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How to Prospect Like a Pro – Discovering new leads and where to find them

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 4 mins

Finding new leads isn’t always easy. It takes time and a whole lot of patience! There is a big difference in the words “lead” and “prospect” A lead is a potential customer who has initially shown some sort of interest in your company and/or product. Prospecting is a lot harder because most of these potential customers have no idea who you are! This form of prospecting/cold calling is usually done by outbound sales representatives through the form of a phone call or email mostly to these potential leads. I know it sounds confusing but by the end of this blog, you’ll be a prospecting pro!


How to Prospect Like A Pro

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One of the biggest flaws in companies I see all the time is they don’t have any forms on their website! Each and every company should have room on their website for a contact form.

Book a Demo Form

For example, on our website, we have a “Book a Demo” form so that anyone can book a meeting with us to discuss any future projects. Check it out here. This way you can see who is interested in your services and have all of their information for when you contact them in future.

Compiling your lead information into a database is very important. You will never know when you are going to need someone’s information.

Just because they weren’t interested at the time does not mean they will ever come around. What if your product updates or you add a new service to your company that DOES work for them? Never say never! A great way to do this is using the CRM application on Odoo.

Lead Management Tool

The lead management tool allows you to store the info for each company and/or person that you meet. Think of it as a digital Rolodex, except this “rolodex” can actually organize your sales pipeline, and schedule future follow-ups and meetings.

For example, let’s say you find a potential lead online for someone who needs a website built. You call them and they respond by saying “I’m not ready for it yet, call me back in 2 weeks” Now unless this is your only lead and you’re sitting by the phone waiting for the sale, you are probably busy and might forget to call back.

The scheduling function on Odoo sets reminders so you will never miss out on a lead again.

Learn more about the leads application from Odoo.

The biggest challenges salespeople face is actually finding the people to sell too. In sales you have to get creative when looking for new customers, and the Internet will help you get there.

Whether it is on social networking sites like LinkedIn or Facebook or in person event networking – you need to put yourself out there. Finding people via social media isn’t hard. A great way is to understand your market and find people on LinkedIn with those keywords. Use social media to your advantage!

Lastly, the most important one of them all is maintaining the relationship. Just because you made the sale does not mean the business is over. Once you finish the sale it is important to keep the relationship strong.

Customers no longer base their loyalty on price or product. Instead, they stay loyal with companies due to the experience they receive. If you cannot keep up with their increasing demands, your customers will forget about you. It is never a bad idea to keep in touch with your leads and past customers.

A few things you could do to help the relationship is follow up with them and see how they are liking the product/service, send a thank you card, and offer them discounts in the future for existing clients.

If you’re looking to learn some more tips and tricks check out our website at www.syncoria.com where we provide training videos for all of our services.

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