools. and implements, leading to better satisfy your customers’ expectations as far as quality and logistics are concerned.

Key features

Odoo Manufacturing Management assists in managing the Master Production Schedule. Here are some of its key features.

  • Put together and synergize your manufacturing resources to boost efficiency and get that extra edge against the competition
  • Categorize data points that make managing your product inventory more efficient through quick, easy, and centralized processing.
  • Promote better processing for comprehensive management of end-to-end production flow
  • Manage shop floor efficiently with efficiency matrix, labels, and scanning through traveler
  • Stay on top of the work in progress and unfinished items without any trouble, as well as track operational costing and inventory individually or all together at once
  • Get a snapshot of your manufacturing process and forecasts to effectively monitor usage of capacity according to projections

Odoo’s Master Production Schedule (MPS) enables you to perform scheduling and planning in advance. Stay on top of your resources by scheduling their procurement in advance against your planned orders or against Make to Stock (MTS). It also comes with a nifty Gantt chart so you can see how your resources are holding up, as well as having a clear viewpoint on which to determine production completion.

Lastly, MPS comes with live, real-time inventory valuation so your journal entries on manufacturing orders are effectively posted on time and on target, which will consist of material, work, and labor costs.

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Master Production Schedule – Make to Stock/Make to Order

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) application module works to help manufacturers create a reasonable schedule while juggling internal limitations and scant resources via Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

Master Production Schedule for Make to Stock enables scheduling your production processes against your current stock. It also helps balance your machine capacity and allots resources to ensure that production processes continue.  

Here are some of the key features of the Odoo Master Production Schedule app.

Key features

  • Automatically populates start date and delivery date when sales order is selected
  • The delivery changes accordingly when the start date is changed
  • Track each order through each routing step and where they need to be at any given time
  • Option to schedule manufacturing steps only when there are resources at your disposal
  • Provide a detailed working time for work centers
  • Track preventative maintenance and machine down times
  • Plan and schedule preventative maintenance and machine downtime
  • Feel free to schedule anytime of the month


As we can see, Odoo can certainly be used for manufacturing and production planning. We know how important planning is to ensure a steady flow of production – regardless of your organization’s size. This is because all machines are used at their optimum capacity and achieving a constant supply of goods to distribute. What we’ve discussed is but a fraction of what Odoo can do for your business – there’s so much more it can do. We’ll show you just how – contact us today and we’ll book a meeting with you to find out the right solution that is most adequate for your needs.

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