Magneto Alternative – Why Odoo Theme is The Better Option In 2023

Are you considering Odoo as Magneto alternative? Here are some of the reasons why you should.

Magento and Odoo ERP are competitive platforms used by eCommerce geeks. They both are sophisticated platforms with their own set of pros and cons.  The key difference off the top of the shelf is that Magento is primarily an eCommerce platform whereas Odoo is primarily an ERP platform. Other than these differences, both platforms offer serious features for their customers. Both platforms offer the B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) business models effectively.

The platforms are highly scalable and provide cloud functionality separately. At the same time, both platforms are primarily open sourced with community and pro editions offered separately. The Magento platform offer functionalities of ERP such as CMS, CRM, and ERP, whereas the Odoo provides cross-functionalities of eCommerce such as POS, Inventory, and other addons such as WooCommerce and shipping connectors.

Magneto Alternative – Odoo

magneto alternative

There are however some issues in Magento themes which are not found or solved by the Odoo themes, and you would want to use Odoo themes instead of Magento themes due to those issues. We describe those issues below, along with their relevant solution provided by Odoo ERP.

Issues Found in Magento and their Odoo Solution

A website theme includes the color, icons, responsiveness, and the complete outlook and front end of any website. Themes are the look, feel, and skin of any website. They are the brand and identity of any business, website, and eCommerce store. It is of the utmost importance that eCommerce stores take care of their brand identity. Themes quickly become the asset of the business and online store. Themes also enable the exceptional capabilities of linking the backend and structure of the website with the front end and consequently deliver the high-quality website that the customer would love to use.

The Magento and Odoo ERP both have free and premium themes available to their users. The themes are available for both Community Editions and Enterprise cloud versions. However, it is observed often that the Magento themes have many issues compared to the Odoo ERP. In the following line, we discuss a few such issues.

Themes Complexity

The Magento store has themes with a greater number of steps involved in installing the theme for any of its linked websites. The involved steps create hurdles for the users to install the themes in a shorter amount of time. This complexity is further levelled up when the eCommerce store developer needs to link multiple stores using the same theme.

On the other hand, the Odoo ERP have a simpler, and better mechanism for installing themes for its users. The themes made available on the Odoo ERP app store present a smaller number of steps involved to install the theme. Due to this simplicity, Odoo themes have better usability compared to the Magento themes.

Themes Functionality

Themes are organized and characterized by their functionalities provision. The Magento themes have very limited functionality available due to segregated and specific use cases of these themes as part of the eCommerce store-oriented business model. These Magento themes provide inadequate functionality compared to Odoo themes. Since Odoo ERP has a wider coverage of several functionalities such as IoT, CMS, CRM, ERP, and POS, to name a few, the Odoo themes also include wider functionality to handle a wider range of functions accordingly.

Themes Variety

The range of themes in terms of functionality, options, and operation is quite important for any web builder or web platform. Magento has a limited range of themes available to its customers that can be chosen. Whereas the number of themes that Odoo ERP provides is truly endless. This is because the number of primary Odoo themes itself has a wide range than Magento.

Apart from the themes provided by Odoo itself, the Odoo app store is open for developers who present their developed themes for sale. So that includes another huge set of Odoo themes available to its customers. Lastly, Since Odoo has extensive partners around the world, every theme practically has unlimited customization options available; choosing the right theme is extremely flexible for your business.

Themes Flexibility and Customization

The Magento themes are specifically designed by keeping eCommerce in mind, particularly to cater for the eCommerce website requirements. Due to the narrow scope of Magento themes, the available flexibility and customization is extremely limited and often overlooks the necessary functionality needed to handle the wider scope of business in eCommerce store such as the automatic inventory and IoT available in Odoo themes.

Since Odoo is primarily ERP-oriented, it includes many features that complement the eCommerce business website such as inventory, POS, IoT, shipping, reports, and many more similar modules. These modules are well accommodated in almost all of the website themes that the Odoo ERP provides to its customers on the Odoo app store. Other than that, the Odoo themes are also made available via the developers of the Odoo app store, hence opening up another faucet of creativity, flexibility, and customization to its users. Due to these factors, the Odoo themes present better options to customers than the Magento themes which significantly lack many of the features available inherently in Odoo themes.  


Magento is an eCommerce platform that can be used to build an eCommerce store. The Odoo ERP platform has, however, wider scope that can be used for numerous business needs. Comparing both Odoo ERP’s themes with Magneto’s themes, it is evident that the Odoo themes are simpler to install and implement and provide extensive functionalities. Similarly, Odoo also provides wider theme varieties so that web developers can choose a unique theme that also suits their business needs. Lastly, Odoo provides its flagship customization options that can be easily used for a wider range of functionalities while using the same themes. Practically, these benefits clear make the Odoo themes win over the hearts of even the Magento themes.

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