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12 Useful Odoo Apps For Ecommerce

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 7 mins

Useful Odoo Apps For Ecommerce

odoo apps for ecommerce

What are Odoo apps for eCommerce? Odoo has become one of the most popular open-source software platforms amongst eCommerce businesses of all sizes. Odoo apps are there to help your business operate more effectively.  These business applications offer effortless integration for inventory management, accounting, sales and marketing, and many other systems for your eCommerce business. 

At Syncoria, we have developed some of the best third-party Odoo applications for your eCommerce business.  With over 16 years of experience in system integration and Open-Source software, these apps are designed to help your business, no matter the size, transform the customer experience, processes, and culture. Let’s take a look at some of the best Odoo apps for eCommerce

Moneris Payment Acquirer (Hosted)

Moneris is a company that specializes in payment processing and is one of the largest financial technology companies in Canada. With this app, merchants can securely and accept payments using the online payment solution with Odoo. The benefit of using this app is that credit card payments can be processed with the hosted payment page that Moneris provides. The credit card payments also integrate with the sales app and the eCommerce checkout page. 

Zoom – E-Learning Connector

This app allows you to seamlessly integrate Zoom and the Odoo E-learning app. You can connect Odoo E-learning with your website or use it as a stand-alone process. The app allows you to host sessions online with the E-learning platform. Maximize your efficiency with this app. Sync your website event with your online meetings. The multi-configuration of the app enables you to initiate meeting sessions through global settings. Zoom online sessions can also be hosted through User-Based settings. 

Variant Website Visibility

Gain full control of your website. This app gives you the ability to hide certain variants and publish certain variants of your website. You can display a custom message for hidden content when customers try to view the hidden variants. The app will not cost you any money as it is available for free. It is easy to use. All you have to is go to inventory setting settings and navigate to the Product Variant Website Visibility Message section. 

eCommerce Product Description

This app allows you to describe your products with more freedom. It gives you a separate field under the eCommerce Tab to provide customers with more detail regarding your product. You could potentially boost your sales by adding more information about your product for customers. This app is free, and it is easy to use. The simple customization tool could make a huge difference to the customer experience of your website. 

Odoo Purolator Connector

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Connect Purolator and Odoo with this app. You can set Purolator delivery methods and create sales orders simultaneously. Submit order information automatically from Odoo to Purolator. Get the shipping label, shipping cost, and shipping tracking number from Purolator to Odoo. The app allows you to run your business more effectively. With just one click, you can ship your orders. Maximize efficiency by syncing your website with your online store. You can integrate multiple Purolator post accounts with this single app. 

BigBlueButton – Odoo Events Connector

Integrate the BigBlueButton and Odoo Events App seamlessly. This app will allow you to host online sessions on your website. You can also host online classes with Events. The app is easy to configure with API-based authentication. Maximize your efficiency by syncing your website and your online meetings. 

 BigBlueButton with eLearning

This app allows you to seemingly integrate BigBlueButton and eLearning Platform. Connect your online meetings with eLearning as a stand-alone or through your website. There is an easy configuration of the app with API-based authentication. Maximize your efficiency by syncing your website event and your online meetings. Through eLearning, you can host online classroom events. 

Interac + Moneris Online Payments(Hosted) – Odoo Connector

Merchants can securely and accept payments using INTERAC and Moneris’ hosted payment page option in Odoo. INTERAC Online Payment allows Canadian cardholders to process transactions using their online banking. This app allows businesses to integrate payments to the eCommerce checkout page and the sales app. Easy installation is provided. Boost the efficiency of your business. 

Moneris – Gift Card + Online Payments (Hosted Pay Page)

This app will allow your customers to make payments using gift cards and credit cards using Moneris’ hosted payment page option. You can also integrate the payment to the eCommerce checkout page and the sales order payment. This app provides you with all the installation steps, making the process easy to complete. Customers can also pay with gift cards and credit cards to cover the total amount of their purchase.  

Shippo Integration

Shippo is a shipping courier with over 50 carriers, providing international and domestic shipping. This app allows you to connect Shippo with Odoo. You can set Shippo delivery methods and create sales orders simultaneously. Submit order information automatically from Odoo to Shippo. Get the shipping label, shipping cost, and shipping tracking number from Shippo to Odoo. Use this app to ship orders with just one click. This will save you time and maximize your efficiency, as you will be able to sync your online store with your website. 

Zoom – Odoo Events Connector

Integrate Zoom and Odoo Events App seamlessly with this app. It allows you to host online sessions on your website events, which allows you to maximize your efficiency. The API based authentication allows an easy connection with zoom, which is not provided with other connector apps. 

Odoo Apps Pricing Vs. Other Apps Pricing 

Unlike many other apps, Odoo provides a free license to users. This is a huge benefit for small and start-up businesses. Once you get your license, you can start customizing and implementing the desired apps of your choice. The cost of this process is extremely affordable. The maintenance costs of Odoo apps for ecommerce are as little as $8 per month. 

Other Apps implementation and maintenance costs can be quite expensive. If you are a smaller business, these apps will not be easy for your business to purchase. These solutions usually charge between 10% to 20% of the implementation fee for maintenance, which could cost you from $50 to $100 per month. 

The Good and Bad Of Using Odoo Apps 

Odoo provides your business with flexibility due to the modular architecture that Odoo apps for ecommerce provides. You can tailor the system to meet the specific needs of your business. Odoo allows you to easily develop and extend your apps. There are over 14 000 apps available in the store that you can customize. Another added plus is that the system is fully cloud-based. Odoo also has plenty of customer support available. 

One of the major downsides to using Odoo apps for ecommerce is the setup and installation process. This process is rather elaborate and needs to be done correctly to avoid any issues in the future. The pricing plans offered by Odoo are known to be quite complex. For each application added, you will be charged $30, plus the application cost. This becomes confusing due to the varying cost of the applications. 

Whether you decide to use Odoo Apps for ecommerce or not, you should always base your decision on what is best for your business and choose the software solution that is the best fitting for your business. 

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