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Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector – Most Reliable Events Connector

The COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the global corporate world. No longer are we guaranteed to see our colleagues face to face on a personal level. Instead, this pandemic has taught us that being remote can also solve our purpose. If you are a big corporate organ that organises events regularly and uses Odoo Events, then the Odoo Bigbluebutton Events connector is a good option. 

Everyone knows that Odoo is an ERP system that makes the job of businesses easy through its breakthrough simplification of management processes. It also manages your projects, inventory, attendance, events, resolution of bugs, etc. This goes to show that Odoo is indispensable for large as well medium-scale businesses

And when you combine the speciality of Odoo with Events, this results in a breakthrough product known as Odoo Events. The speciality of Odoo Events is it is precisely for managing all your events at a single dashboard. This particular tool comes in quite handy during the post-pandemic era, where we are still coping with ourselves to start our regular lives. 

All you want to know about Odoo Events

Odoo Events is an all-inclusive event specialist app that resonates with your needs. There are many different types of activities that you can do using Odoo Events, like arranging conferences, setting up webinars, celebrating occasions, charity functions, attending classes, and a lot more. So you can imagine the different ways Odoo Events can help individuals in accomplishing their objectives. 

Now imagine, you have a team of hundred employees in your small-scale organisation, and you need to host an event. The event requires full attendance of all the employees, and you need to pass on important details to them. With the help of Odoo Events, you can see and track the availability of all your employees and ensure that they understand what you are saying with video conferencing and live chat functionality. All this is possible with the help of Odoo Events. 

Another facet of Odoo Events is organising a calendar and even managing the speakers who will participate in this event. Here you can add the presenter and even allow visitors to attend the online event. So you can imagine the kind of control you will have while the virtual event is going on. This will be a norm in coming times, especially when the COVID 19 protocols continue to evolve.

One of the most fantastic features of Odoo Events is that it also allows you to sell your tickets online and manage the entire marketing process. You can also define special offers like Early bird pricing, multiple ticket tiers and so on.  

A short glimpse about Big Blue Button

odoo bigbluebutton events connector

Big Blue Button is an open-source platform that is focused on improving and enhancing online learning. It is quite a handy tool for training purposes. It has some unique features like uploading documents, breakout rooms, video options, private and public chat options, quick and easy polling, sharing of notes, screen-share option, hand-raise feature, emoji and a lot more. 

If you plan to give your employees collaborative training, then breakout rooms are a handy feature. The video option in Big Blue Button allows you to set different resolution modes so that flawless steaming is possible at different bandwidths. 

It also allows you to share your screen using the screen-share feature when you have to explain anything to all your employees in one go. At times during the events, you have to take polls to understand the opinion of all the attendees. During such times you can use the polling feature of the Big Blue Button. The multi-user whiteboard in this app allows you to engage the audience quickly. 

A comprehensive take on Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector

Now that you have understood the utility of Odoo Events and Big Blue Button separately, it is time to look at the main topic of our blog – Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector. Now you can just imagine what the integration of both these valuable tools can do for your business. If you are using Odoo Events already, I suggest you try out Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector and see significant growth in your events business. 

Salient features of Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector

Let us now at the salient features of the Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector.

The lethal combo of online meetings and web events 

When you seamlessly merge your online meetings with your website events, it translates into maximum utilisation of Odoo Events and Big Blue Button.

Impart training to your employees

Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector can come in handy when you want to train your remote employees located anywhere across the globe. The online class events can help you give dedicated time to your employees and ensure that you impart proper training to them.

Integration with BigBlueButton

Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector ensures that you get the most of Odoo Events and Big Blue Button by seamless integration of both these fantastic platforms. 

Wide-scale settings to manage events 

Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector ensures that you get the best of Odoo Events and Big Blue Button by having primary settings configured in the tool for managing moderators and attendees. 

How to configure Bigbluebutton for Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector?

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You require two inputs for the configuration:

1.     Server URL: This needs to be set up as per the Big Blue Button server

2.     Authentication Secret: This is the secret key generated by Big Blue Button

Steps to create an online meeting using Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector

Here are the steps to help you create an online meeting using this app:

1.     First select “online event” in “meeting type” under the event-form section

2.     Next, set up online events and credentials. For this, you will have to select the meeting type and provide the moderator password

How to set up moderator credentials and configurations?

Follow these three simple steps to help you set up moderator credentials and configuration:

1.     The moderator privileges are given to the employee whose name is mentioned in the “responsible field”. They need to join the Big Blue Button events from the website as a privileged user.

2.     Your website event platform can inform the attendees about the online event by the meeting URL

3.     To publish the event on your website, click on “Initiate Event”

Concluding Thoughts

In this age of uncertainty and remote access, Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector is the right option for an organisation, especially if you organise events on a large scale. Typically, if you are an Odoo Event subscriber, I would definitely recommend you to try out Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector before your competitors get a head-start to this amazing tool. 

At the end of the day, businesses survive only if they have a first-mover advantage and are able to sell something superior to their competitors. I understand that you specialise in events and so this is the right time for you to strike before it gets too late. I would like to inform you that the information I have provided in this blog has been my personal experience. You can be rest assured to reap rich dividends once you start using Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector. 

I know you would have a lot of questions before you start using Odoo Bigbluebutton Events Connector to manage events for your business. But rest assured, you will get your answers slowly but gradually – all you need to do is be patient and explore this app thoroughly. 

Take a fair idea from this write-up before you start exploring this fantastic tool, and I hope you would be able to utilise it to maximum advantage for your business entirely.

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