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5 Powerful Benefits of Using Odoo Theme

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 6 mins

What are the benefits of using Odoo Theme? To run a successful business, you must manage in-house activities effectively. For this purpose, software like Odoo helps you manage all aspects of your business be it an enterprise or a startup. Other than smoothing out wrinkles in in-house activities, you also must make sure that your website that is handling the potential customers is in its best shape.

In a traditional and rather interlinked mashup of things, companies go around shopping for ERP software, and web development as a separate project working independently and even often having scenarios where they don’t patch up at all. Such scenarios may put enormous management and financial stress on an otherwise smoothly running business.

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A successful e-commerce website consists of many major elements such as backend, front-end, and everything in between. While you can optimize your backend all you like, and put out discounts and offers to your customers, you’ll be surprised to know that most of the time a bounced visitor (a visitor who closed the website shortly after visiting it without any significant activity), left directly or indirectly due to the theme of the website.

Themes are the aspects of any website that define the website culture via color palette, button styles, website elements, animations, and transitions. Considering how various businesses are integrating the e-commerce model with the physical one, and how some businesses are online-only, the theme of the website has taken a central place in determining the number of visitors converted to the number of customers on any e-commerce website.

Benefits of using Odoo themes

While you can always purchase a premium theme from tens of popular platforms, the Odoo themes pack 5 specialties that you would probably not find in themes offered by different stores. These are some of the top reasons why many customers choose Odoo themes over traditional themes:

1. Modularity:

Odoo themes offer elements in modular form. Modularity is giving the developer the option to choose which ‘modules’ he would like to have on his website, and on which locations. With the modularity feature, the developer does not have to rely on fixed locations, and uncanny modules pre-selected for him. Odoo themes offer great modularity by providing drag and drop capability to add or remove the modules from your website in a matter of seconds.

The modularity of Odoo themes excels because they offer freedom, flexibility, and adaptability in the real sense. Compared to traditional website builders such as WordPress, with Odoo themes you can just knock the bloatware out of your designed website. Say no to what you don’t like and welcome aboard branded customized content.

2. Integrations:

Themes don’t always have all the elements that you want. Especially when you’re looking for themes in the e-commerce category, many plug-ins become the defacto need of the hour. Odoo themes come as saviors in this scenario as they have many built-in integrations of popular e-commerce and needed plug-ins. Many of the themes will have Shopify and Magento built into them. Others have options to integrate them easily without much hustle.

Integrations also become essential as your business grows, and at such a time, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a website builder that creates friction in new integrations. Additionally, the website loading and response time is significantly impacted by the number of malfunctioned or dead plug-ins. With Odoo themes, you can rest assured that the plug-ins are being assessed by hundreds of developers – as Odoo is open source around the world for integrity to make sure they work every time.

3. Customizability:

Odoo themes come with great flexibility in terms of customizations that can be implemented after or during installation. If you’re an experienced developer you can edit the HTML of the page, and in case it does not work for your case, you can always create a custom theme from a theme template or customize the theme in the custom addons folder. An even better yet option is to create a module that you create. There are a lot of options to customize your Odoo theme if you’d like to do so. Customization is one of the great ways that Odoo proves to be the right choice for your all under one roof solution.

4. Response Time:

Nobody likes to wait to begin their shopping spree or surfing while the website takes moments to load. That happens an awful lot of times on the internet just because the developer chooses the theme that was developed too inconsistently, or without keeping the response time in mind. That business suffering because the website loading takes time, does not have to be you.

Since Odoo themes are extremely customizable, you don’t have to rely on additional add-ons to make your website responsive. Most of the Odoo themes are already optimized for speed. However, if you still need to make it faster, you always have the option to remove or edit the lazy part of the website. You shouldn’t be bound by theme builder to stick to what is provided to you.

5. Consistent Branding:

Branding is an essential part of any business especially if you’re running it in an e-commerce or hybrid model. It changes the perspective of the visitor of you from noob to professional if your website theme and your business branding match up. Consistent branding brings authentication to your business.

Consider this for example: if the Coca-Cola website has a blue dominant color, would you even trust this website being genuine? While you can choose various color palettes for your website manually, Odoo themes offer you to upload your company logo and it’ll extract the palette automatically for you. How cool is that! Similarly, with the Odoo ecosystem, you can make sure that the company branding stays the same for employees (working on Odoo ERP, CRM, HR, etc.) as well as the customer. This simple match-up will make sure that your company brand is etched in the minds of people, and they keep coming back.

Odoo themes are becoming the new standard of freedom, flexibility, and adaptability in building elegant, consistent, and responsive websites for businesses small and big alike. With the open-source policy backing it up, Odoo ERP is already the leading software for companies who wish to manage their in-house activities within the same software. By using Odoo themes, you’ll be making sure that the front end of your website is also consistent, fast, and nicely integrated with your backend for lag-less operations, and up-time that is unmatched.

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