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Benefits of Shopify Integration with Odoo

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 6 mins

Benefits of Shopify Integration with Odoo. Ecommerce is increasingly becoming the default choice of customers who are either window shopping or buying products from e-commerce or brick and mortar stores around the world. According to one estimate, e-commerce will be accounting for almost 22% of the total retail revenue in the U.S by 2025 [1].

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This is a significant increase in the number of people opting to make purchases online. Knowing such estimates compels companies to bring their products, and services to virtual markets to be able to serve a large portion of customers who prefer to buy online. This also helps improve the competition among the unique and big businesses across the world village.

Benefits of shopify integration with Odoo

Interestingly, the fundamental concepts of doing business do not change whether it is a brick-and-mortar store or an online e-commerce store. In a similar sense to running a physical store, an online store must have a grip on supply chain, HR, inventory, sales, marketing, and customer support as part of their front and backend. For a website that works great, a great backend is as much important as the front end.

In such a scenario, Odoo ERP is one of the top open-source solutions that lend a hand in managing a range of functions under the same roof. Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that offers virtual commercial land to set up and operate an ever-thriving business. It has a huge range of managed operations, as well as payment support for tens of payment processing companies. The payment processing facility is among the crown jewel of Shopify. Shopify encourages the utilization of diverse social, and e-commerce web presence to increase sales via their platform.

A great engine deserves a great body, dashboard, and interior. That is what linking Shopify with Odoo does. With Shopify, you can set up a great e-commerce store, and with Odoo you can handle the internal operations of your store such as HR, inventory, supply chain, and generate a huge number of essential reports based on the imported data from Shopify integration with Odoo.

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There is a large number of bridges (known as a connector) are available for Shopify integration with Odoo. An Odoo-Shopify connector can be used to integrate both the Odoo and Shopify. The amazing thing about this connector (one such example is found here: Odoo Shopify) is that it allows both ways of communication, allowing the next level of automation for online business management. The prominent features that this connector offers include but are not limited to multiple stores management, management of returns & refunds, and stock management.

Using such a connector can help capture the details, or differential changes that happen from time to time, in real-time and update them across the whole suite of tools inside Odoo ERP, or on the other side in the Shopify account. The synchronization is seamless, effective, and bi-directional so you don’t have to update each little detail in both platforms separately.

Using Shopify integration with Odoo allows for properly handling backend and front end via Odoo (for inventory, orders, and other management) and Shopify (for e-commerce store, products listing, pricing, and other product-related details along with payments, and checkout pages.

The connection between Odoo and Shopify is often an on-click operation, and the setup can smoothly be operated to begin the automation in a true sense.

Using Odoo ERP at the backend for Shopify, the duplication issue can be effectively uprooted. The simplified, time-saving, and efficient workflow makes sure the business managers and owners are truly focusing on the business policies rather than trying to figure out the duplicate items, and inventory management, manually. Just like with many elements in the Odoo ecosystem, the integration is highly customizable and fits nicely with the concerned business flow and needed processes in automation or manual mode.

The integration between Odoo and Shopify helps expand and scale up the business without worrying about the needed resources, and exponentially growing costs for each time a scale-up/down is needed. The Odoo ERP helps the widening of the business a hassle-free activity.

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The integration allows for fast import and export options for bi-directional data equalization. IN the export section, the Odoo ERP can help update the description, images, prices, and other details of the products to Shopify store or multiple stores. Similarly, order statuses, refunds, and payouts can also be exported to Odoo for further actions. These operations are fast, lag-free, and without a doubt the best way to manage the orders coming from single or multiple Shopify stores.

On the other hand, in the export section, customer details obtained via check out page, pending and unfulfilled orders coming from multiple stores can be imported into Odoo ERP for further data action.

With the popularity of Business Intelligence and Machine Learning for businesses, a huge forecast model can be implemented for which the Odoo ERP can be a primary data source since it offers data collection from Shopify store.

Shopify is a great platform for e-commerce stores, and products. However, the business intelligence via Odoo’s report generation is what the coupling of these two is all about. AS you begin to accumulate a large number of customers in your Shopify shop, the management and data extraction for actionable intelligence becomes difficult over time. Similarly, as the store grows with the addition of new products, and additional customers, mere basic operations start to become time-consuming due to extensive loads to the store. In such a scenario, Odoo ERP can be a savior for not only your business but also for your valuable customers who may begin to face a lag in the order placements process.

The amazing centralization that the integration of Odoo and Shopify brings to the table, is unmatched. The 360-degree overview of the e-commerce shop from Shopify integration will help you manage and take informed actions about products, prices, maintaining supply chain and inventory, and last but not the least generating these details at the whims of a click are all the reasons why you should try the Odoo integration with Shopify.

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