February 11, 2019 Blog, Digital Transformation

Advantages of IoT Devices in Your Business

IoT, in case you have not heard the term before, is the abbreviation for “Internet of Things”. It basically means devices that gather data and process them accordingly, including devices that use a sensor. If you are not sure how IoT devices can help your business, we have some interesting insights for you, so keep reading. You are probably using several IoT devices every day without even realizing it.

The main advantage of IoT devices is that you can eliminate the need for repetitive work to free up more of your time and invest it in more productive endeavors. IoT devices also transport the data online, and process them as per your needs – which ultimately helps you to make informed decisions that grow your business. Statistics show that the use of IoT devices has increased by a whopping 30% over last year.

Let us discuss a few uses of IoT devices that can greatly help your small business.

Proper Security


Security is something you cannot neglect. Conventional security means hiring a security guard to ensure no intruders break in. but this does not solve your security concerns. One person cannot be everywhere at once. Moreover, there is always a chance for human error, such as say the guard forgets to lock one of the doors. IoT security systems can easily terminate these issues. Smart CCTV cameras can record every moment of the day and the footage can be sent to cloud storage, where you can access the footage at any time, from anywhere. Also, smart locks ensure that no unwanted intruders can enter your business. You can use digital keys or bio-metric locks so each entry and exit is logged. In the worst case scenario, like an intruder breaking in forcibly, these locks can notify the authorities immediately in order to control damages.


Having an assistant of their own is the dream of almost every business owner, but for small businesses, having an assistant is not practical. Instead, you can opt for a digital assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can control your phone, laptop, sound systems and much more – taking notes, looking something up, etc. are some basic tasks that IoT office assistants can do. You command, it executes; it’s that simple.


Imagine if you could track your products in real time – things would be so much easier for you. With modern sensors and smart tags, you can easily do this. You can track your shipments, orders, keep logs, and receive orders. IoT tracking devices will also generate an automated report that will remind you to restock when needed. These devices are often equipped with GPS, which makes it easier to track any lost shipment.

Energy Efficiency


Energy saving has been a global issue for years now. You want to be energy efficient, but it is hard to keep track of everything happening around the office. One solution is to opt for IoT thermostat and lighting systems. IoT lights are remotely accessible with a working internet connection, or can be automated as well – going on or off as you schedule them. Also, an IoT thermostat system detects variations in climate and adjusts accordingly. As a result, you are helping the environment by saving energy, while saving money on bills in the process.

Failure Alert

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you knew something was going bad before it did? There are sensors that monitor the performance of components and notify you before they fail. It can be applied to equipment as well as biodegradables. This ensures quality and eliminates defects when manufacturing goods.

IoT has vast scope. They can be implemented in almost every aspect of life. Make sure to utilize them in your business and use your valuable time to grow your business. Still not sure how you can include IoT in your life? Schedule a consultation with Syncoria now and we can schedule a free demo for our ERP system. ERP systems are easy to integrate with IoT devices so making your business smart and tech-friendly has never been easier.
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