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Odoo Canada Post Connector: 5 Powerful Points

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 9 mins

The advent of ERP systems in the commercial world has revolutionized how business management is done in the 21st century. Odoo is one such ERP software that aims at easing the pains of management. Whether it is inventory management or account, Odoo can make your lives much easier. Odoo offers integrated function business applications that combined form an ERP solution.

Various business functions such as warehousing, project management, billing, accounting, or inventory management are easily manageable with the help of Odoo ERP systems. Now you would be wondering how Odoo can help with Canada Post integration.

Odoo: a brief overview

If there is one thing that businesses are always looking for, get all their needs sorted in a very cost-effective and uniform solution. This is where Odoo can come in handy. You can use Odoo as a tool to mark attendance in an organization or project management, inventory management, billing, and accounting, etc.

The specialty of Odoo is that it is an open-source platform that allows businesses to integrate and automate other business apps for maximum utilization of resources.

How does Odoo work with Canada Post?

As a resident of Canada, you can claim your online orders using Canada Postal Services in Odoo. The good thing is once you do that, it works swiftly, and the customer receives the order in a timely fashion. The significant part is you can even use Odoo Canada Post Connector for international shipping services too. As an admin, you just need to hit a single click, and the item gets shipped to the customer.

Now you would be wondering if I have several orders, how do I calculate while using this tool? I have good news for you. This connector comes with real-time shipping rate calculation that can be done by Admin and User both. You can even automatically generate shipping labels and edit names or even add service costs to the shipping services. If your customer inquiries about the item’s status, you can ask them to track it through a live shipping tracking number. Isn’t that amazing?

Through its backend system, you can check the orders placed by Admin. Even the customers can see the orders placed by them.

What is Odoo Canada Post Connector?

odoo Canada post connector

Odoo Canada Post Connector is an ingenious Odoo app that helps you to seamlessly integrate Canada Post shipping with Odoo. So, how is it different? With the help of this app, customers can utilize Canada Post as a delivery method for Odoo orders.

The specialty of this app is it works on the backend as well as the frontend (Odoo websites). This way, customers can select Canada Post amongst other shipping methods while placing online orders. The great thing about Odoo Canada Post Connector is that it is one of the quickest as well as the easiest way for deliveries.

How Odoo can Integrate Canada Post with its Apps?

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Now that you are aware of what Odoo is and how it works with Canada Post, it is time to divert our attention to how Odoo can integrate Canada Post with its apps?

1)    Compatible with both Odoo website and backend

With the help of Odoo Canada Post Connector, users can integrate the Canada Post Shipping to the order using the backend. Customers get an option to select Canada Post while placing orders online.

2)    Delivers domestically as well as internationally

You can use Odoo Canada Post Connector to ship both domestic and international orders. However, the availability of delivery options would depend on the services procured from the Canada Post Shipping.

3)    Instant shipping integration

Through the Odoo Canada Post Connector, you can instantly generate shipping when the delivery gets validated in the backend of Odoo. You can even generate a Canada Post shipping label with a single click and obtain a shipping tracking number for the order. If needed, there is also an option to cancel the order or shipment altogether from the backend. Can it get any better than this?

4)    Make use of default values

You can make use of the default configuration tab to help you save time. You can set default values for any number of fields. What’s impressive is the fact that these values are automatically picked when generating shipment of Canada Post using Odoo. You also have the option to change or set default values of specific fields by using the delivery shipment form.

5)    Single-click integration with Odoo

A hassle-free swift integration of Canada Post with Odoo. You simply need a development username and password and a production username and password generated from Canada Post Shipping.

6)    Choose from a wide array of packaging options

As soon as your delivery is confirmed in the Odoo backend, the shipping ID gets generated. You can also create the shipping label and tracking number of the Canada Post package in a hassle-free manner. It is possible to cancel the order entirely from the Odoo backend.

7)    Select customer type

Odoo Canada Post Connector consists of a feature that allows you to set customer type as either custom or commercial. Custom type is used for non-contract shipping, whereas the commercial type is used for contract shipping.

8)    Ability to select or integrate the Canada Post Service type

When using the Odoo Canada Post Connector, you get the option to choose from the types of services provided by Odoo. If you do not find your required option, you can even create a new service type according to your preference.

Points to Ponder Before Creating Canada Post Shipment in Odoo

Keep these points in mind while placing a delivery on Canada Post Shipping Carrier. It will help you minimize the error rate that can creep up while using Odoo Canada Post Connector.

1.     Insert correct credentials

Ensure that you insert the correct Canada Post credentials so that the app’s configuration is done successfully. It will help you create the shipment in the Odoo backend and on the website if done correctly.

2.     Put correct addresses for both receiver and sender

The addresses of both receiver and sender need to be correct for processing the shipping successfully. The service you have availed from Canada Post would determine the range of the delivery.

3.     The condition of non-zero weight

The product that you ship through Odoo Canada Post Connector should be anything but zero. If a zero weighted shipment generation request is made, it will return an error from the Canada Post. The simple workaround to this situation is to ensure that the default value of the weight is set to anything other than zero. So that if by mistake the value input is zero or empty, it would be automatically replaced by the default value and sent to Canada Post.

4.     Use packing for the product to generate a shipping label

In order to create a shipping label, the Admin needs to put the product inside the package. This is a pre-condition to shipping label generation in Odoo Canada Post Connector.

How to Configure Canada Post Shipping Carrier in Odoo?

1.     Sign in to your Odoo database and visit the Inventory section.

2.     You need to reach the delivery tab by clicking on the “Configuration Tab.”

3.     Now you can create the “Delivery Method” by clicking on the “Create” Button

4.     Choose “Canada Post” as the provider. Next, you will be prompted to set the pricing for the package with “Get Rate and Create Shipment.”

5.     There is an option to restrict the Canada Post delivery to your favored regions using the “Destination Availability” tab

6.     Now, as discussed earlier, to set the default value for non-zero shipment, click on “Extra”. This will automatically generate chosen values to send to Canada Post.

7.     Next, visit the “Canada Post Credentials” tab and place the credentials like meter no, key, ID, and password.

8.     Publish the delivery method so that it gets available on the website and Odoo website frontend.

9.     Try adding any product to the cart and checkout.

10.  Test the payment page by opting for Canada Post Delivery as the default delivery method. Once the selection is made, you will be able to see automatically calculated shipping prices. It will be added to the cart value by default.

11.  Click on the “Pay Now” button.

12.  When you go to the Odoo backend, you can see the order and shipping details.

13.  Next, you need to click on the “Delivery” icon.

14.  Click the “Put in Pack” button to create packages.

15.  Click “Validate” for delivery validation.

16.  Once you have meticulously followed all the steps, you can see the label of Canada Post Shipping in the “Log” section.

Odoo Canada Post Connector: The Verdict

Now that we have comprehensively looked at the Odoo feature and the Odoo Canada Post Connector App, you may have a fair idea of how it works. My objective in writing this blog was to make my readers aware of this ingenious ERP system that can prove to be handy while shipping products in Canada or internationally.

With so many different Odoo Canada Post Connector Apps available online, you have your task cut out to shortlist the right one that can meet your requirement.

For the time being, I am leaving you with the final thought that if you are looking for a comprehensive shipping mechanism that can automate your needs, then Odoo Canada Post Connector is one of the best options available in the market today. Explore it yourself and comment below to let us know what you think about it.

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