Prepare Your Business For Online Ordering

A business needs to have links with the customer. Most of the business and transactions have moved to the virtual world, thanks to the Pandemic. Each business has tried to provide customers with the ease of getting the product delivered to their doorstep without having to leave their homes.

Online orders and payments were made through systems like Clover and Moneris, which are integrated into platforms like Odoo. The system takes the payments but also gathers information from the client, like the product the client purchased, which later helps make business decisions. 

The online world opened gateways for multiple prospects, including online deliveries, ordering, payments, etc. The most common type of online ordering has been food and groceries. 

What is Online Ordering or Online Purchase?

Online ordering uses a device connected to a web browser and internet access to place orders for things you want. These can be food items, groceries, clothes, shoes, furniture, and even air tickets, etc. 

Most of us have been making online purchases day in and day out, especially from the sale offers or seasonal priced products, to avail the exclusive discount we could from the comfort of our home, just by swinging in our office chair or wherever we may be. 

The process of online ordering or online purchase is very simple:

  • Download the app or go to the desired website
  • Browse for the product you are looking
  • Choose the product
  • Add to the cart. The online order systems also recommend and suggest you buy other related articles and products at this point; this is a great marketing tactic and business strategy. 
  • Then proceed to payment; you can get products delivered and pay at delivery. Systems like Clover and Moneris are used for transactions based on card payments for faster transactions and gathering other important information about the customer. This information comes in handy later in business decisions like production, stocking inventory, etc. 
  • Enter the address, contact information, and other required details to fulfill the order.
  • Receive the order.

How to Prepare your Business for Online Orders?

Businesses have seen a huge shift in consumers’ shopping patterns. Most shifted from brick and mortar stores to have a virtual presence available for the clients around the clock. The online presence also means having an up and running system for customers to order through.

Many industries, such as the food industry, have been at their peak since the Pandemic, thanks to online ordering. The system needs to be set up and run 24/7. These services are often outsourced to third parties for professional and accurate implementation of the system. 

  • Make a webpage or an app from where your customers can place the order
  • Keep the website or the application up to date with the products in stock or the out-of-stock inventory
  • Label the prices correctly
  • The website or the app should be catchy to keep the customers engaged and scrolling through the web page.
  • Promotions, if any or any new deal or newly launched products, should be mentioned up and bright at the start of the web page or top of the application
  • Have a cart system where all the products that the customer wants to purchase are added for them to see
  • The online ordering system also suggests the products that should be bought and the products in the shopping cart. This feature tells the customers more about your products, gives them food for thought and persuades them to buy more of your products or avail of more of your deals.
  • Details of the customers. When the customer decides to go through with the purchase, the last step is to ask for their information. The details usually required are; shipping address, contact information, mode of payment, email, etc. 
  • Send them emails regarding the progress of their orders.

Order Management

Once the orders have been received, it is the responsibility of the business to have order management for seamless business. Uninterrupted management platforms like Odoo is the best friend of the business. These platforms have all the information regarding each department, including the inventory and availability of the products. 

Orders are managed and delivered successfully while taking into account several crucial factors.

  • Inventory: The stock that is demanded must be available in stock.
  • Delivery partners: The business needs a delivery partner or a rider (in the case of a small business) to deliver the product.
  • Payment system: The orders must be fulfilled, and payment must be received. The transaction must be fast and problem-free. Systems like Clover or Moneris are the best bet. The transactions will come through in the blink of an eye.
  • Customer care: When the order is received, the customer expects to stay in the loop. They should receive an email or a message when the order is expected to be delivered or when the order is on its way. The customer also expects after-sales service in case a problem arises. 
  • Repetition and customer engagement: To have repeat sales, the customer must know about the person. The person needs frequent reminders of the business’s existence. It can be through mail or a message with a certain deal. There are many innovative marketing tactics to keep the customer personally linked to the business; this also entails a sense of ownership. 
  • Customer feedback: The customer wants to feel important. It is normal to get feedback for the products delivered and how the customer found the whole experience. 


Online ordering and online purchase is a convenience for customers. The business that delivers this facility to the best of its capability wins the heart repeatedly. 

All the systems and platforms combine to provide uninterrupted service to the customers, and this is a true management game! 

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