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Leverage the Odoo eLearning Module for Your Business

There is little doubt that eLearning platforms are conquering not only the corporate world, but also the academe. This fact is only made all the more apparent in the post-pandemic scheme of things.

About 75% of companies in the United States provide some iteration of eLearning via the use of online learning management systems. This is done via autodidactic multimedia learning content or virtual classes to support their staff’s professional development. While the rest of the world has much catching up to do, particularly for smaller companies, the trend is increasingly moving towards further adoption of eLearning platforms. All the more so given the pandemic situation at this time of writing.

Odoo announced the release of its brand-new eLearning module at the Odoo Experience 2019 conference that coincided with the new revised version of Odoo Slides module. This also included the launch of Odoo’s most recent stable version, Odoo 13.0.

The new Odoo eLearning module comes with a freshly-introduced set of standard functions to provide a wide array of eLearning applications such as creating eLearning courses, as well as conducting, managing, and accessing online training modules for organizations.

The new module came “gamified” so that learners are motivated as they earn badges and accrue points when attending their online courses.

Odoo eLearning is the same – it is implemented for corporate training or training for academic institutions as a solution that is easily implemented, robust, and function-rich.

Organizations that require a basic learning management system (LMS) will benefit from Odoo eLearning’s easy integration with more advanced ERP systems.

Odoo is introducing the full Odoo ERP suite, packed with all modules, free for educational institutions for research and learning purposes. Odoo itself is used at business schools to teach certain courses such as accounting, human resource management, supply change management, eCommerce, web design, marketing/social media marketing, apart from other related courses to business and administration.

That makes Odoo an inherently educational platform from whence to perform, administrate, and demonstrate.

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How Can Odoo eLearning Help Me?

Odoo has gone to great lengths supporting the shift towards online learning with its latest stable release. This one offers the Odoo eLearning module, which, in our opinion, is one of the most solid learning management systems around.

Perhaps, however, the most common question companies will be asking is: how does implementing Odoo eLearning help me? Why invest in an eLearning platform at all?

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why companies should invest in an LMS, and why choosing Odoo is a great option.

  • Autodidactic, efficient learning. As the system is self-driven and self-taught, the user is driven to be responsible for learning the processes, services, or products that the company offers – at the convenience of doing so at his own pace.
  • Stay on top of trends. Employees can be given instruction, inspired to action, and kept informed about the latest trends, technologies, tools, and policies via webinars. Webinars work because they can stir employees into action, and can be had at a discount. Webinars are easily disseminated without the need to be physically present in a particular location.
  • Leverage microlearning. Through short online content, employees can be given up-to-date training about processes and learn new technologies to help them solve the most common problems they face in a matter of seconds. 
  • Optimize onboarding processes. Your human resources department can get the most bang for their buck with their onboarding and orientation programs throughout the entire employee lifecycle through bite-sized videos and infographics, as well as self-assessment exams and programs.

This module is notable for having been the version wherein ‘Karma Points’ are included. This means you can gamify actions performed in the module, such as adding comments, uploading content, voting on lessons, and a whole lot more. This helps drive engagement and interest for users.

There are a lot more things that Odoo’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can do. Let’s check out some of the features that its eLearning module has.

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Odoo eLearning Features

Here are just some of the things you can do with Odoo’s eLearning module. 

  • Neatly organized content. Every course is a centralized database from whence to manage all the content you will ever need to add to your tailored eLearning platform. No limits on how many courses you can put together.
  • Interactive, informative information assets. Make your course content as interactive as possible by adding any type of content you wish to your courses. Choose from a combination of videos, infographics, web pages, certifications, exams, and PDF files.
  • Multimedia embedded in course content. Easily upload your company’s video content for free through YouTube or Google Drive and embed it in your course content.
  • Enhanced retention of instruction. Add quizzes at the end so users can test and retain their newfound knowledge. 
  • Links to external sources. Add external links at the end of your course content to provide users access to supplemental knowledge sources.
  • Track progress effectively. Stay on top of course participation with intuitive views of progress and completion.
  • Multilingual support. Never get lost in translation again. Your website can be translated into as many foreign languages your business has clients in.
  • Easy eCommerce support. Sell your course directly on your online storefront. Make sure that your prospective students complete their outstanding payments before enlisting. 

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What’s new in Odoo eLearning’s Latest Release?

As of this writing, Odoo’s stable release is Odoo 13, released on October 3, 2019. Here’s what Odoo has improved about its eLearning offering since then:

  1. Launch of ‘Karma Points’ 
  2. See Number of Course Views
  3. Add Learning Checkpoints for Ever Lesson
  4. Give out reward points commensurate to the number of attempts taken
  5. Enhanced Leaderboard
  6. Manage and Add Completed Achievements
  7. Add as many lessons as you want for every course


Odoo’s E-learning module is a fantastic tool that can be used to create courses, configure quizzes, and improve employee engagement by having them earn badges while they attend their courses.

This is helpful for conducting internal training at the company for employees and helps in easy onboarding. Curious about what your organization can achieve with Odoo? Get in touch with us. We’ll sort your enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs!

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