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Most Used Odoo Modules in Any Apparel Store

There are several queries that people have regarding Odoo usage in an Apparel Industry or stores. Practically Odoo has so many modules almost for every business which one can think of, and one of them is apparel stores and industries.

As we know, textile and apparel manufacturing is a billion-dollar industry with many sides requiring massive work. Various aspects depend on the business’s size and scope, like stock management, quality management, channel management, sales generation, and so many more. On top of it, consumer demands of different nature create so many levels and types for the required target. Thus, the apparel business range is as broad and infinite as the consumer demand needs it to be.

From the pre-planning project phase, product management, stock management, to customer service, each task requires execution in an exact way and order to minimize the risks involving errors while conducting the apparel business.

Here comes Odoo, a perfect fit, and solution to direct every aspect of the whole apparel business from the initial to the final stage. But before going into detail and anything else, let’s know more about Odoo.

What Is Odoo?

Odoo is an application more like an open-source management software for different businesses, and it is the ultimate fix for both medium and large stores. It is a business suite containing a wide range of applications and modules, each crafted for a specific division like stock management, project, finance management, etc. It is for simplification of work to refine the customer’s demand and satisfaction. It reduces and removes errors done manually by having good command over the business.

Odoo for Apparel Stores

Altogether, this business suite is a perfect solution for the Apparel industry, which helps them manage and control all the aspects with a single software. There is nothing to worry about the variations regarding clothes material, colour, type, design, style and category etc. It manages the complex issues which create a single solution to handle the apparel store or industry. This ERP business suite keeps track of merchandise and the store’s floor operation for the apparel store.

The apparel distribution stores and industries can also get efficient output from various modules, which helps with the production plan, material plan, inventory management, supply chain, warehouse, and more.

As we all know, frequent changes in trends bring various changes in the ongoing apparel store outline. The apparel store business is expanding vigorously, and many people are coming into this field of garment business. The biggest issue that an apparel business suffers is erroneous stock management, which ultimately gives incorrect and troublesome accounts output.

Odoo, one of the most reliable and used open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Its practical, flexible, and dynamic nature is very convenient and adaptable, depending on the business’s need and intricacy.

Odoo Modules And Their Applicability In Apparel Industry:

Odoo is a customizable software according to the needs required. It is a perfect fit for the apparel industry, as the apparel business involves a lot of customization compared to other sectors. There are various Odoo modules created for different functions and designed for specific business purposes. Some of them are:

Product Management.

The module consists of various functionalities which cover product variety management, planning, pricing and much more. It includes a more refined pricing and promotional approach to make the business more successful.

It also gives more assistance for styling and product maintenance to make work efficient and ultimately meet the customer demand. Furthermore, it makes the costing process a lot easier and customer-oriented.

Supply Chain Management.

Supply chain management is a necessary process for all industries, including the apparel industry. Moreover, it can enforce all the management functions and perimeters dealing with products and services. Supply chain management is the definitive word to describe operations’ command involving the flow of stock and services together with sales and purchase, sourcing, quality assurance, production and vendor/ contractor portal etc. To make all the supply related operations effective, Odoo provides an integrated inventory management module and advanced ultra-modern operations tools.

It is a tremendous accomplishment for any industry or store to go with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software. Its significance is beyond any description for the businesses with a wide range of nexus in the supply chain. To be pin-point, apparel stores that are doing exceptionally fantastic work and are going far ahead in the supply chain business are using the Odoo supply chain management module. Individuals who believe in Odoo ERP and its various modules have enough choices to organize their operations in a very professional manner.

Warehouse Management

This module is all about the management of warehouses and their related components. Like labour management, order management, slotting management, shipping and tracking processes etc.

The inventory and warehouse management is established on a hierarchy wise location structure, starting from warehouses to storage boxes. There is a double-entry inventory system that allows control of customers, suppliers and manufacturing inventories as well. This Odoo module has the power to manage and oversee the lots and serial numbers, corroborating the compliance with the verifying and traceability obligations imposed by the majority of businesses. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) by Odoo permits optimisation and revamp crucial warehouse processes like procurements, shipping and recoupment functions by deploying robust system logic to choose the best locations and chains.

Finance & Accounting

Finance and accounting is the most critical part of the apparel store businesses. As we all know, finance for any industry demands accurate, timely planning and grasp adequate funds. And with that, the critical process makes all the Accounting process easy and error-free with minimum effort.

The accounting process is not an easy task if done manually. It is almost impossible to record each transaction of your business. When it comes to larger stores, it becomes more hectic and sometimes quite messy. And to resolve this problem, the Odoo software makes life easier and makes this whole financing and accounting process much more manageable, practical, precise and error accessible.

