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Moneris: #1 Reliable Method Of In-Store And Online Payment

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What is the most reliable online payment method? As a business owner, the to-do-list of work seems never-ending. But one of the most pivotal tasks is to figure out the accurate payment processors that can fit the best with your business. Arranging a way for your consumers to buy and check out is pivotal to boost the business. There are several reasons why the payment processor you choose should be trusted and must have the latest features. One of the top reasons is the changing customer behavior. 

The constant change in customers’ behavior has a lot to do with the payment methods they are getting. Therefore, it is essential to do good research and then pick a payment processor for you. But if you are running out of time, then here we have done brief research about one of the leading payment processors. It is ‘Moneris.’ Yes, here you can analyze each and every factor about it to know if it fits your business or not!

Moneris is one of the most reliable online payment method?

reliable online payment method

Founded back in December 2000, Moneris is now the largest financial technology company in Canada. It specializes in payment processing. Furthermore, it was the first Canadian appropriator to offer both Mastercard and Visa merchant accounts in one point of contact. Not just this, it was also able to bag the tag of the first Canadian payment processor for the use of an integrated point-of-sale system. Within just the first 1.5 years of its beginning, it processed more than 2 billion transactions in Canada. Hence, the success of Moneris is quite evident from the start. 

This is why Moneris is consider as one of the most reliable online payment method out there.

What Are Beneficial The Services Provided By Moneris?

1. Merchant Accounts

Instead of relying on any third party, Moneris processes all transactions in-house directly, and that is why it is known as a direct processor. As a merchant, you will always deal with a similar company when faced with an account freeze or transaction. Merchants around the world trust Moneris as one of the most reliable online payment method and one service they are choose for their business.

2. Smart Terminals

Moneris also offers Smart terminals along with the traditional countertop terminals, which features the ability to load additional software applications and color touchscreens. The terminals utilize the Moneris Core software app to enhance advanced functionality to your terminal.

3. Credit Card Terminals

Moneris provides many wireless terminals and countertops. Some of the models also support payment methods like Android Pay or Apple Pay. Furthermore, EMV-compliant terminals are also available here.  Reliable online payment method always give option for their users to use credit cards as their preferred payment method.

4. Point Of Sale (POS) Software

Instead of partnering with point-of-sale terminal providers, Moneris provides its own POS solution, called the PAYD Pro Plus App. The app-based system will help turn your iPad into a fully-featured POS terminal. Here you get to enjoy the standard features such as inventory tracking, payment processing, and customer information management. Reliable online payment methods almost always using Point of Sale.

5. Payment Gateway

The company offers ‘Moneris Gateway’ for eCommerce merchants. You can set this up to use via a hosted payment page. The useful Moneris Gateway comprises all the standard features that one can expect in a payment gateway, such as Vault to store recurring customer data, tokenization, shopping cart integration, PCI compliance, etc. 

6. Mobile Payments

Moneris provides a perfect option of the PAYD® mobile processing system for the process on the go. The setup contains a PAYD Roam Reader magstripe card reader and a free PAYD app that can be plugged into your smartphone’s headphone jack. Be it an iOS user or Android; it is compatible with both. In addition to this, there are zero monthly charges for using the PAYD system. All you need is a merchant account through Moneris.

Benefits of Integrating Moneris With Odoo

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Being one of the largest payment processing firm, Moneris provides many benefits if integrated. You can use Moneris as a payment acquirer for Odoo and enjoy its benefits. Merchants can utilize Moneris’s online hosted payment processing solution to receive their website on Odoo. Furthermore, businesses can also use the credit card payment integration in their B2B sales procedure as it integrates with the sales app.

Here are some of the merits:

Designing Personal Payment Experience

One can conveniently and safely process and accept client transactions on your business website through the company’s Moneris Checkout service. Moneris Checkout is a complete online payment solution hosted by Moneris.


·   It fits flawlessly into your business’ website with your logo

·   Customize your checkout form fields

·   Checkout forms are developed, secured, and hosted by Moneris

·   Supports gift card, and Google Pay too

·  With the ability to price in over 120 foreign currencies, it helps Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

·  Activated within the Merchant Resource Center

Apart from this, there are some other powerful features for convenient payments such as:

·  Vault and Tokenization

·  Digital Wallet Support

·  Account Updaters

·  Fraud Prevention Tools

Virtual Terminal

One can quickly turn their computer into a virtual terminal to give the power to process payments whenever the consumers and their cards are not present. It is a secure web-based interface that requires no integration and still connects directly to the Moneris Gateway. No matter if orders are received by mail or phone, it is a safe way. 

Furthermore, it is straightforward to use and offers real-time transaction processing. In addition to this, multiple users can concurrently process transactions on different computers.

Multi-Currency Pricing

Customers from all across the globe can now shop with you. Multi-Currency Pricing is a useful feature that allows you to price your services and products in international currencies while settling in CAD. Here are some of the merits of Multi-Currency Pricing:

·  Participate in revenue sharing

·  Helps to gain new global consumers by converting browsers into buyers

·  Minimize the chances of cart abandonment with transparent pricing for consumers

·  Enhances customer experience by displaying prices in shoppers’ desired currencies

·  Reduce chargebacks and disputes that can come from price misinterpretation

How Can Syncoria Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Combining excellent customer service and technical excellence can benefit a business significantly. Syncoria offers product design, project management locally, business advice, and operational support. There are many features that Syncoria provides you as an eCommerce. These unique services by Syncoria will surely benefit you and bring success to your business. 

1.     Simple Multi-Channel Commerce 

Generating real results and retailing sales is all one can dream of as a business owner. Boosting the business through these techniques becomes more comfortable with Syncoria. It has 15 years’ experience developing eCommerce online stores that can be integrated with external and retail platforms for the firm to grow. 

2.     Designing For Your Business

Syncoria also extends the services to design a mobile-friendly design for your business. One can directly add the products to the website conveniently and further edit the products.

3.     Up-Selling And Cross-Selling

Now you can increase your sales with cross-selling, up-selling, and promotions. It simply means that your website will automatically recommend the buyer with some additional product/service along with the one they are eyeing. For example, a customer is looking for a necklace, so it will automatically suggest rings or earrings along with it as a suggestion. It will surely boost the business. 

4.     Payment Integration

Payment integration is one of the most pivotal aspects. The customer’s decision can be directly impacted by the payment methods you provide. In Payment Integration, by Syncoria, you customers can pay with their credit cards, COD, and wire transfer.


Moneris with Odoo gives you access to many features that makes your customer’s experience better and successful. Payment Processors can benefit your business. Hence you should select it carefully! Reach out to Syncoria for more information on how to help your customers experience the simplest and safest online transaction at +1 (416) 628-5522, or email us at [email protected].

Moneris is definitely one of the most reliable online payment method you can find out there.

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