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Why You Need to Improve Your Site Load Speed

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 5 mins

The Internet has brought the world together. As the speed of the internet is rising, people’s lives are getting easier. Statistics tell us one out of every four people orders something online each week. Online sales are at trillions of dollars every year and the number is rising every day. You can flood your site with lucrative visuals, stunning videos, and numerous other options, but if they do not load fast enough, you might lose thousands of dollars in the process. In this blog, we will cover some basic reasons why you should improve your site load speed and how Syncoria can help you achieve your site speed goal. Syncoria is a Toronto-based integrated digital solutions company dedicated to working with small and medium businesses.


First Impression

There goes a saying, “The first impression is the best impression.” If you own an e-commerce business, you live off the internet by selling products to your customers. The impression you create on your customers is very crucial for you to survive in the business. Fast loading websites automatically send the signal to the traffic that this site is reliable and professional at service. A slow website gives the user time to think, is this website trustworthy? Are they trying to steal my information? 79% of the online shoppers have said they will not return to a website if they find it slow. Odoo is one of the best website builder facilities you can get your hands on. Customize your e-commerce platform as you want without having to worry about the load speed because Odoo developers have already taken care of that.

User Experience

After the first impression, the users will want to explore your site and look for the product or service they need. You have to make sure that your content is well organized and blazing fast. A slow browsing experience not only frustrates the users, but you are running the risk of them never visit your site ever again. So, create a good informative inventory and optimize the speed to its best. People will tolerate a little delay in renowned sites like Google or Facebook because they have established their business. But if you are just starting out, you do not have that luxury. This is where Odoo and Syncoria come in. Over 2 million people use Odoo as their CRM platform and grow their business.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engines, Google is the one site to rule them all. Google once confirmed that their algorithm matches their site load speed in order to rank the search results since 2010. If your site loading speed is slower than two seconds, the user might have to browse through several pages to find it. A 2012 study by Google showed people will wait up to 5 seconds before moving to another website, but this is not 2012 anymore, is it? Odoo offers the SEO tool that integrates with Google to analyze if your content is relevant, in real time. Moreover, your website from Odoo is already optimized so you don’t have to worry about load speeds, 301 redirects, sitemaps etc.

Conversion Drop

Statistics say if your site takes more than three seconds to load, the user will abandon and look for other options. World’s largest e-commerce site Amazon has revealed they will lose more than 1.6 billion dollars if their loading speed rises by just one second. If people are not willing to give a strong name like Amazon an extra second, how do you expect to do business with slow site loading times? You will lose your valuable customers and you will also be hurting your brand value in the long run if your customers are not satisfied with the overall impression. What you can do is use Odoo as your website builder. Marketing automation and easy drag and drop Call-To-Action features will help you convert the visitors into customers and you do not have to worry about dragging the site speed down. Also, it will help you generate proper leads by creating custom forms, pop-up messages and so on.

More Smartphone Users

The number of smartphone users across the globe is almost 2.5 billion. Studies have shown more people access the web from their phone than their desktops or laptops. It is also the characteristic of phones to load websites slower than our traditional computers. Bottom line is, you cannot just reuse the coding used for the computer web pages, you need to do the whole thing completely again in order to get a loading speed of under 2 seconds. If your website is not smartphone friendly, it is time you focus on that.  To avoid all that hassle, Odoo integrates a mobile preview and design feature which will let you create just the mobile interface you need for your website.

Why Syncoria?

Syncoria has been providing digital transformation solution for over 14 years worldwide. We specialize in custom development for your needs of software and general business tools as well. Syncoria has partnered up with Odoo and provides 24/7 service regarding each of your digital needs. Instead of using different dedicated tools to manage your business, Syncoria emphasizes using integrated tools which are not only time and money efficient, but also easy to use. In this case, the site load speed depends on plenty other factors like HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) requests, optimization of images and videos, cache memory etc. which are really expensive to implement. But with Syncoria, you can build your custom website according to your personal preferences without having to worry about all those technicalities. In the end, feel free to consult Syncoria anytime and click here to explore our elaborate services.

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