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Document Management Strategy Using Odoo

There are no two ways about it – every business revolves around data.

Regardless of whether you’re a mom-and-pop operation, or a giant like Amazon, and whether you like it or not, information is the key to being connected and well on the way to achieving your goals.

Information is what drives competition in the industry, and businesses that try to leverage the power of data without the appropriate tools or capability to formulate it into relevant, and actionable information will find themselves lagging against your competitors that do have them.

The right Document Management System (DMS) software can help you with that – because it can help organize your data to smoothly adapt to every requirement set forth by government regulations so you can focus your energy on what matters. 

Odoo’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a simple means to achieve this outcome. And, with its Odoo Document Management System, small to medium sized businesses can be equipped with the appropriate solution so that they can share, send, store, save, manage, and monitor their electronic documents.

There’s a LOT of value to be had with implementing a DMS – just so long as you know what features your organization actually needs. And there’s a lot of reasons for investing in one to benefit your organization, regardless of its size.

Here are just 5 reasons why you should tighten up your documentation processes with a Document Management System.

document management

1. Centralization of all documents

For many decades, companies have instituted filing their important documents into filing cabinets and leaving them in basements as common document management practices. However, as we all know by now, this costs organizations money. Companies spend money trying to go after missing documents – money that otherwise would be spent after productive activities. 

After all, documents in cabinets are easy to lose and disposed of, and hard to sort through. There are just so many security flaws that abound. While digital options such cloud storage like Dropbox and iCloud and their ilk may act as workarounds, they don’t offer a centralized, secure solution that protects their most important information assets.

Odoo Documents make this possible. Odoo Documents allows you to store your business-critical documents in a secure and centralized solution. Your sensitive customer information, business plans, or otherwise important documents can all reside in a virtual deposit box that is ready to be at your access whenever you need something.

2. Manage permissions to important documents

It goes without saying that there are certain files and information that you would not want available to all employees. Odoo Documents can manage permissions to documents so that access is granted only to those who need to know the data. This way, the likelihood of any data breach is reduced.

Users can be assigned to a job or a function-specific permission ensuring they have access only to the information that is directly related to his or her work.  Documents can be formatted and watermarked with a signature to discourage unauthorized use and distribution.

3. Online document and signature access

The ongoing digital revolution is enabling people to work remotely from any location and any corner of the world. This was all the more made clear given the recent pandemic situation involving COVID-19 – organizations are equipping themselves with the infrastructure to support flexible work arrangements.

Odoo Documents supports this by storing all your files in a centralized online repository so that access is guaranteed with the ability to sign documents electronically – dramatically reducing the time it takes to have done the process entirely offline. 

4. Red tape reduced throughout the organization

Inefficient business processes impact the bottom line in lost revenue. Without a proven method to track the progress of your operational workflows, documents that need signatures might languish on top of desks for days, instead of being given the oversight they require. Sometimes it might last months before anyone realizes something is amiss.

Odoo Documents simplifies approvals for the most important documents. Senior management can thus have access to important proposals or investigations where they need signoff, and need it right there.

5. Top-notch security and privacy

Each and every business has documents that are not to be seen or handled by anyone else. These can be financial projections, business plans, trade secrets, and other sensitive data that need to stay out of the wrong hands. Companies need to secure the confidentiality of such documents while guaranteeing that they can be accessed at any time. 

Odoo Documents has built-in security measures that will help protect your most important information assets with the best of the options available – such as encryption, two-factor authentication, tracking and logging capabilities, and a whole lot more. This ensures that your data management is compliant with all applicable regulations within your industry.

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