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Odoo‌ ‌Purolator‌ ‌Connector‌ – #1 Connector For Shipping in Canada

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 7 mins

A bit about Odoo Purolator Connector. Modern-day businesses have welcomingly adopted the top ERP solutions as their trusted partners for effective management. Odoo is one such ERP that has become widely popular in our digitalized world. Besides helping the organizations with payments, HR, stock management, and various reporting systems, Odoo can successfully help you with shipping and logistics solutions with one of its apps – Odoo Purolator Connector.

There are numerous similar apps available in the marketplace. However, Odoo Purolator Connector has its own set of advantages. In this write-up, we try to look at the features, pros, and other essential details about this high-utility Odoo app.

Let us now divert our attention to a detailed look at the Odoo Purolator Connector.

A Comprehensive Take on Odoo Purolator Connector

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If you are wondering how to connect Odoo and Purolator seamlessly, there is hardly any app that matches the features of Odoo Purolator Connector. First, let us start by addressing the purpose of each of them individually, and then we discuss the app for a better understanding.


Odoo is a popular ERP solution that aims at making business management simpler and quicker. The marketplace of Odoo offers numerous options to help you integrate your current systems and take full advantage of these apps seamlessly. 


Purolator Inc. specializes in flexible shipping and logistic solutions. Their prime area of operations is in Canada and the United States of America. It also functions across other international destinations. 

The prime benefits of using the services of Purolator is their expertise in this domain and the flexibility options offered by them. Your business can enjoy a competitive advantage when using Purolator services; they go one step ahead and let you choose the speed of your shipping or even help you import and export goods from and to Canada. 

Odoo Purolator Connector

We have already mentioned how popular Odoo has become in large and small organizations as their preferred ERP system. Also, if you are operating around the Canadian market, then chances are that you have availed services of Purolator. Suppose you are using both, Odoo for order fulfillment and Purolator for shipping as your preferred choices. In that case, Odoo Purolator Connector can make your services much smoother and simpler for you.

The primary benefit of using this app is that you can create sales orders and display them on your Odoo websites while at the same time automatically submitting the order details from Odoo to Purolator. This allows you to get the order tracking details, shipping number, and shipping costs from Purolator. Not only that, but you can also print the shipping labels, create commercial invoices and send the tracking details to the customer through email.

Features of Odoo Purolator Connector

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Odoo Purolator Connector helps you ship your orders with a single click. It comes with some of the most impressive features that can make your life a lot easier. Here are the top features of the Odoo Purolator Connector:

Efficiency Optimisation

One of the prime things businesses focus on in the 21st century is optimum efficiency. Time is money, and if the business services consume a lot of time in doing simple and complex tasks, it becomes a burden for the company. 

It is a great inconvenience if the time consumption of online processes like shipping, tracking, and printing labels is higher. Neither your customer would prefer this nor the management would be happy with such delays or hassles.

To simplify the work for those of you using Odoo and Purolator separately, this app is a blessing in disguise. Odoo Purolator Connector addresses this issue by allowing you to sync your online stores or websites with the app to help your processes become more efficient. 

Availability of Shipping Labels 

When you use the Odoo Purolator Connector, you get the option to generate the shipping labels instantly. You simply need to select the order and then create the shipping label with any Purolator services. Isn’t that amazing? 

Tracking Details

Another essential feature of using the Odoo Purolator Connector is that you can easily use the tracking details for your shipment. All the orders that have the tracking number generated using this app are shipped with the same details. Therefore, if you want to track your package, it becomes effortless. Moreover, you can share the details easily with your clients so that they have a constant track of their orders. Could life get better than this?

Shipping Costs

This is another feature of the app that makes it simply super-useful. How about getting real-time shipping costs at your fingertips? There is no need for long communications or detailed contracting – just click the button, and you have the prices. 

When you use Odoo Purolator Connector, you can easily get the shipping rate of the carrier with a single click. You would get various options to choose from, and this gives you the flexibility and convenience to make the selection as per your requirement. 

Scalable Business

Large-sized businesses that have vast volumes of turnover often find it tiresome to make shipping arrangements. Moreover, when the company expands, the issue of shipping also becomes complex. Therefore, to make it easier for your business to grow exponentially, Odoo Purolator Connector was introduced.

Now you can simply focus on hardcore marketing and sales to improve those target figures without worrying about the shipping arrangement. The courier integration is automatic with this type of Connector, and therefore the volumes would have no impact on your operations. 

Saves Time

eCommerce delivery

The traditional way of e-commerce still lagged when it came to shipping and courier. Marketing and sales were on one side, and shipping or logistics were on the other. The combined successful efforts of each were mandatory for the business to be successful. However, this was pretty time-consuming. 

With the help of Odoo Purolator Connector, all you need to do is simply enter the credentials, and your orders would be ready to ship. How simple and time-saving is that?

Option for Multiple Accounts

I know what you must be wondering, what if you have a large-sized business where it is just not possible to manage all the things with a single user account. Worry not! Odoo Purolator Connector has a solution for this as well. You can integrate numerous Purolator accounts even when you have a single Odoo ERP environment. 

Final Words

As you can see, it is an efficient ERP-driven solution for all your business shipping and logistics requirements. Wherever you are located across the globe, you can take advantage of this ingenious product and get your shipping needs fulfilled at the earliest. 

However, one thing that needs to be addressed is that this connector is quite popular in Canada and the United States of America. But it would not take much time for this app to get worldwide recognition soon enough. Hence, we would suggest you put your thinking cap on and research this fantastic shipping tool and how it can be beneficial to your business – irrespective of whether it is large or small. 

We would like to end this write-up by throwing a great challenge to you. If you are a large business organization with multiple Odoo accounts, start exploring this connector today as it would make you create a first-mover advantage in the market.

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