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Odoo Modules for Car Salons

Automobile Service is one of the world’s evolving industries these days. The major factor involved in industries based in the service area is to offer the finest and top-quality services within the given time period. Every business’s success relies on the customer’s satisfaction. In order to ensure consumer’s fulfilment, reporting, and workflow system, it is essential to make some functionalities work properly like automobile service system, auto garage management, etc. 

The utmost focus of these systems or functionalities is to make solid relationships and communication with the final consumers by providing them with a superior level of required services and the needed support. And eventually, all this ends up improving the industry’s sales and its goodwill in an exceptional way.

An Overview of Car Salon Odoo Modules for Odoo

As we all know, Odoo ERP is fully customizable as per the requirement of the company. Consequently, it could be used as a basic application to start the work from scratch or to commence the work on an already built software framework. It totally depends on the individual or company’s need to apt to any of the frameworks. The Odoo have modules and add-ons for various functions that could be used or fully customizable. Such as purchases, inventory, sales, emails, UI dashboards, accounts and so on. Also, users are able to receive the complete benefit of Odoo ERP modules.

Objectives of Car Salon Odoo Modules

  1. The convenient plus user-friendly UI system
  2. Automated Sales, Services, Pricing and Accounting Process
  3. Arranging Whole business operations
  4. Brief Data of past services and sales
  5. Live and active Dashboards of various operations
  6. Sales and Payment records in PDF/XLS files
  7. Automated generated Emails along with Sales Reports
  8. Access levels created for every user
  9. Simplifying and streamlining the business operations

Customized Odoo modules with existing features (Car Care ERP)

One can perceive Odoo as an all-in-one management software that provides a wide range of business applications that form a proper suite of enterprise management applications targeting firms of all sizes. Odoo is a multi-tasking business software that includes CRM, billing, Website/e-Commerce, accounting, warehouse, manufacturing, inventory, and project management. 

Furthermore, it offers two different versions of the solution: Odoo Enterprise and another is Odoo Community versions. The Enterprise version supplements the Community edition with commercial services and features. While on the other hand, the Community Version is the open-source version.

The core ERP (enterprise resource planning) modules and the Source code for the OpenObject framework are developed by Belgium-based Odoo S.A.

Odoo / OpenERP is easily available in the cloud or on-site and is super suitable for small to mid-sized firms. Odoo / OpenERP is one of the most used open-source solutions in the world, with thousands of downloads each day.

Here I have listed the above customized Odoo modules with existing features:

  1. Customers 
  2. Vehicles 
  3. Job Card 
  4. Sales
  5. Purchase 
  6. Finance
  7. Reports 
  8. Admin Settings

What is included in car care modules?

Discuss: It allows to share the data with users and groups.

Sales: It means to manage Products, Service orders, Customers, Job Cards, Stock product sales, Quotations, Sales configurations.

Purchase: It’s about managing RFQs, Purchase Orders, Vendors, Goods Receivables.

Inventory: To manage Stock movement, Stock Adjustments, Stock reports, Stock. 

Accounting: Managing Accounts reports, Vendor Bills, Customer Invoices, Payments and history.

Employees: It helps in managing employees.

Fleet: To manage vehicle make/attributes/model

Apps: To manage all modules.

Settings: Manage company master data and system users.

What Is Car Workshop Management?

The Odoo Car Workshop Management is majorly used to manage automobile workshops with great convenience. It helps you monitor everything like Bill details regarding services, Vehicle owner details, and the words assigned. The Odoo car workshop management comes with a bucketful of user-friendly features to know, here are some of them:


User-Friendly Interface:

It has a User-Friendly Interface, which is extremely important these days when there are a number of competitors across the market. A user-friendly interface helps the client navigate through quickly and access the other services with ease.

It allows the users to organize all their tasks according to the status, and each work may have its own stages. Furthermore, it gives a kanban view and controls deadlines in the calendar view for the assignment of tasks/works.

Effective Time management:

The fantastic Odoo Car Workshop management helps save time, which is why it is considered the most. It is extremely efficient in managing time. The user gets the option to tick the tasks which are complete. Once they tick mark it, that task automatically gets updated to Work Done. 

