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How Project Works in Odoo

How project works in Odoo, exactly? Well, we gathered this information for you to read, and grasp.

Failure to plan is planning to fail. The words strongly relate to project managers who face challenges like strict timelines, failing to communicate appropriately, different environments, and reaching goal dynamics.

These costs can also increase how dynamic your organization is or improve its operational transparency. No wonder many businesses realize that it is crucial to adopt an intelligent solution for proper project management. 

That’s where Odoo Project Management comes in. It is a bright solution available to meet the needs related to proper project management and attain excellence in operations. The whole application gives the person the appropriate knowledge and expertise needed to manage the projects and gain accountability to meet all the shareholders’ expectations.

With Odoo Project Management, you will be able to plan and manage proper project management tasks and resources. You can note down goals and different milestones, and write them down against adequate performance. The whole solution will let you create a profitable business revenue report via cost centers related to your projects.

Odoo Project Management can also be used with other Odoo apps like the sales and finance applications. The solution can also be implemented with Microsoft software. You can carry out proper project scheduling that makes everything work properly. 

Administering the Big Project

Ensure There is Visible Resource & Security for All Projects

The whole module of this software will give you all the needed features required to identify, track down, and manage men’s details and the necessary resources to execute the project.

The whole solution gives people features to define different codes for incorporating specialized needs for each user and record things needed for the book to be done based on its execution. The resources are human-made and machine.

You can also define your projects, and these are building blocks for the whole project to see whether there are proper activities related to the entire project. The solution lets you administer users to the project, produce high-security levels, and restrict illegal access.

  • Use methods to carry out projects. Manage the project resources properly.
  • Define and track down all primary resources.  Both people and machines are involved in the whole project.
  • Define rights for workers who have access to the project to make sure there are proper security levels and restrict all illegal access as well.

Planning the Whole Project

Avoid nasty surprises. Plan properly.

How you link resources together with task planning cannot be undermined when you execute specific projects. The whole module of project planning, the Odoo project solution will let you prepare appropriately for your project to justify different tasks of a project in a proper manner of execution.

You can then record down the task nature to be performed, and effort details at the unit of measure. The information of the output quantity and the unit of measurement at a particular work area will be maintained. 

Odoo Project Management solution lets you justify the material and resource needed for the tasks, based on specialized work areas. Different task data consists of work breaking down structures.

Work plans are also broken into various tasks stating the effort involved in each task and where they are appropriately located. You can also take down tasks that need to be outsourced.

For construction tasks, there are also facilities to state what properties are related to matters such as land and details regarding land amalgamation, or work area info, etc.  

Plan ahead of the task and avoid resources from leaking and wasting time.

Effectively justify different tasks of the leading project or sub-task in a proper sequence of executing the tasks.

Easily track down tasks that have to be outsourced through a similar window of the whole module.

Tracking Down Projects

Make sure there is a proper grip on project development.

The whole module of the Odoo solution will make sure it can give you the power to track all different resources and the workers’ performance involved in executing the project compared with other parameters and objectives.

The real solutions provide the option to record different project goals and results and garner expected results and the actual results for proper analysis. Records relating to milestone completion are also tracked down. By properly tracking the project’s progress, you can identify and analyze the problems and risks taken in the project.

There are details on how issues are resolved and how the plan of contingency and mitigation can change and be maintained. The main project and subproject can also be updated when the project is completed for ongoing projects or subprojects if they are short-closed on giving a proper reason.  

  • Write down and track info related to project progress, performance on the resources, milestones obtained effectively.
  • There are estimated results compared against actual results for proper resource performance analysis.
  • Identify and analyze the problems and risks that are in the project and handle the issues proactively.

Project Billing

Projects are termed based on their nature and category, like categories such as Generic and Construction, based on the size, small, medium, or big, and it is also termed as non-billable or billable. With the Odoo software solution, you can meet the cost centers that relate to the project.

Different milestones are adequately defined, and other aspects of the project, like the disbursement info on the project against each additional milestone, can be stated down. Milestones will then be tracked down to different project cost centers, and invoices will be made when reported.

The whole module has the proper framework to calculate the projects’ total expenses and individual costs related to time factors, milestones, or resources. 

  • Define the proper cost centers and billable or non-billable features that relate to the project.
  • Calculate the total project expenses and the different categories of tasks related to each task, the milestone, or the resource costs.

Project Accounting

A proper account was made for every single cent spent.

The whole module of the software lets you estimate the entire cost group to state down codes for tracking down the project’s costs and revenue.

Management as the complete solution gives provision to track down project budgets based on accounts. It also provides a useful option for different approval of different account budgets for various grants.

Project budgets will be categorized based on the code or category and whether the whole fund can be used for the entire store or used only to execute and complete a specific part of the project. The fund currency is also different from the currency of the project.

  • Define the budget for the projects.
  • Some reasonable costs and revenues have to be recorded based on the different project estimated budgets.
  • Record revenues received during a project, whether the funds can be obtained for the whole project or the entire project.
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The profitability of the project

Know if the project gains revenue or the revenue goes down.

The full project management software also gives the option to analyze whether the whole project is profitable. Other smaller projects, by maximizing the cost centers to get the maximum profits in the entire module.

You also have to know that there are the different tasks, resources, and overall performance of the whole project to compare the real and planned costs, the estimated and total revenue, and the real profits against the estimated profits to analyze the percentage of the profits.

  • Create a performance report card in the project to meet the projects’ or the sub-projects’ profitability, or based on the profitability based on their category of the task and resource. 
  • Measure how profitable they are, based on the actual and planned costs, substantial revenue with an estimated payment, and the real profit against the estimated yield.

