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Reasons For Having A Messaging App Installed On Your Website

According to Marketsandmarkets, the net worth of the messaging app market reached $703 million in 2016, and this figure is estimated to expand with a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 35.2% between the period of 2016 and 2022.

Below is a list of reasons why you should integrate this technology to give yourself an advantage over the competition.

1. A Messaging App Makes Your Website a Helpdesk with Zero-Waiting Time

A mere 10 second delay in the playing of a video online makes half of the watchers give up on watching it or close the window.

This impatience is not an isolated characteristic but a behavior pattern that is present in most of our person today. The circumstances with your website is comparable to this.

Imagine losing 50% clients just because you couldn’t react to the inquiries on time. This potentially does irreversible damage, on the grounds that clients that leave with a bad experience scarcely return.

2. Deliver Personalized Experience That Is High on Demand

Personalization is an impetus that changes a potential client into a client and a client to a returning customer.

Messaging applications planned suitably causes a client to feel that the person is speaking with an individual, not a robot. It doesn’t give the order to the client using your site as your CTAs do with words like Register, Signup, Call, etc.

It causes clients to feel at ease by offering information or services in an amicable fashion. For your business website, a messaging application acts like a salesman, who is ready to assist the client with product information, making payments, tracking delivery status, and much more.

3. Elevates the Customer Service Level

Messaging apps equipped with NLP (Natural Language Processing) can process or decipher common languages at various levels including linguistic structure, semantics, speech, and discourse to better comprehend the syntactic sense as well as the overall purpose.

Consequently, it reads into the dynamics of human interaction in order to react better to the clients with relevant information and services. The timeliness of the response is guaranteed, regardless of the volume of traffic.

4. Messaging Apps Helps with Improving User Engagement

Website specialists and engineers are feeling the pressure trying to build the best user experience (UX). With client’s wants knowing no limits, maybe, improving the UX has become an interminable excursion and messaging apps is a crucial element in that venture.

Messaging applications when appropriately planned, coded and coordinated with the business environment, can be useful in charming clients by serving them precipitously.

5. Messaging Apps Help with Targeting a Wider Audience

With some messaging platforms including Facebook Messaging, Telegram, Slack, Skype, and so forth, agreeing to provide their assets to messaging application designers and organizations, it has gotten simpler for a businesses to target a wider audience.

These apps can bring significant growth in audience engagement, and every satisfied customer can potentially bring two more, if programmed correctly.

6. Messaging Apps Help Derive Business Intelligence

The implicit AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning equip this menial helper to gather and process a majority of conversational information aggregated over a period and infer important, noteworthy bits of knowledge from it.

This is of vital significance for any business. It provides you with hints to improve and develop items/services and remain increasingly relevant to clients and the developing business sector.

7. Messaging Apps Help with Payment or Checkout

Complexities associated with the checkout often leads to customers abandoning their shopping basket which is a hazard for transactions and a trying test for e-commerce merchants.

It might not even be the intricacy of the procedure alone, but also other reasons relating to unresolved inquiries. Fortunately, this issue can easily be resolved by installing a messaging app on your website.

A messaging app engineer simply has to incorporate the API of a payment portal (PayPal, Stripe, EasyPay, and so forth.) with the application. This allows customers to look for answers to questions that prevent them from finishing the checkout procedure.

8. Messaging Apps Help Perform Surveys

It has the capability to survey the clients’ experience while purchasing an item or service alongside their prerequisites and demands.

Email/social media surveys generally remain inconclusive due to a large portion of the target audience remain impassive for various reasons. Talking bots can easily conduct surveys by engaging clients in a conversation and making the surveying process brief and effective.

9. A messaging app Make Push Notifications More Relevant

Notifications via email are not as effective as push notifications. In any case, notifications fail to grab the user’s attention in the vast majority of the occasions.

Whether it be from the irrelevance of the message, or the distraction it causes, as most clients seem to think that way, clients usually ignore them. A messaging app integrated with AI can gather information overtime and deliver more and more relevant notifications to the client.

10. Keep up with Trends

50% of clients need a business or specialist organization to remain available all day, every day, according to Oracle.

Fortunately messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, and others are contributing a great deal to their undertaking on this front. Facebook Messenger and Kik alone support over 30, 000 messaging apps.

Clients are becoming more and more comfortable speaking to a brand through these apps to look for answers to their queries or make purchasing decisions.

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