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How to Use Odoo to Increase your eCommerce Revenues in 5 Easy Steps

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 3 mins

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Odoo is an absolutely amazing eCommerce tool, providing the user the ability to customize product pages, their eCommerce catalogue, and the checkout process. If you’re seeking to increase revenues and eCommerce profits, here’s how you can do just that in 5 easy steps.

How to Use Odoo to Increase Your Ecommerce Revenues

Using Odoo, upselling has been easy. Recommending alternatives to existing products, accessories, or complimentary products is a common strategy to help increase eCommerce sales. Using Odoo’s product form, all you need to do is activate the ‘Alternative Products’ feature. As you do this, when you visit a product on your eCommerce site, you will notice Odoo recommends similar products that may either be more expensive, less expensive, or with different features thereby allowing you more opportunity to browse.


Increasing revenues per order in eCommerce is accomplishing through successful cross-selling strategies. This is when you add accessories and additional options on a product purchase, something of value to the customer while helping a brand increase their revenues. In the checkout process, something like a warranty is commonly used as a form of cross-selling. Any kind of complimentary products or accessories offered at the checkout stage works.

Encouraging more product purchases

When a customer goes to their cart, they will see the item they want to buy. Using Odoo, configuring your products, you can make it possible to add accessory products which should appear in the cart when someone makes a purchase. For example, any time a customer purchases ‘a’, Odoo can configure it so that product ‘b’ is also added into their cart for purchase. Although some eCommerce shoppers do not like this method, when it appears as a ‘Suggested Product’, this can help in minimizing the feeling of having product pushed onto a shopper.

Live chat

Odoo allows you to speak directly to customers through Live Chat. This assists in answering questions, resolving checkout issues, and is a great way to boost sales. All you need to do is install the Live Chat application on Odoo. After your system has upgraded, you can talk in real time with visitors. This reassures the customer that the purchase they’re about to make is a positive one. If you do install Live Chat, ensure you have someone available to answer. You should immediately notice an improvement to the quality of service.

Product configurator and variants

Lastly, product configurator and variants in Odoo is a great method of increasing eCommerce sales. Use the ‘variant’ tab to modify aspects of your product purchase, such as installing different variations on a warranty with pricing included on each warranty option. The more options you give the customer to customize their order and product purchase, the more likely you are to increase value in the eyes of the customer while increasing your revenues. Other variant options on your product form are differences in color, size, memory space if it’s a technology product, and more.

If you want to increase your eCommerce revenues, do yourself a favor and get set up with Odoo today. It’s well worth the purchase price and you’re likely to notice a significant difference in your revenues after applying these Odoo eCommerce techniques to your site.

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