Overcoming Management Challenges within Telecom Industries

The Telecom industry is playing a pivotal role in the world’s economic growth, leading to financial strength with agility. Since the telecom industry is proving to be the foundation of communication, rapid online business presence, digital transformation, and social influence, the telecom industry management parallelly faces severe challenges.

The management in the telecom industry faces challenges especially in modern society due to modern continuously evolving technologies that are fueling these challenges. Some of these challenges stem from and include the evolution in the telecom industry with 4G LTE and 5G providing blazing-fast internet speeds for communication, innovation and widespread industrial, commercial, and civil IoT, and data-powered government services. Due to these technologies coming up fast and spreading wildly, the management in the telecom industry faces the following prominent challenges:

IoT and Data Problems

IoT has the potential to completely change and revolutionize how various businesses, common day-day tasks, and industrial automation are implemented. The latest revolution in fast internet provision has fueled the exploding data production at extremely high speed. As reported by DataProt, IoT devices are expected to produce approximately 73.1 zettabytes of data by 2025.

This huge amount of data production causes a substantial data management problem for the leaders in the telecom industry. The relevant and appropriate methods for the IoT data collection, security, storage, analysis, production, and availability of this data to the relevant and necessary parties is a major financial and logistic headache for the telecom industry leaders.

Odoo ERP effectively solves the problems related to the IoT integration and handling of the data produced subsequently. The Odoo ERP offers a well-integrated IoT box that can find a place in various sensors attached to the tools, machines, and surveillance.

Following the data access, the Odoo ERP system provides all the collected data at a central place. This data then can be disbursed over various departments based on the relevant category such as the data from manufacturing or shipping data. Similarly, this data then can also be used to produce relevant reports for various departments of the company such as the manufacturing, shipping, inventory, and maintenance department.


The Telecom industry requires efficient and strong control over a large number of resources to ready it for profit. The assets are often located in a remote location and their centralized control becomes an extremely difficult challenge for Management over time as the company grows.

Take an example of a typical telecom company that provides internet services in a country (ISP). The company must handle various tiers of employees (HR), movable equipment (backup power, specialized vehicles, mobile telecom equipment, etc.), fixed telecom and power equipment (towers, distribution boxes), customer assets (routers, cables, access panels etc.) rental properties, customer affairs, finances, and government affairs to name a few. The central control of these widely spread assets has extreme value and the Management in telecom companies often struggles to juggle all of them at once.

The Odoo ERP presents a novel solution to this problem. It has inventory management, rental management, asset tracking and geo-fencing options. The IoT boxes present a unique opportunity to extend the circle of centralization to wider areas.

The wide coverage by the Odoo ERP for office affairs enables the corporate user to take full advantage of its capabilities. Finances, and government affairs such as taxes, and various levies can be populated from within the Odoo ERP. Weekly, monthly, and yearly profits, revenue, losses, cash flow and other financial reports can be generated with a few clicks within one software. Odoo ERP provides a complete solution to handle a wide range of challenges concerning assets control, management, tracking and optimization.

Customer Service with Emotions

Customer service is always at the forefront of any telecom company. There are a large number of hoops needed to be jumped to retain a satisfied client and maintain good services in the telecom industry. Initiating, retaining, and maintaining good customer service, is a primary focus of the Management in the telecom industry. To provide a good customer experience, the employees and customer service rep must have access to a range of services within a telecom company.

This is only possible if the system is fully centralized and various access management protocols are efficiently and effectively provided. Other than that, the central live chat system to connect employees, internal system access, and customers all at once is also extremely important.

Odoo ERP provides centralized customer service functionalities with ease and comfort. For in and out of the system queries and complaints resolution, officially developed and provided modules Discuss and Live Chat is fully integrated with the whole ERP system. Through these module customer service with real people and emotions can be provided as opposed to the automated chatbots that fall short of providing real assistance to the customers.

Incident Handling

Incident handling in the telecom industry is a delicate yet major challenge for Management. Incident handling in many other industries allows for the alternate production line, or even halting the production line and work altogether. But not in the telecom industry. In the telecom industry, things must keep moving since millions of dollars are directly impacted by a single pause or suspension in telecom operation, and a million more businesses are indirectly impacted to come to a complete jam. 

Odoo ERP can become an angel’s hand in such a situation. Due to the centralized, and well-integrated nature of the Odoo ERP, incident handling becomes extremely fluid, convenient, and a matter of just another incident. This is because all the relevant services, departments, and personnel are glued together by the Odoo ERP system and various resolutions can be escalated without even leaving the central system.  This escalation could convert the disaster resolved effectively in time. The telecom industry’s management will find the Odoo ERP, a system they were looking for – A complete solution to telecom challenges.


The Telecom industry has a wider footprint, effect on society, and extensive effects on the other industries compared to many other sectors. Due to its wider footprint and decentralized nature, the management of the telecom industry feels severe challenges continuously thrown at them. Addressing these issues is of utmost importance since the telecom sector has emerged as another crucial pillar of the country on which most industries rely directly or indirectly. However, Odoo ERP has a significantly extensive toolset that can help resolve and address these issues that telecom Management faces.

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