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Benefits of Odoo Helpdesk Application

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 3 mins

Setting up a customer service department using Odoo Helpdesk is easier than you probably think.

Odoo helpdesk application

Odoo is all about customization and so with that in mind, it’s no surprise a user has the opportunity to configure multiple channels, segmenting customer inquiries by web form, email, etc.

There’s also the potential to automate responses, create customizations on canned email responses, delegate tickets in real-time according to your business needs, launch and maintain a group chat, and convert a ticket into a document to be used in your knowledge base.

Receiving customer service inquiries.

odoo helpdesk application dashboard

In customer service, chances are you’re using multiple channels on which tickets are coming – website forms, emails, live chat, API, and portal access.

Through Odoo, to maximize your productivity, you can assign tickets automatically among other techniques.

Design your Helpdesk in a manner that solicits the quickest response from the most qualified person in your customer service chain.


As inquiries are fielded and answered, a major benefit Odoo provides is automated reporting.

Through Odoo, you already have all the data there to mine. Information is gathered automatically, analyzed through graph views and key metrics as defined or assigned by the user, and the information is able to be shared with relevant stakeholders.

The reporting function of the Helpdesk is highly important to maximizing customer service efficiencies and identifying problematic areas that need improvement.

Canned answers.

In Odoo, you can write as many canned answers as you want. These can be customized as needed and according to how you want to build it.

Canned answers are meant for use in customer service in response to common inquiries where you know precisely the fix.

Personalization of customer service responses is becoming increasingly more important. Odoo simplifies what is otherwise a complicated process in customizing the answer to the customer.

Live chat.

odoo live chat window

Live chat is a growing area of customer service that Odoo has configured into its Helpdesk. Customers can interact with a brand representative instantly through live chat.

The incorporation of chat into your customer service helpdesk ensures no category of customer service is neglected or marginalized.

To this point, the Odoo customer service helpdesk is built around four specific customer service priorities – live chat, mail, a satisfaction rating system, and a forum.


As a customer service manager overseeing a team, you have the chance to see how they are fielding inquiries and their individual performance.

With each user assigned a unique ID code, this is helpful in performance reviews and in judging whether there are areas they could be improving on.

Subsequently, if you have an array of different products – such as on an eCommerce site – Odoo helpdesk can identify if there are quality issues and which products may require a re-evaluation.

The work of customer service teams is made significantly easier through Odoo Helpdesk. The building blocks to amazing customer service are right there to play with. As a manager, all you need to do is plug in your personnel and calibrate your channels to where they need to pull from. Odoo Helpdesk is the recommended customer service app for all SMEs.

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