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The Solution of Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 7 mins

Odoo Bambora connector is the answer for every organization to make payment options easier for customers. There are times when customers do not see their preferred payment option and move to the competitor’s website. This is where companies are losing a lot of clients. Taking the cue of this situation, organizations using Odoo have tried to find a solution to this problem. 

Today, businesses have become competitive, and so has the payment domain—many different payment gateways available today that were not known earlier. It is quite relevant for an organization to look for a quick fix solution to add to their armor with so much at stake. Odoo demonstrates its importance in such circumstances. 

Before we head down to the solution, let me brief you a bit about Odoo. 

A Quick Glance at Odoo

10 Most Useful Manufacturing ERP Modules

When it comes to the organization’s monitoring and management, ERP solutions become very handy and valuable. Odoo is one such ERP solution that has gained wide popularity in the commerce domain. From stock and logistics management to accounts management, Odoo can help you perform various tasks through its centralized platform.

Odoo helps you streamline your business operation by managing your projects, marking the attendance of your staff members, enumerating the different bugs present in the project, etc. This shows that Odoo is a multi-faceted product that can offer a lot more than organizations at present are utilizing. This is one thing that today companies have started to realize. Hence, we are seeing a lot of products being made in affiliation with Odoo to ensure that you get the most out of this ERP tool.

When you use Odoo, you come to know how ingenious it is in use to make maximum utilization of this fantastic tool. A new app makes it easier for your customers to checkout using their preferred payment gateway option. 

Here is the exciting part. Most of the ERP solutions will never have payment integration within the tool, but this is where Odoo is different. As you search for a relevant payment gateway tool on the Odoo marketplace, you will see that there is a number of options available. Still, the one tool that can prove to be the game-changer is Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector.

Brief Look at Bambora

Bambora was previously known by the name “Beanstream” when it commenced its journey in the field of international payments. The company changed its name in the year 2015, after which it came to be known as Bambora. 

Bambora had a merger in 2017 with Ingenico Group. Ingenico is one of the world’s largest payment companies. This step made the company spread its wings in the payment domain. Today we see the merger of Bambora and Ingenico Group upscaling other companies to expand their business globally. 

This company aims at giving stiff competition to the leaders of international payment providers. Bambora aims at simplifying the payment processes to enhance the customer experience. The ultimate objective of the company is to assist smaller business reach their full potential and growing exponentially. 

Prime Features of Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector

odoo bambora

When you use Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector, you get amazing features that can help you simplify your payment checkout process. Here is what you can expect when you avail this app:

  • It is possible to integrate the payment option within your Odoo website
  • You can even add a card with this app
  • Payment with the token is also possible 

Installing Bambora Checkout

The process of installation of the Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector is very simple. If you need any assistance in installing your server, then you may follow the below points:

  • First, you need to download the code on the server.
  • Next, you must find the Odoo Conf file and add the path of the module folder to it.
  • Now you must restart the server. 
  • Click the “Activate-the-developer-mode” button in the settings panel.
  • Next, you have to visit the Apps section and then first click on “Update Apps List” and then click “Update”.
  • Now, you need to search for “Bambora Checkout” after removing all the filters.
  • Press Install.

Testing and Production of Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector

Before you move on to the production (live) stage, you need to ensure that the integration of this app works fine in sync with your server. For this, you might have to perform testing. You may use the following steps for testing Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector.

  • Visit the testing URL:
  • Login using your company credentials like user ID and password
  • If you need a test account, you have to fill out the sign-up form. This will help you promptly get a developer account with sandbox access

For the production stage, you can visit the Bambora Merchant Online URL You will have to log in using your credentials like user ID and password.

How to Configure Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector?

To configure the Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector, you will be required to provide merchant ID, payment API and Profile API that you received from Bambora. 

Next, follow these steps to complete the configuration process of the Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector:

  • Visit the Administration section and then click on the Account setting. Next, you will see Order Settings. Here you need to check the API access passcode and note it down.
  • Now visit Configuration, where you will see Payment profile configuration. Again, note down the API access passcode.

What Configurations must be done in Odoo for Bambora Checkout?

Here is what you need to configure in Odoo for Bambora Checkout:

  • You will have to use the merchant ID, payment API and Profile API you received from Bambora
  • Next, click on Payment from Odoo as Payment Flow and set Payment Journal to “Bank”

How to make card payments using Odoo Bambora Checkout?

It is a relatively similar process as you would find in any other eCommerce store. Here is what you need to do for making card payments using Odoo Bambora Checkout:

  • The user needs to select the Bambora Checkout option on the website.
  • Next, the card details must be inserted.
  • Once the Pay button is clicked, the user will see the payment success message on the screen.

As you can see from the information provided above, it is quite simple to set up Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector and relatively user-friendly. Hence, we are seeing more businesses trying their hands on Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector that are using Odoo, specifically for their business requirements. 

The Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector is an excellent addition to Odoo as it ensures maximum utilization of this fantastic tool. Businesses across the globe will find it easier to use Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector for payment integration purposes as time goes by.

Concluding Thoughts

Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector is an amazing tool for businesses of all types. I suggest you give it a try at least once, especially if you are already using Odoo for your business processes. This way, you can maximize the utilization of the Odoo Bambora Checkout Connector and ensure to get the most from it. 

Also, not to forget, customers have a huge scope of paying for the products instantly using this amazing tool, making it a very handy tool to get positive customer feedback. 

It will definitely take a while for this tool to gain momentum, but rest assured, once it gains impetus, there will be no stopping. Therefore, I would suggest you try this tool before others so that you can get a first-mover advantage and gain a competitive edge in your business.

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