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Manage your Time with the Odoo Timesheet App


The days of using a time sheet are of the past. Before I started my career in marketing, I had many jobs a normal high school student would have. A grocery store clerk, a cook, manual labor jobs, you name it! They all had one unfortunate thing in common; paper time sheets. Not only are they easy to abuse, and hard to track, time sheets have become out of date and almost harder to use then popular tracking apps. I’m here to tell you why you need one.

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Manage your Team

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Managing your team has never been easy. Having a team management tool is something all businesses owners should be looking in to. The Timesheet app from Odoo allows managers to create and assign projects so you can organize your employee’s workload by assigning them tasks and projects. You can also allow access rights to restrict certain employees from the backend with the click of a button. This also means that you can overview your team’s activities whether it be their performance or double checking the time sheet to make sure everyone’s hours are in proper order.

Save your Money

Managing your timesheet isn’t a task that’s always fun it, and when you add payroll into the mix, it usually takes up money and a lot of man-hours. Having a timesheet application allows you to keep track of where your employees time is going. Having a timesheet analysis can give you statistics about billable hours, billable amount, un-invoiced amounts, etc. You can easily review your employee’s performance by measuring the profitability of their projects. This means you can keep track of how their time is being spent and where your money is going.

Project Management

Never worry again about tracking your working time on projects. timesheets purple bannerThe project management benefits on a timesheet app allow you to log your activities at the beginning of the day, on the fly or after your work are done.  You can easily manage your activities for the day, and launch tasks in one click. With our Chrome extension, you’re just one click away from your time tracking app. The best part has to be how quick you get your statistics, overview your team’s time spent on tasks per day or even by the week.


Having a tracking sheet can have a positive experience for your team. It can be a real eye-opener to some because this really shows you who are working on what. It is important for your employees to track their time for certain tasks, meetings, projects, or time spent working from home.  This way it guarantee’s every employee is working on the task at hand.

Work Offline

Another great feature is the ability to work offline. Your tasks will keep running no matter where you are, even if Internet connectivity is not available.  It even synchronizes it for you. The hour’s tracked offline are synced to y our account once you’re back online.


At the end of the day, managing your team should be one of the most important roles in a leaders role. It’s your job to reduce the stress and operations of your employees. Now that you know all of the benefits of having a timesheet application, visit www.syncoria.com for a FREE demo. Start saving time and saving money.

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