Steps To Do It:

  • Create A Vehicle:  

First, you need to create a vehicle that falls under the workshop. Fill in all the pivotal details related to the vehicle. 

  • Assign Work Under Vehicle:

Now, you have to create works related to painting, service, repairing, etc. You need to do this under every vehicle and assign the jobs to various mechanics. 

  • Set Time Required and Deadline:

We can set a particular deadline (the last date to accomplish work) and the time needed for doing the planned work. 

  • Creating Bill For Products and Services:

With just a click button, we can conveniently create the bill for each and every product or service used.

Menus and Views:

  1. All Vehicles / Dashboard View: 

The dashboard has every vehicle under Workshop. It assists in assigning various works like repairing, painting under unique vehicles, each and every vehicle name is a conjunction of mode, company, and number plate. It allows to:

– Create a new vehicle

– Add Customer/Owner information of the corresponding vehicle

– Make new works/tasks under special vehicles

– Add more documents to every vehicle.

  1. All Works / Worksheet View:

It allows us to manage all the work hassle-freely. Here we can handle all the works under the automobile workshop. We can move works to various stages as they progress further.

Add Details of Work: 

– Documents

– Last Date/Deadline

– Customer Details

– Sub-Tasks related to work

Not just these, the Worksheet also offers some added features such as time progress. Work time progress depicts the percentage of time left to meet the deadline date. 

  1. Timesheet :

– In Timesheet, Planned work is the sub-work related to the main Work. By ticking ‘Completed’ that work will be automatically updated to Work done.

– One hour spent is the time taken to accomplish the work (Work Done )

– The completed work details are denoted as ‘Work is done.

– The left hour is the total time remaining (Total Time – Hour Spent).

  1. Invoice & Stages:

It creates stages and invoices for the material used and services. ‘New’, ‘To-do’ etc., shows the stages of work.

  1. Report

Report means the details in Tabular for. It contains the details of all the vehicles, corresponding works, and their various stages.

Go to Car Workshop –> Report –> Worksheet

  1. Settings

The setting enables us to select our favourite journal for Invoicing.           

 Go to Car Workshop –> Configuration –> Settings

What Are The Extraordinary Features of Repair Management Software?

The Repair Management Software by Odoo provides you with some extra perks to enjoy. You can switch to these extremely amazing features anytime just by getting a subscription. It is just like switching to extraordinary mode from ordinary!

Added Features

  1. It brings you the convenience of control and administration. You can fetch immediate permission to valuable reports and dashboards as well. With this, you can run your business in top shape. Here are some of the reports:
  • Monitor the spare parts utilized in the Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle repair analysis report
  • Revenue and cost over any of vehicle repair
  • Working hours spent by a technician on repairing the vehicle
  • Financial reports like Loss, Profit, and Balance sheet.
  1. You can monitor the job-wise performance of resources on excellent key metrics. You can enjoy the ability to allocate spare parts & track man-hours taken up for the repair of vehicles.
  1. You can create various Warehouse Locations.
  1. You can execute effective plus better management of the Repairs of any and every type of vehicle like Trucks, Cars, and Motorcycles as well, and with highly specific data available with just a single click, at your disposal.
  1. It allows the Repair Vendors to get the movement of spare parts across various warehouse sites.
  1. The Repair Vendors are allowed to efficiently manage their spare parts inventory and view reports across various warehouse locations.
  1. Perfectly handles the Repair Orders received from the clients.
  1. A distinctive Multi-Company feature here is that the product helps the user to successfully supervise and manage every Repair Center available across various Geographic sites in a single view.
  1. It successfully handles the buys of Spare parts & materials helpful to Repair Vendors for giving the Repair service of Vehicles to their clients.


The Odoo modules for Car Saloons help create an extremely rich, user-friendly experience in auto repairs. The Odoo repair management system ensures smooth repair operations.

Your business might be prone to several responsibilities and roles from various vendors. 

But with Odoo, you can sort it all out! From OEM agencies, spare part suppliers, engaging the customers, recording several automotive components, the Odoo vehicle repair management solution can do it all for you. It can work as a helping hand that you might be seeking for a long time. 

Hence, leave worries and bring peace of mind. Be it inventory, customer relationship management, providing rich user experience, and supplier engagement, get the best assistance for all from Odoo!

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