The “Projects” module is also another one of the best modules of the Odoo for most of the clients. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of the business’s scope and the number of workers or the country.

Why is it crucial to use the Odoo Project?

  • Do you want to assign tasks to the subordinates?
  • Do you have an assigned workflow for the projects?
  • Do you want to figure out if the subordinate finished all the projects?
  • Do you want to figure out which phase the task is currently in?
  • How much time did the person expend on the whole task?
  • Are you stating what the team members are for the task?

If the answer you opt for is ‘yes’ at least one time, you should use the Odoo Projects. These projects are connected to different modules, and other functions are adequately accounted for in different modules.  

At the initial view that you view, the whole module is the main screen. Here you consider all your projects or projects that you currently take part as a project member as a project follower. In the full introduction, you can view the project name and the customer name. You will then consider the number of projects that you have made or have to finish off.

Creating the Project

You can do the whole project along with the Create button. You get to name each project, pick the right project manager, and add the primary client, but it isn’t necessary.

Pick the visibility for other system users, and you will be given a timesheet recording. As a bonus, you can use the quick click buttons where you get to add documents, timesheets, or the whole task list. In the project setting, you can make an email alias, which will be a channel for producing tasks.

If someone puts an email into the alias system, Odoo will create a task with the email content. Attention – the Odoo has to be connected to your business email to carry out this feature.

I do not need to mention the unique features like different colors or stars. If you want proper orientation in projects, you can use various filters or groups based on different criteria. Other used filters or group pages can be saved into your favorite section or the default section. The default section has to be used by your or different system users.

How it looks: 

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Adding Tasks

The first mission has already been completed. Now, you can assign tasks and view the jobs when they are finished. A new task will be given to another user of the CRM project, and you get to get the task deadline and add in notes into it. Odoo will then fill in the project, and there will be an order to which the project will be linked. If you currently have a project that has a link to the order, you will not be able to see this field. 

The whole level is creating sub-categories of other tasks. You can make these tasks on the tiles. The functions and smaller jobs are then visible with the view of the project.

You can differentiate the whole task based on the color. In the title of the ask, you can view the user’s profile photo to see who the assignment is assigned to. The stopwatch icon will show if there is any activity planned on the project.

The whole stopwatch has three different variants of color – the green will state the future, and the orange is the activities planned for today, and the red is the color for tasks that have surpassed the deadline. It is a simple overview.

The assignment’s final deadline is also visible in the whole tile; if you did not finish the entire task on time, the entire task turned red. If you create a deadline for the job, it appears on your calendar. Therefore, you can view the entire tasklist from Kanban mode and the calendar mode.

The other features are the dots in the software. Green means the task is ready to be added into the next phase. A red dot indicates the worker is stuck and needs help with the work assigned to him.

Do you want to follow up on the duration of the individual task? All you have to attempt is to make a proper time estimate; workers will fill up the timesheet and record their work. The recorded time is then cut off from the original estimated period, and there is task progress. The time remaining is then stated down on the task tile.

The whole change history is also visible under the assignments given. Other workers of the project can be sent messages or given extra notes.

Just like assignments, even by each task, you can easily combine different filters or categories. To a worker or a member on other projects, it makes work more straightforward. The combination of task categories given to the person and types based on the project will get a good work overview.

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Different Activities Given to The Worker

On each assignment, you can take down each activity record. These activities are linked to each task after it is finished. It may be a phone call or email.

The administrator also can influence the different dial type of each activity. You then get to plan your activities with there are many stopwatch icons stated on the task tile. When using the dial, you pick the task that you want and design a reasonable date and time. You can also give it to another worker.

Data about the planned activity can be observed via the stopwatch and the color. There is also tab activity on the left section of the module. The left menu stated above is a more straightforward method to view the given activities. In a proper tabular form, you can view all your activities with the probability of clicking the task or the project.

Different Project Workflow

Each assignment has a unique workflow. There are no similar projects. Therefore, Odoo will allow the possibility.

What is the workflow related to? There are many phases that each assignment has to go through before it can be signed by the business owner as completed. There is an infinite number of stages, but make sure to bear a sound mind in it. You have to take your number of workers into account, work on your side, and fill up all your specified assignments.

Sending the tasks to the next phase is also accomplished by moving the assignment tile to the next level. The only thing you have to do is to click it and send the task to the next phase.

Are You Selling Services?

If your company is engaged in selling or marketing services, Odoo Project Management remains a fabulous solution for you.

Each Odoo product has three different possibilities – one of the options is called SERVICE. If you attempt to use the product when you offer it to the client and the client accepts it, then Odoo will automatically make an order to different orders.

There is a relevant project. The whole project is linked to the order given and the client. You can also create other tasks or subtasks, and fill in other timesheets and track down the number of work states in the proper order.

For easy access, the project name is the same as the order, and there is a link to the project. The other settings are that you can influence the billings based on the work or the order. It is up to you.


Analysis of Tasks

The whole function is located in the left section of the CRM module, where you can view the overview of the graphical or tabular project analysis. In the entire diagram, you can view several displays.

The most frequent task analysis is the bar chart. The whole combination with a particular attribute choice might want to track down, like the entire project duration, where you see each worker’s division.

Other possibilities are the charts. From different features, the work hours, you are remaining time until the work deadline, etc. In the last part, Odoo Project will filter out the work and groupings as well. If you combine different possibilities, specified quantities, and other categories, your task analysis has many different options. 

We hope this information could answer your question on how project works in Odoo. If you need help managing current projects, contact us today.

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