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IoT for Small Businesses

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 3 mins

Nowadays, the world is heavily dependent on IoT or “Internet of Things”. IoT devices caught have slowly but surely become a part of our lives.

They made businesses more efficient and helped technology serve its purpose – which is to automate things we don’t want to waste our time on. According to Business Insider, businesses are likely to spend 6 trillion dollars on IoT by 2021. The selling point of IoT is in its ability to boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and provide assistance.

Iot system in online environment

Read on below to know how IoT can help your business do the same.


Business owners’ primary target is to create awareness among potential customers. They can use multiple mediums as their advertising platform. If we consider the healthcare industry, IoT devices such as wearable body monitors have revolutionized the industry itself. Self-monitoring devices allow people to be diagnosed without having to visit a doctor. The availability of affordable health care gadgets equipped with IoT technology has helped people become more conscious about their health and wellness.


Using smart locks has almost become something of a trend for most businesses nowadays. Smart locks make sure only people who are supposed to enter the building, can enter the building. These locks can even be equipped with cameras to monitor who is at the door. Smart locks also allow you to keep track of who enters the office and when. This results in more efficiency among employees as they do not intend to get flagged for being late at work.  Smart camera systems are also a great addition to the safety of your business place. These monitor every possible angle and store them in the cloud so that only you can access and modify the footage.

Virtual Assistance

Hiring a human assistant is not often possible for small business owners, but you can easily hire a virtual assistant, an intuitive IoT device. Utilizing Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is probably one of the best things a business owner can do for his or her business. These devices are connected to other smart devices, and can manage and schedule your tasks and meetings, look up information for you, and much more.

Better Inventory

Inventory management can be a painful and daunting job. It usually requires close attention, as a simple mistake might pile up to make a huge mess. IoT devices are incredibly useful when it comes to inventory. Smart tags and sensors now can track any product or item in real time. These devices can be connected with the inventory server, which will be automatically updated whenever a product leaves or arrives in storage. It can also track a particular product inside a warehouse. With the help of IoT devices, you can efficiently manage your inventory and track shipments.

The scope of IoT devices are infinite. You can utilize them in many ways. IoT devices are proven to boost business growth, which is essential in this modern, competitive business world. If you are not sure how you can use IoT in your business, do not hesitate to contact Syncoria. We specialize in business tools and can help you with your IoT solutions.

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