It makes the whole accounting process seamlessly easy, including cost accounting, ledger creation, processing of credit cards, accounts receivable and payable, communication of various factors etc.

The implementation of Odoo is entirely Free, and there are no or very minimal license charges if compared with other sole ERP software’s floating in the market.

Customer Service

In this modern competitive environment, customer satisfaction and customer relationships’ maintenance became the most crucial part for apparel business holders to stay alive and grow tremendously. Today, many top-end industries put millions and trillions of dollars to know customer behaviour, demand and improve the customer experience while opting for their product. There are numbers of things prevailing in the market, but Odoo CRM software and its modules are on top of the list.

The Odoo module is specially outlined for apparel store business, which allows them to answer in a fast way to the customer requirements and queries successfully. It incorporates and works in a proper communication channel with the customers and clients regarding their questions, reports and allotment issues.

Odoo (CRM) software facilitates customer service operations and benefits in analytics and lead management amid many kindred functions. It captures the customer’s touchpoint and web communication, which enables the business to build up marketing strategies. Today’s CRM software uses artificial intelligence and different machine algorithms to trail and analyze the consumer’s liking, desires and buying pattern.

What are some Odoo modules’ benefits for apparel and garment stores?

  • Better cooperation and communication. Odoo gives a direct interaction channel among every department in the business, making the flow of communication uncomplicated. And by that smooth flow of communication, better collaboration and cooperation is established effectively.
  • Improved data security. Data privacy and security are crucial parts of any apparel store business and even in all other industries. Amalgamating business data and information with Odoo software ensures that critical and non-disclosable information is only accessible by the designated people.
  • Increased sales and earnings. Enhancing consumer’s experience by keeping an eye on the pricing, delivery instructions and product data of the existing and new customers. Following this practice saves time, effort, and resources while maintaining a tight relationship with the distributors and customers.
  • Employing dedicated modules. Odoo accompanies a dye house management system for textile dealers, which keeps a trail of inventory, procurement, distribution with this module.
  • Systematic customer management by database integration. Managing customers in a more nuanced way by keeping the customer data and complete information of the organization in Odoo gives the user better control any time without any inconvenience.

What are the vital features of Odoo modules for apparel stores?

  • Better Sales Support. It gives an innate sales dashboard to track different activities across the sales line swiftly. It automatically strains crucial leads from dropbox and provides control to manage sales lines by using drag and drop attributes. Apart from that, it’s very convenient to send customized quotations to the consumers with a few clicks.
  • Lead Management. Odoo CRM has lead management as one of the primary functions, among others. It provides substantial support for lead management by lead generation and keeping track of clients and customers and automated follow-ups.
  • Simplicity of Integration. It is pretty simple to integrate the Odoo CRM module with the company’s existing applications and third-party services. For example, it connects with the inventory module, workforce management software, SCM software, including accounting and financial management instruments for enhanced convenience without any hassle. Other than that, it is effortlessly customizable by using a variety of solid APIs from Odoo.
  • Reporting and Analytics. Odoo module tracks and monitors the active business KPIs at various intervals. It’s easy to follow the daily/weekly/monthly basis performance of the sales group and the hours invested by every team member. Odoo modules provide access to multiple analytical features by tracking and monitoring different sales activities in real-time effortlessly. It also gives modern filters and breakdown features to analyze the opportunity pipeline.
  • Other Features. Many other software features and its modules like cross-check for purchases, management of re-order items, maintaining accurate inventory to make the order delivery process more accessible. Besides keeping an eye on receipts and payments, do cash flow planning and monitoring of actual forecast position and give information regarding back up a finance supplication.

Finally, we can conclude that Odoo modules provide precise information to the appropriate business or person, which they can access anywhere around the world. And for the apparel store and industry, it is the ultimate solution for so many complications and problems.

We can see how Odoo ERP can play a central role in your textile and garment manufacturing business, thanks to its most salient benefits.

That said, let’s take a closer look at which Odoo ERP modules and essential features will be of interest for garment manufacturers.


We already know the wide range and benefits of modules that Odoo has incorporated to offer. Some modules, like purchasing, stock management, sales, accounting etc., are critical and very crucial aspects. Odoo provided exceptional assistance to all these functions to harness their existence more and more.

Therefore, the advantages of Odoo modules for the apparel industry show their worth by itself. So, when choosing ERP software, there is no doubt and nothing to think about any of it. There is a straight answer to that, which is Odoo.

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