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Approval Management with Odoo

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 5 mins

Approval management refers to the steps that are performed to get approval for work from different levels of an organization. The word ‘work’ here can be invoices, purchase orders, funds approval, and much more.

The steps that are followed for approval management are the same in almost every organization. Approval management used to be a manual procedure in the old days that cost a lot of time in performing certain operations in the process of approval management such as time is taken in various reports submission, processing time, and then coming out of approval or refusal itself would consume a lot of time. Different factors affect the process of approvals. Some of them are discussed below:

Issues with approval management

In the following body of the text, we’ll discuss the problem and solutions that are encountered during the approval management process.


The fundamental complication faced during approval management is that it is an incredibly time-consuming process, as it takes longer in certain processes such as submission, and processing. If the request is refused, then it brings the employees in a state of dismay.

The huge chunk of time that was eaten up on requests not getting approved could be used for their primary duty to benefit the organization. Sometimes urgent matters that need immediate response happen to take place in an organization and therefore approval management would usually cost a lot of time, so these urgent matters linger on and sometimes they cause harm to the organization.

Odoo has replaced the traditional application management system by digitizing the whole procedure which ranges from request submission to receiving, reviewing and decisions on the requests all at the same time while placing the request transparently so that the employee can have a look through the whole process. Similarly, the managers can also save time by reviewing the request from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the users can immediately get notified whether their approval request is accepted or refused.

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In this modern-day life, most of the processes can be performed remotely and many problems can be solved while being at home. In past, the generic processes of approval management lacked flexibility as they didn’t allow mobile access to the systems. Such outdated systems can make business processes full of friction since people belonging to various geographical locations cannot get the much-needed access. The outdated system warrants unnecessary travelling for even the simplest access or approval request which would cost a lot of time and stress for the employees.

Odoo provides an online approval management module that is purely made for the well-being and comfort of its users. It allows the organization head to remotely tackle approval requests saving both time and money. This module provides an illustrative dashboard that efficiently shows all kinds of approval requests in such a way that it involves very less effort to manage these requests. You can accept or decline approval requests from anywhere in just a few seconds.

Outmoded Processes

Due to antiquated systems, the procedures practiced for conveying approvals are not efficient. Approvals are commonly sent through email and in most cases, the email inbox is already loaded up, therefore, many important emails are left unanswered.

Unnoticed emails cause crucial damage to the organization as there are urgencies sometimes that needed to be responded to and solved immediately. If the organization does not contain the necessary technical features, then the employees have to do unnecessary tasks spending a lot of time on them.

Odoo’s approval management module saves its users from a lot of unnecessary and time-consuming processes. Reviewing each approval request manually by reading it would cost a lot of time and effort. Odoo keeps an eye on the company statistics and automatically generates a report which saves the employees from creating performance reports manually. Odoo provides the facility to review performance statistics by showing them in form of graphs or charts which are easier to read.

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Bureaucratic proceedings

When approval management lists and requests are handled, reviewed, and processed manually, the application’s approval consumes a lot of time. Since this work is done manually, sometimes it causes errors which are needed to be further resolved with help of employees. Now with the effect of manual proceedings, the data storage requires a lot of space.

Odoo’s unofficial module Mass Timesheet Approve facilitates its users to easily navigate through different timesheets in very short periods. While using this module the users can select and approve multiple timesheets simultaneously.

Extortionate approval prices

High price approvals might be a normal term to say but inadvertently it causes many negative effects on the organization. The approval process again is a very time taking process and if the approval request is refused then it may cause dissatisfaction to the employees while causing negative effects on both organization and clients. These processes may cause unintended issues which are never easy to resolve.

Odoo 15 provides an unofficial module named Payment Approvals that are specifically designed to keep track of payment transactions. It dynamically handles different stages of payment transactions. For instance, you can approve or decline payment transactions with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can check for currency rate differentiation which saves the organization from paying unnecessary charges to clients who belong to different geographical regions.


Keeping in sight the problems that are faced during the process of approval management, Odoo is the best solution to these problems. Since we know Odoo provides an approval module which digitally manages the process of approval saving both time and costs. Apart from its official approval module, Odoo facilitates its users with many unofficial modules which easily tackle almost every hurdle that can be possibly faced during approval management.

It is proven to be miraculous software as it greatly cuts down subsidiary charges and unnecessary procedures practiced saving the most valuable resource which is time. Hence, it is established that Odoo is the ultimate solution to the entire process and problems that are faced during approval management.

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