3 Factors To Solving Issues on Employee Engagement Right Now

Businesses have long realized through various research surveys that a happy employee is a crucial factor in progressing companies and a loyal customer base. Irrespective of business presentation, and customer fidelity, the delivery of products in the right way, is always in the hands of an energetic, happy, and fully engaged employee.

Employee engagement is defined through various factors but common among those is the level of energy, belief in company policies and direction, and lastly the passion to learn more about the product and company to deliver the best possible experience to the customers.

Various factors exist within organizations that may negatively impact the level of engagement in employees. In this article, we elaborate on some of the factors that may cause the decline in employee engagement directly or indirectly leading to a disengaged and gruntled employee.

Employee Engagement, Focus and Direction

Organizational systems are usually messy and all over the place when it comes to operational management. The employees have to juggle between the customers, peers, and higher management simultaneously. Such disorganization may quickly create disengagement and unfocused operations leading to financial losses and employee burnout.

From finance to HR, supplier handling to customer support, and marketing to efficient report generation, everything is done under one roof

The vision and mission of the company are born in the company’s leadership mind. Nobody else in the company exactly knows where the company stands in that vision, and where it should be. At the same time, many managers believe in keeping the employees in the loop on a need-to-know basis. This policy often creates a lack of direction stemming from the leadership, which heavily disengages the employee from the company’s vision, and direction.

Odoo helps repair, regenerate, and flourish the Focus and Direction fueling the engagement effectively in the employees. To make sure that the employees are completely focused on their work, Odoo offers fully integrated ERP modules under one complete package of software. Live chat and real-time communication are enabled by default so that the employees don’t have to use multiple software for these tasks that can disengage and ruin the focus for everyone. Similarly, having all the modules accessible and operational within the same software, quick and effective operations become a norm of daily business activities.

Many modules in Odoo help leadership project their vision and direction to the senior management as well as to the employees directly. Consider the Events, Appraisals, and Planning modules in Odoo. These modules elaborate the company’s direction, and leadership’s vision of what is important for the company, what is appreciated, and what the company thinks a good employee looks like. Overall, Odoo significantly improves employee focus and direction leading to immediate and continuous improvement in employee engagement.

Information and Communication

Proper information provision and active communication are among the most crucial parts of the organizational culture and ‘ethos’ so to speak. Ethos runs in the veins of every company whether consciously nourished or not.

Thriving and progressing companies always ensure up-to-date information provision, policy guidelines, products, cultural direction, and company services updates to its management as well as employees alike. Similarly, it is of utmost importance for employee engagement purposes to remain updated. Many companies set up public blogs, or internal communication channels to provide these updates. Although these internal blogs or communication channels can convey information, the communication is not done effectively since there is often no two-way communication with leadership.

Odoo ERP effectively resolves the information and communication challenges in employees to rebuild passion and engagement within the organization. Odoo offers multiple ways of establishing the communication channel and bringing information provided within the organization. The Discuss module enables effective communication across Odoo ERP. The module offers seamless and complete integration with all modules within the Odoo ERP echo system. With Odoo’s discussion, engaging conversations can be carried out with colleagues and higher-ups without needing to leave the ERP software. The private channels and closed groups enable the employees to carry the conversations that are not of general interest within the organization. 

Odoo also offers Reporting modules that enable a quick way to provide various up-to-date information about the company to the employees. Effective use of these two modules offered by Odoo can significantly boost the engagement of employees in the organization. Employees who are timely provided needed information and are communicated the expectations always perform better than the ones who are not. 

Support and Encouragement

Support and Encouragement are the two most important factors why employees perform exceptionally well within an organization. For every project, the beginning is always through proper support. Usually, red tape and bureaucratic processes create the most distress and disengagement among employees during any project within the organization.

Odoo has a great set of tools that help remedy these issues. For proper support and rectifying the red tape and bureaucratic processes. These tools include the Project (planning, timelining, analyzing, and forecasting the projects) visible to your superiors for appropriate approvals via the Approval module, and the Sign module allows for the automated and agile signing of necessary documents increasing the effective support for projects encouraging the employees to take the agility to a next level.

The Appraisals module finally enables managers and superiors to financially encourage the employees for their hard work. Through these modules, the employees are effectively brought into the circle of highly motivated, engaged, and productive employees f the company.


Employees are the primary factor that makes or breaks businesses. Especially for startups, the employees are fuel and lifeline that improve and expand the businesses. Therefore, to make sure that employees work well within the organization, employee engagement is taken as a serious matter.

Employee engagement is and should be a centre of focus to improve culture, efficiency, and elevated work ethics within any organization. That is why Odoo ERP includes all the major tools and features needed to boost employee engagement. With Odoo ERP, organizations can take measurable, and effective steps to instill the catalytic factors in employees to improve engagement among employees yielding overall business smoothness, and faster progress.

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