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Purolator Integration With Odoo

Purolator, previously known as Trans Canada Couriers Ltd, is one of the leading couriers in Canada. The company offers flexible shipping and solutions to deliver your products in Canada, the US, and internationally. Purolator includes retail shipping, warehouse and distribution services, and logistics for your eCommerce business. 

Shipping in the eCommerce market is moving rapidly. The demand from customers is rising exponentially, pushing eCommerce businesses to provide a range of delivery options to keep their customers satisfied. Transportation services include planes, trains, and trucks. You choose the speed at which your packages will travel at. 

Purolator is a courier service that delivers your products to retail stores or directly to customers. Purolator offers solutions that will benefit your business while providing convenience to customers. The shipping service also provides enhanced tracking visibility. Shipping labels are created electronically, and return labels can be created online. You are also provided with pick-up locations that are flexible. 

The API integration is a simple process. All you have to do is register, access the sample code, get the activation key, and your connection will be ready. Purolator has many integration partners, such as Machool, ProcessWeaver, and 2Ship Solutions Inc. The top eCommerce platforms that Purolator has partnered with include Shopify, Magento, Oracle, and Salesforce. 

Odoo apps include open source business apps that provide your business with apps that help run your eCommerce business effectively and efficiently. Syncoria Inc. provides a third-party Odoo Purolator Connector app for businesses to seamlessly integrate Purolator services into your business’ website. The Odoo app allows you to ship your orders with the click of a button. Maximize your business efficiency by syncing your website to your online store. The easy process of shipping will save you time. You will not need to worry about courier integration when your volume of orders increases. 

Purolator integration with Odoo allows you to integrate multiple Purolator post accounts with one Odoo environment. You are able to set delivery methods and create sales orders simultaneously. Receive shipping labels automatically when you submit an order. The tracking link is sent in an email to customers. Shipping rates are provided with ease so that you are able to pick the best option. The Odoo Purolator Connector app is a great investment for your eCommerce business. 

If you are considering shipping services for your online business and you are not sure which shipping courier to use for your deliveries, Purolator is a good option to consider. 

Why Should You Use Purolator

Shipping plays an important role in your business. It connects your customer with your product. The shipping courier service you wish to use can directly affect your customers’ experience of your product. If it is a bad experience, they are most likely not going to want to buy or use any services from your business. This is why so much emphasis needs to go on the shipping courier you chose for your eCommerce business. 

Purolator is arguably the largest logistics and transportation provider in North America, even competing with big courier companies, such as FedEx and UPS. Unlike other courier services that are private global couriers, Purolator is government-run. The company has over 4,000 vehicles at its disposal, with 500 of those vehicles being tractors. Purolator aims to help businesses save time and increase results by providing customized supply chain and shipping solutions. 

Purolator offers three courier options, Purolator Express, Purolator Ground, Purolator International. These options provide shipping solutions for domestic deliveries within Canada and deliveries in the US and internationally. 

Purolator Express 

Purolator Express offers next-day delivery services at economy shipment pricing for deliveries in Canada and the USA. This solution does not offer a refund policy or an insurance policy. Purolator offers free pick-up points for customers. No drop- off points are allocated. You can schedule deliveries, and a total of two delivery attempts is offered. Stand-Alone batteries are prohibited. Import tax fees can only be paid by the receiver. There are various delivery times offered to meet the needs of your customers. 

Purolator Ground

Purolator Ground is used for shipments that are not urgent. It provides economy shipment pricing for deliveries in Canada and the USA within a day or more. There is no return or insurance policy offered with this solution. Purolator Ground offers free pick-up points for customers, which are also available on Saturdays. No drop- off points are allocated. You can schedule deliveries, and a total of two delivery attempts is offered. Stand-Alone batteries are prohibited. Import tax fees can only be paid by the receiver. 

The standard LTL Freight Services can save you money on your shipments if there are no urgent deliveries required. This service allows you to customize delivery pick-up pints and services to meet the specific needs of your customers. If your product is oversized, the TL Freight service will provide a full truck for your product to be delivered to your customer. 

Urgent deliveries will be put on the next plane out. Whether you are delivering in Canada, the USA, or internationally, you can be assured your products will arrive as fast as they can. Delivery by railway is also an option if you are looking for a cost-efficient way to deliver items to your customers. 

For international deliveries, UPS often assists Purolator with deliveries. You might be worried about this third-party interaction regarding international deliveries. UPS and Purolator are both reliable courier companies and, therefore, make the delivery handover seem effortless. The competitive pricing that Purolator offers makes them a serious courier service contender for your eCommerce business. 

Costs of Using Purolator

Shipping costs are influenced by the size, weight, origin-destination, and delivery destination. There are also additional factors to consider that will influence the cost of shipping, such as packaging, insurance, and tracking. 

