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Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector – Best Checkout Connector

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What is Moneris In-line checkout Odoo connector? The eCommerce arena of the 21st century has blown the minds of entrepreneurs with its consistent technological advancement. Businesses are constantly searching for better and simpler ways to make their eCommerce store processes faster and smoother for clients. 

One of the most sought-after processes that business people scout for is the simplification of the checkout process. This article looks explicitly at how Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector can make the online process smoother and hassle-free. 

Odoo and Moneris have created their substantial stand in the business world by helping out to make the business processes more straightforward and stress-free. One on hand, Odoo has proved to be a trusted partner as a one-stop ERP solution for many, and on the other hand, Moneris has become a trusted partner for payment processing. 

Suppose you are one of those entrepreneurs whose organization has been using Odoo and Moneris’s fantastic services separately. In that case, it’s time to switch to Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector.

Let us check out why it would be wise to opt for this app for your online businesses.

Introduction to Odoo ERP and Moneris

Moneris in-line checkout odoo connector

Many businesses use Odoo ERP solutions for all their business management needs. It is a suite of various software that includes eCommerce, warehousing, project management, human resource, and inventory management.

Moneris is a Canadian company that leads in financial technology. Their prime focus is payment processing for various platforms. 

Integration of Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector

The Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector can be very useful for companies already using Odoo ERP and Moneris for their businesses. The integration of Odoo and Moneris is aimed at bringing everything at the table in a single place. 

When you install this app, it would app Moneris as the payment processor for Odoo. If you are using an Odoo website, you can use Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector to accept payment and receive online payments. 

I know you must be wondering, what about credit card payments? Don’t worry! Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector has got you covered there too! Now your businesses can use credit card payment integration in the sales process since this app can integrate easily with any sales app.

The Installation Process

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The installation of Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector is effortless. If you need guidance, then you may follow these easy steps:

  • You start by downloading the code on your company server
  • Search for the Odoo Conf file and place the module folder path in it
  • Now you are supposed to restart the server
  • Once the system is restarted, you can go to the setting and click “Activate the developer mode”
  • Reach the App section now. Click on the button named “Update Apps List.”
  • Now click “Update”
  • You must now search by “payment_moneris_checkout” after removing all filters
  • Now click Install

How to Create a Moneris Test Account?

Before you go live, you will have to test your account. Here are the steps to create Moneris Test Account:

  • Visit Up
  • You will be asked to enter information. Fill the form as per requirement
  • Go to the email address that you provided in the signup
  • In the email, you will find a Verify URL link. Click on it
  • The page that opened would have a “My Profile Icon”. Click on it
  • You will now have to enter the credentials you inserted in the form and log in
  • Now click on the button labelled “Full Profile”
  • Now click “Request Testing Credentials”
  • You will be required to insert your password and select the country. Your country selection must be set to “Canada”
  • Now click on “Request Test Account”
  • The screen would display your credentials
  • Ensure to note the “Store ID” and “API Token” since you will have to use these in the Odoo configuration process

Steps for Testing Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector

You may follow the following steps to begin your testing with Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector:

Steps for Production: Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector

Here are the steps for production:

  • Visit URL:
  • Use the same credentials you created before

Configuring Moneris Panel

I know you have already been through so much hassle, and now you are still waiting for the configuration part. Worry not; all these activities are a one-time process. Once you are done with the entire part once, you will be set for the future. Here is how you configure the Moneris panel:

·      You can start by logging in to the Moneris Website

·      Visit the Admin page and go to Moneris Checkout Config

·      Now click on “Create Profile.”

·      The profile is created, and you are set

You have to keep a note of Checkout ID and then do the following configurations:

  • Choose “I have my custom order form and want to use Moneris simply for payment processing”
  • Now make the choice of your preferred currency
  • Visit the Go to Payment, and in Transaction Type, you need to select “Purchase”
  • Now Go to the Payment section, and inside Gift Cards you need to select “Accept Gift Cards”
  • Finally, select “Use Moneris” Under Order Confirmation

Configuring Odoo to finalize the Moneris Checkout configuration

You will also have to make certain configurations in the Odoo system to ensure the Moneris checkout works perfectly in your online stores. Here is what you need to do.

Go to the invoicing section, where you will see “Payment Acquirers” in the “Payments” section. Here you need to select Moneris Checkout.

  • Now you need to add the Store ID and the API token that we asked you to keep a note of. You would also have to publish it so that it is displayed on your website.
  • You must now select “Bank” as the Payment Journal. Also, select “Payment from Odoo” as the Payment Flow. 
  • You need to enable the Saving Data Card.

The Final Process of Card Payment using Moneris Checkout

  • The process for card payment checkout is straightforward with this app integration. 
  • On the website, one must select Moneris Checkout
  • The user is then asked to enter the card details and proceed to checkout
  • The payment success message would be displayed

Gift Card Payment

You might still be wondering, how about if my customers want to use Gift Cards? Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector has a simple process for Gift Card Payments. If you need to perform a test, you can use the following details:

  • Gift Card Number: 0311040000001000234 
  • Card Security Code: 123 

It is possible to amount to the gift card. You just need to use the following steps:

  • Go to URL:
  • Now Select ‘Moneris Checkout’
  • Click on “Pay Now” 

Concluding Words

Managing huge business turnover is already a pain for many, and when it comes to payment processing, the world without the likes of Moneris would be in peril. Modern businesses must make wise use of technology and grow their businesses. After all, business is all about improvising and adopting new methods to make your business flow smoother. 

Odoo and Moneris both have created a marvelous impact in the business world in their individual domains. However, with the introduction of Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector, their efforts to make the business process easier are further applaudable. 

This article was aimed at giving you valuable insight about Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector. Hopefully, you found the details provided in this write-up helpful. Do let us know how you liked reading about the Moneris In-Line Checkout Odoo Connector in the comments section below.

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