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The Best Odoo Bigbluebutton E-learning Connector – #1 E-learning App

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Isn’t it amazing how the modern technological marvels have eased our lives to the extent that now we can manage our businesses with the utmost precision? The ability to add various components to our existing ERP solutions simplifies our management process to a great extent. In this write-up, we look at one such connector that helps you integrate Odoo E-learning and the Big Blue Button. 

We will explain what Odoo E-learning, Big Blue Button, and how this connector can make your lives more manageable in the coming sections. Needless to mention that this Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector is for those who are already using Odoo as their preferred ERP solution and also make regular use of their E-learning solution and Big Blue Button separately. 

Let us check out what each app individually does and how its integration can make your business processes smoother and more efficient. 

A brief overview of Odoo Bigbluebutton E-learning Connector

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Whether you own a medium-sized business or a large-scale entity, the use of ERP solutions has become kind of a necessity to facilitate smooth working. Odoo is one such ERP solution that has gained wide acceptance and popularity on account of its easy integration with third-party apps. The businesses don’t need to use the apps provided by the ERP, but with the likes of Odoo, the integration with third-party apps is a piece of cake. 

Odoo app is one such unique ERP solution that helps you keep your business activities streamlined by helping you manage your finances, inventory, website, marketing, logistics, and a lot more. With the easy integration of any third-party app, you can expect to have a top-notch user experience. The design and flow of the Odoo ERP is nothing less than super user-friendly, and therefore it is preferred by numerous organizations. 

A brief overview of Odoo E-learning

Odoo e-Learning is an LMS (learning management system) that is popularly used for community learning within and outside the business world. A lot of organizations have now started using e-Learning LMS systems to help train their employees. Because of the COVID crisis, the businesses had to adopt a new method to ensure their team is constantly involved with constant training. This is where Odoo e-Learning became widely popular.

It is a unique LMS platform that allows you to access content like videos, presentations, documents, or web pages on various devices. The editing feature of this app is super easy, and it allows the admin to check each participant’s progress through Metrics. Taking feedback, arranging quizzes, certifications, etc., is very easy using Odoo e-Learning.

Organizations use Odoo e-Learning to present their training sessions in an engaging manner with the help of its user-friendly interface and thousands of royalty-free graphics or images. Additionally, you can also expect to get real-time insights into your training sessions, the performance of the attendees, and the revenue generated from them. 

A brief overview of Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is an app that enhances online e-Learning. Organizations can use this tool for training purposes. To help you make the sessions more interesting, Big Blue Button offers some exceptional features like uploading documents, breakout rooms, video options, private and public chat options, quick and easy polling, sharing of notes, screen-share option, hand-raise feature, emoji, and a lot more. 

There are times when you would prefer to give collaborative training to your teams, which is when you can use breakout rooms. Also, Big Blue Button allows you to choose from various resolutions so that access to sessions is possible at multiple bandwidths. 

If you are giving training to multiple team members and need to explain something by sharing your screen, then you may use the screen-share feature. Additionally, you can use the multi-user whiteboard to make the sessions engaging. Also, taking polls in the Big Blue Button app is very easy.

Understanding Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector 

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Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector helps you to integrate the Oddo e-Learning app and BigBlueButton. As mentioned earlier, the popularity of the Odoo e-learning app and Big Blue Button app individually is high. Needless to say that their utility in their respective domains supersedes the user expectation. Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector facilitates the organization’s smooth integration of both these apps to make your management more effortless.

If you are using both these platforms in your organization, then just imaging how easier your life could become with the simple integration of these apps. A simple configuration of the BigBlueButton server can help you connect online meetings with Odoo eLearning. It can be done via the website or a stand-alone process.

The amazing advantage of the integration of e-Learning with Events and Big Blue Button

You can now sync all your online meetings, including your website events, with the Big Blue Button app, which would help you maximize your efficiency. Isn’t that astonishing how easily the Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector makes the integration possible?

The ease of initiating classroom with the Big Blue Button app

With the help of the Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector, you can host online classroom events with Odoo e-Learning.

Simple API-based authentication

The integration of both the individual apps is made simple with the Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector, which makes use of API-based authentication to connect with the Big Blue Button server. 

The feature allowing multi-Authentication

When you use the Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector, you get access to configure moderator and attendee.

How to configure BigBlueButton?

Configuring the Big Blue Button app is very easy. You just need to follow these easy steps to help you with simple configuration:

  • For Input, you need the server URL and Authentication key.
    • The server URL configuration is done as per the Big Blue Button server.
    • The secret authentication key is generated on the BigBlueButton server.

The configurations and credentials of Lectures/Events Moderator 

The name of the team member that is inserted in the “Responsible Field” would get the moderator privileges when they join the Big Blue Button events from the website as a privileged user. These are the steps to help you understand it better:

  • First, you need to click “Initiate Class” from the Class events to help you publish on the website to get access
  • Next, you need to Carry Forward Active eLearning Participants to lecture Events at the time of creating classroom events

Concluding Thoughts

Every organization strives to improve the processes that will help them become more efficient and productive with time. In order to do that, it is essential to look at internal processes that are performing well individually, and they must be brought together for ease in operations. Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector is one such app that serves a similar purpose. 

The high demand for the Odoo e-Learning app and Big Blue Button app individually represents their value addition to the organization’s productivity. There is no doubt that separately these apps work to improve the overall performance of the company. Moreover, a comprehensive ERP solution like ERP is indispensable if your organization is significant, since monitoring and evaluating each domain of business separately would become troublesome. 

ERP solutions aim to bring everything into one place so that management can have a bird-eye view and a comprehensive view of all processes, all in a single place. Odoo takes us to another level by allowing third-party integrations of the apps that we use besides our ERP systems. Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector is a perfect example of this. 

Now that you have understood in detail about the Odoo e-Learning app, Big Blue Button, and the Odoo BigBlueButton E-learning connector, what’s stopping you from improvising? Hopefully, you make the best use of the information provided in this article and integrate these two popular apps for the betterment of your business processes.

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