Purolator prices are calculated by the volumetric weight of the shipping packages. The price per shipment will depend on the zone the shipment will be delivered, as well as the weight of the shipment. 

Purolator Express Envelopes are used to package items weighing above 1lb. The cost of this shipment starts at $49.00 in the nearest zone (D01). Purolator Express Packs are used to package items weighing above 3lb and will cost you $51.35 in zone D01. Purolator Express Box is used to package items that weigh above 7lb and will cost you $53.25 to deliver to D01. 

The website contains a comprehensive breakdown of all the zones and different weights to provide you with a cost estimate. Here are some of the rates and costs you can expect to pay when using Purolator as your courier service for your eCommerce business. The cheapest amount you can expect to pay for a 1kg parcel delivery within Canada is $96. 

Residential Delivery$3.95 per shipment
Redelivery$6 per shipment
Large Package$95 per piece
Oversized package (weigh more than 50 lb. but less than or equal to 150 lb)$24.15 per package.
Signature Required$4.75 per shipment
Adult Signature Required$6.75 per shipment
Chain of Signature$16.50 per piece
Declared Value$4.75 per cent of declared value over $100
Dangerous Goods – Fully Regulated$65 per shipment
Address Correction$15 per piece
Same Day Delivery (In City, ranging from zone 1 – zone 33)$ 5.68 – $ 232.26
Average Four-Week Fuel Surcharge (Canada) $1.0838 per liter
Average Four-Week Fuel Surcharge (International) $1.104 per liter

Small eCommerce Businesses 

If your eCommerce business is just starting up or you do not process large volumes of products each month, Purolator provides rates at a discounted price. 

 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 
Average Monthly Spendings$0.01 – $249.99$250 – $499.99$500 – $999.99$1000 – $1499.99$1500 – $1999.99$2000+
Discount provided 5 %10%15%20%25%30%

Pros And Cons Of Using Purolator 

When choosing a shipping service for your business, there are other factors to consider besides the cost and rates of the service. You have to take things like arrival times, online tracking, drop-off and pick-up points, and packaging. Just like any other shipping service, Purolator has its pros and cons. 

Purolator offers guaranteed same-day delivery to customers. This is a great feature for customers that require an item immediately. Your eCommerce business will be able to provide customers with a product on the same day that their order was placed. Your inventory will be better balanced as items are being delivered the same day they are ordered. 

Other couriers do not offer this feature for customers, so being able to do same day deliveries could increase your customer sales. Purolator will benefit your company if you plan to mostly do deliveries in Canada. There are extensive delivery networks provided with Purolator. Efficient delivery is guaranteed nationwide. 

A downside to Purolator is that international shipping is partnered with UPS. If your eCommerce business wishes to deliver internationally, it will be delivered via UPS. This could increase the chances of a package being damaged or misplaced because of the switch over. In terms of international shipping, Purolator is not as advanced as other major courier services, such as FedEx and USPS. 

Purolator offers discounts to small eCommerce businesses. Other courier services mostly cater to businesses with large sale volumes, and not many benefits are offered to smaller businesses. The eCommerce solutions provided by Purolator offer many features that will save your business and time and will allow your business to operate efficiently and effectively when it comes to shipping and processing deliveries for customers. If you are a small business using Purolator as your shipping courier will be a benefit to your business. 

Purolator Features

While Purolator offers many features for retail and on the ground store, the Canadian courier company also provides a range of features for online businesses. They offer efficient delivery solutions to online customers. Below are some features you can implement by using the Odoo Purolator Connector app developed by Syncoria. 

Their newest feature called Purolator Your Way allows an increased level of visibility for customers regarding their shipments. Your customers will stay informed every step of the way with status updates on their delivery. While their package is being delivered, they can set customizations on the delivery. If a delivery was missed, there are clear steps provided for the customer to follow in order to receive their delivery. Customers can also remotely sign for packages without needing to download any application. 

Purolator Quickship offers your customers next day delivery by 9 p.m. This service is on offer seven days a week. Delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours of the placement of the order due to the late-night pick-up and early morning delivery system. 

The award-winning concept, called Mobile Quick Stop, is an amazing feature that offers an alternative convenient and safe delivery solution to customers. In cases where an area is highly populated, customers can find a Mobile Quick Stop truck, where they will be able to collect their deliveries at any time that is convenient for them. Keep your customers safe by providing this innovative solution to home deliveries. 

Purolator E-Ship Web Services offer easy integration into your website or application. This service provides tracking, price estimates, real-time shipping, and returns and pick-ups. All that is required is for you to register, receive your activation key and set it up. The service also offers Web Services support for your business. 

Purolator offers many features for your eCommerce business. The Odoo Purolator Connector app will integrate all these amazing features that Purolator offers directly on your website or online store. With the increase in demand for online shoppers’ product deliveries, linking your business to an online shipping service will help your business provide the best service to your customers. 

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