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We help you succeed online

With 15 years of experience in eCommerce along with our team of dedicated engineers and business analysts, you can understand your customers and revenue sources better than ever before.

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Omni-Channel Solutions from Syncoria

  • We can help you enable any feature that you can think about when it comes to eCommerce and online sales
  • User interface design that converts leads to customers and customers to advocates
  • Cross selling, up selling, promotions, coupon, variant pricelists, we have all the tools you need to be successful online
  • We create a remarkable shopping experience for all visitors with features like easy search, customer on-boarding, product comparators, wish list, live chat, on click checkout, customer portal and many more.
  • Easily integrate with any courier service and online payment acquirer
  • Completely integrated accounting, finance, inventory
  • Easy management of all marketplaces, ecommerce and retail stores with elaborate reporting.

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Whatever your product may be, we have the right solution for it

Featured Case Study: Auto Spa E-Giftcard

Online gift card store for top car wash company

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