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Odoo HR Management Software for your Small Business

Human resources can be a tough position to manage, as one tries to coordinate employees, the preferences of management, ensuring business processes are supplied with the right personnel, and more.

On top of that, things like processing employee data, employee relations, payroll, recruitment, and benefits administration are extremely time-consuming.

Odoo The Right HR Management Software For Your Small Business

If you’re an HR manager, you shouldn’t be without the proper resources to support your position.

To this we say, meet Odoo, the ultimate HR management software. Using Odoo, you can tap into all aspects of HR as well as sync up your data with accounting, warehouse management, inventory, sales, purchases, and other aspects of business management.

If you’re enticed, here are some of the ways this software can make your job so, so much easier.

Employee evaluation.

Odoo the right HR Management Software for your Small Business

In Odoo, you get access to all employee data including not only their personal information but also, their productivity on the job, different projects or tasks worked on, and more. You’ll have timely, real-time access to data that ensures you provide an appropriate performance review.

Time and attendance.

Odoo tracks all working hours and is able to divide these hours based on project, client, task, or other segments as you see fit. Sort the information, access production and efficiency statistics, automatically generate timesheets, and even integrate accounting into the mix.

All of this can be done in real-time, ensuring you’re monitoring your workforce on an ongoing basis.


Why most HR managers love Odoo is because it makes recruitment so much easier. Enable job postings in a few clicks, handle submitted applications, keep track of employee job offers and contracts, and more.

Assign interviewers as needed and index resumes. All of this recruitment information is also readily integrated among other Odoo applications which means, if a job offer’s accepted, it’s a matter of seconds to get an employee set up with payroll.

Employee management.

Input employee details across every department, establish information distribution processes, and give employees the opportunity to submit leave requests and more.

If you have a large workforce to manage, as an HR manager, you can’t necessarily be available in every moment. For employees who need easy approvals for leaves and who want to schedule a meeting, managing these can be that much easier with Odoo.

Leave applications.

Using Odoo, an employee can complete and submit a leave request application. As you receive it, you can approve or refuse as needed while providing a reason should you decide this appropriate.

From an employee’s perspective, once their application has received a response, they receive a notification. Lastly, all employee calendars are automatically updated.

Expense management.

If you’re working with a group of employees who regularly have to submit expenses, Odoo is a simple platform that allows them to do so.

As an HR manager, you can approve or reject expenses yourself or assign approval responsibilities to another manager. Any approvals automatically updated in Odoo’s accounting component.

If you own and operate a small business, or are tasked with managing HR, a software like Odoo greatly simplifies things for you. Every HR process becomes easy. Odoo is an advanced system contained in a user-friendly interface. Managing employees and HR will be infinitely more pleasurable when you’re plugged into Odoo software.

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