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Ship Smarter With Shippo – A Reliable Ecommerce Partner

Are you aware of the fact that 96% of customers believe that a hassle-free delivery experience affects their shopping decisions? Yes, a customer will choose you over any other e-commerce if they find your shipping services reliable and smooth. It directly impacts the trust between you and your consumers. 

Therefore, it is crucial for you to pick an authentic shipping partner as a business owner. Although there are many available options, Shippo is one of the most reliable. Here you can clear your all if’s and but’s about Shippo. 

What Is Shippo?

Founded back in 2013, Shippo is an American software firm that helps e-commerce businesses, platforms integrate shipping with various carriers through their web application and API, and online marketplaces as well. It allows the users to create labels, return labels, compare shipping rates, track parcels, and generate international customs documents. Freestyle Solutions, 

Furthermore, they have partnered with some well-known customers such as eBay, Shyp, Weebly, GoDaddy, Sellbrite, Needle, and Snapfulfil. It furnishes the customers with a web interface, API, and direct integrations with e-commerce platforms. In addition to this, Shippo also aggregates all of its customers’ packages through their own accounts to get discounted rates. 

According to Shippo, they are bridging the gap between customers and businesses. It brings the customer closer to business and vice-versa. The shipping is made effortless and reliable. 

Over 10,000 businesses are working with Shippo, and it ships zillions of packages to and from 196 countries across the globe.

Unique Features Of Shippo

The impressive features of Shippo attract consumers from all across the globe. Hence here are some of them:

Streamlines Shipping Process

Shipping with Shippo is convenient and fast for businesses like online retailers and fulfillment firms. It is because of the fact that Shippo is simple, scalable, and also enables to connect with the most broadly used carrier service providers rapidly. In addition to this, the firms can also furnish the customers with high satisfaction, streamline shipping processes, and make the delivery of orders fast!

Supports Many Carrier Services

The Shippo app supports multiple carrier services in the market like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Furthermore, the users do not need to integrate with them one at a time. Just one integration and the users are free to connect with their desired carriers, send their articles anywhere, and optimize their shipments.

Reduce Risks And Costs

With Shippo, the risks related to the shipment of products minimizes. It will be taking care of every shipping process for users. Hence, they can have peace of mind about the product being delivered to the right address. The system does a validation check to know if the shipment is made to an existing and actual place. In this manner, the products/services are delivered to consumers more hassle-freely. Furthermore, it also saves the expenditures that would have been invited if a product was sent to an incorrect address.

Shipment Tracking

Who does not feel excited after placing an order? Yes, every customer feels keen to know about their shipment status, and why not! Shippo furnishes the tracking feature and gives the customers a sigh of relief that their order is on the way. Furthermore, the clients are notified via email about the present location and the estimated delivery date. Hence, it is again a must needed feature for today to satisfy the changing customer behavior. 

Package Returns

Earlier, many online platforms didn’t have this facility for the customers to return the order once received. But today, it is all different. Now the customers mostly go with the products and services that are returnable if they do not meet their satisfaction level. Hence, Shippo also provides this feature. 

Apart from all these, here are some more jaw-dropping yet beneficial features by Shippo:

  • Power marketplaces, platforms & apps
  • Libraries in popular languages
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Order sync from storefront
  • Free to play, only pay to ship
  • API calls synced to dashboard
  • DYMO, ZPL, PDF printer support
  • International support
  • Use your/our carrier accounts
  • Complete & maintained docs
  • Scan-based return labels
  • White-label or branded

How Shippo Compared To The Other Services?

Shippo vs. ShipStation

Selecting between two top-notch shipping software sounds like an easy task, but the truth is, it isn’t! If you are confused between Shippo vs. ShipStation, then you have landed at the right place. Both of these are popular web-based software solutions for shipping management. Furthermore, both can work beyond the basic functionalities one can expect from shipping software. But here are some significant difference between the two that can help you to know your fit:

  • Shippo furnishes discounted shipping charges for selected US-outbound shipping services. On the other hand, ShipStation provides discounted options for domestic and international shipping.
  • Shippo focuses more on simple tools and integrations for client convenience, whereas ShipStation offers advanced integrations and order fulfillment tools.
  • With Shippo, you get to enjoy the Pay-As-You-Go package, but with ShipStation, you can benefit from only monthly subscription packages.
  • Shippo lacks advanced automation, but ShipStation allows you to set custom automation rules.

ShipBob vs. Shippo

Another competitor of Shippo that might confuse you is ShipBob. Here are the differences:

ShipBob furnishes fulfillment and shipping services for eCommerce firms. It is an easy-to-use and scalable fulfillment option that helps eCommerce industries meet Amazon-scale logistics. In contrast, Shippo provides the services to E-commerce merchants, e-commerce platforms or vendors, and online marketplaces.

Shippo vs. Stamps.com 

After considering discounted shipping, reporting, tracking, etc., you also need to compare the various services available in the market. Shippo and Stamps.com are both well-known for their shipping services. Hence here are some differences for you to decide which suits you best:

  • Stamps.com only uses USPS as a carrier, whereas Shippo integrates with over 30 shipping partners
  • Shippo provides you with a pay as you go plan with zero monthly fees, but with Stamps.com, you miss this benefit
  • Shippo offers an interactive customer service such as live chat, whereas Stamps.com does not provide it
  • Stamps.com provides a downloadable version for PC, but Shippo is cloud-based
  • Shippo does not offer shipping supplies such as scales and boxes, whereas Stamps.com offers it

How Can Shippo Be Integrated With Odoo?

Are you using Odoo Enterprise as your ERP system to manage Shipping operations, and Order Fulfillment, and Shippo as your Shipping provider? In case you are going to say yes, you might be seeking a seamless connection between the two for better outcomes. 

Shippo can help you to connect over 50 shipping carriers, both international and domestic, from one location so that you only have to use one tool. It also has many other merits, which is why it is a good idea to figure out how Shippo can work well with Odoo. The fantastic Odoo Shippo Connector is the answer to your every query. Simply set Shippo delivery methods while generating Sales Order or display them on Odoo Website.

Hence, it will automatically submit order information from Odoo to Shippo and get the Shipping label, Order Tracking number, and Shipping Cost from Shippo to Odoo. Lastly, print shipping labels and the direct tracking link to the customer through email.

Benefits of Connecting Odoo with Shippo

  • It will maximize efficiency by syncing your website and online stores.
  • You can get the details of shipping rates with just one click.
  • One can conveniently manage the growing order volume without courier integration.
  • It saves time. All you would require to do is fill in the credentials, and your order will be ready to ship.


Shippo has come a long way and is still one of the leading shipping software companies. You can enjoy its customer-oriented yet straightforward features to uplift your business. Furthermore, you must give a try to Odoo Shippo Connector to know better how it can profit you!

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