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Odoo 14 Features

Odoo releases a version update yearly: the release is usually in October. As the release of Odoo 14 gets closer, now is the time to take a quick look at the recently announced changes, features, and improvements coming in version 14.

Odoo 14 Features: What Are New

As Odoo evolves and expands its functionality, one of the goals is to provide ease of use and navigation. Odoo 14 has made significant user interface modifications to assure that ease of use is not overwhelmed by functionality, as has happened with some competitors of this ERP.

Here’s a short lineup of some of the more meaningful changes coming in Odoo 14:

  • Redesigned viewing of daily tasks in the CRM module
  • Shortcuts for SMS, Email and Snooze in CRM
  • New widgets for quick access to frequently used options
  • New annual calendar for the “Time off” module
  • Improved form customization options
  • New keyboard shortcuts for the Timesheet module
  • Intensified spreadsheet functionality throughout Odoo – this will form the basis for a full financial budget in version 14
  • Integration of approval workflows into any operation programmatically or using studio
  • Automatic email pickup reminders to poor performing suppliers
  • With the release of the new version, the POS promotion and coupon program will possibly be carried over to the Odoo 14 Community version
  • With the release of the new version, new features will be added for POS Inventory Management

Understanding the new list of features and changes in Odoo 14 will allow users to gain knowledge on how to intelligently choose between the old and the latest version. Therefore, if you are looking to implement any ERP software or the latest version of Odoo, mastering the features of the new version can help you determine how much development, customization, and specific time and resources are needed during the software implementation phase.

What’s New in Odoo 14: Improved Documents

In Odoo 14, many documents have been revised and improved. Since purchase orders are one of the more advanced documents, the developers thought it was worth focusing on, so here are the changes:

  • Odoo now calculates on-time delivery for suppliers and displays this in purchase orders.
  • Purchase orders now include the ability to send automated pre-delivery emails to confirm their date – this is especially useful for suppliers with low on-time delivery rates
  • A confirmation email can be automatically sent to suppliers when purchase orders are created, allowing Odoo to confirm that they have received a purchase order
  • Odoo has also implemented a new supplier dashboard providing a quick overview of important details such as Delivery on Time rate

In addition, users will be able to handle recurring revenue and manage information update intervals using dedicated plans. User-defined plans handle recurring revenue and manage renewal intervals.

Integrated Lead Generation Emails log their content as internal notes. Users will be able to turn emails received in their Outlook inbox into leads and save their contents as internal notes.

Odoo 14 includes a new data cleansing module. This module automatically sorts new leads, opportunities, contacts, and other data. Any duplicate data is marked as ready to be merged.

Manufacturing And Inventory Modules

Odoo 14 comes with redesigned Manufacturing and Inventory modules focused on product and consumable availability date. In addition, there is a new replenishment report that gives you an immediate view of your inventory levels and allows you to order supplies once or periodically.

This happens without the need to set a minimum or maximum inventory level. Odoo will automatically detect what to order according to your requirements.

Plugins For Gmail And Outlook

Odoo 14 announced new plugins for Gmail and Outlook. These plugins will let you sync and send information between Odoo and your email client, simplifying the process and ensuring that all data is written to Odoo and will be there when you send and read emails.

In addition to the above features, Odoo 14 also offers the following:

  • The new statement of unrealized exchange gains or losses
  • Creation of price list directly from the product list
  • New non-sales modules for managing commissions and referrals
  • Better integration between modules, resulting in greater efficiency
  • Improved document module making it easier to scan, split, and archive documents
  • Basic structure changes to improve overall performance and ease of use
  • Detailed smart alerts

Added Outlook Sync in version 14: now Outlook calendar has Odoo sync. The program allows you to change a specific event, a selected event, and all future events or every event that is part of a series.

Website Builder Will Be Improved

Each version update expands the functionality of Odoo’s website builder, making this ERP an increasingly serious competitor among industry heavyweights such as Squarespace and WordPress.

Odoo 14 introduces a conspicuously new, redesigned website builder. The HTML editor has been redesigned to include several new and improved building blocks to make it easy to create beautiful and functional websites.

Some of these new website blocks include:

  • Dynamic product catalogs
  • Countdown
  • Diagrams
  • Popup windows

Don’t waste your time, it’s time to build your website to promote your business. Now you can give your landing page a good design and run your business with ease with Odoo 14.

Barcode Changes

Odoo 14 offers an improved barcode demo and test sheet to help with the first set of workflows. Now you can easily use the Barcode application without a barcode scanner with field edit buttons.

When scanning a barcode, the user accesses the transaction and navigates through the ERP using the commands printed in the sample barcode: To verify a sales order, simply scan the “Validate” command barcode. The barcode can be used for the employees’ attendants and in PoS for product information.

So it should be noted in Odoo 14:

  1. Barcode Management: You can easily use the barcode app without a barcode scanner: buttons, edit fields
  2. Demo Data: Enhanced barcode demo/test sheet to help you with your first set of workflows
  3. Usability: Usability improvements in the Barcode app

In Summary

Odoo ERP is one of the top selling ERP software products that offers paid version and community version to its users. Every year Odoo releases a new version with additional features and changes that offer improved modules.

The implementation of Odoo ERP software can be compared to other software available on the market. Odoo, being a web-based ERP system, helps organizations with its powerful modular capabilities that can be used in ERP software. The features and improvements in Odoo 14 discussed above are aimed at optimizing business conduct in any sector.

Odoo 14 is a complete ERP solution for all your website tasks. This open source solution helps you create attractive websites in no time. The website builder was first launched in Odoo 13.

Odoo has also given special attention to website building in Odoo 14 and introduced a set of new features including countdown snippets and other features. This website builder support is sure to help a business attract more customers. Odoo’s web builder makes it easy to include blogs and allows you to connect to social networks on websites.

Inventory management is an essential activity for business groups. Inventory helps you store and manage all products and materials. An ERP tool can help you manage your complete inventory of goods, including manufactured goods and raw materials. There are different types of inventory in Odoo 14 depending on the requirements of the business.

Barcode is a system that allows users to organize all activities related to inventory. With the help of a barcode, the user will be able to track and find the product or goods. It keeps track of the product within seconds. The barcode also helps with sales and other transactions. Odoo 14 adds many features to help you use barcodes more efficiently.

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