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Why Integrating Odoo is the Best Way to Cut Costs in Manufacturing

By Fida-E Zaheer, Read 5 mins

When it comes to businesses, manufacturing is one of the most common. All the things that we use on a daily basis have to be manufactured first.

To ensure maximum product quality with a maximum profit margin, it is essential for manufacturers to cut costs whenever possible.

In the modern manufacturing world, business owners are more likely to use digital methods to reduce manufacturing cost without compromising quality. Considering the worldwide user base and customer satisfaction, Odoo is a pioneer in the digital transformation industry.

Odoo specializes in system integration, and handles manufacturing with an all-in-one approach to tackle all the problems one may face in the sector. Inventory, CRM, invoicing, purchase, PLM, and maintenance systems work flawlessly when integrated into Odoo.

Let us take a deep dive to find out why integrating Odoo is the best way to cut costs in manufacturing.

The Integration

Odoo MRP Dashboard

A key aspect of manufacturing is MRP (Material Requirements Planning). Each manufacturing company has its own standards. One cannot judge more than one company with the same standard. Needs and requirements vary, and so do employee time optimization.

To optimize the full capacity of your business with minimal cost, it is essential that you take an integrated approach towards MRP and ERP solutions. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. MRP and ERP work in harmony to smoothly operate any manufacturing business.

Another important aspect is your specific goals. You need to evaluate your manufacturing goals and decide what type of system you need.

The reason Odoo is a pioneer in digital transformation is outstanding customer service. Before implementing any system, Odoo experts will consult with you and evaluate your system for you and suggest the best system possible for maximum efficiency at the minimum possible cost.

Effective ERP Implementation

An effective ERP system alone can reduce manufacturing costs by up to 20%. ERP systems enable businesses to collaborate internally and operate in sync with all departments. However, a lot of manufacturers still have not implemented ERP in their business.

One of the main reasons behind this is that they think their business is not suited for it. The truth is, any business is suitable for an ERP system implementation if you choose the right vendor.

Odoo understands that you do not need the best system available on today’s market, but you need the perfect system that is useful and efficient for you. If you choose Odoo as your digital transformation partner, you can rest assured that you will not be ripped off.

As we stated above, Odoo evaluates your business and suggest the best possible system for your business. With a successful implementation of your ERP system, you can:

  • Improve your inventory
  • Ship more orders
  • Optimize your full capacity
  • Improve overall efficiency and productivity
  • Meet deadlines

All these benefits will ultimately result in reduced cost on employee payroll and optimized business operation.

Odoo Inventory

Manufacturing is impossible without raw materials, and raw materials have to be stored first. Business owners around the world struggle with storage facility expenses.

A smart inventory can solve the problem with just a few clicks. Odoo inventory features the double-entry which allows you to manage inventory without any stock input or output. The Drop-Shipping, Cross-Docking, and Multi-Warehouse features are designed to improve efficiency.

You can track all your products as well. Fully automated replenishment systems allow you to stock just what you need. As Odoo inventory is integrated with other systems like CRM, MRP, and ERP, Odoo will automatically decide what to purchase and what is due shipping. This will result in less storage allocation and ultimately resulting in reduced cost in inventory.


Modern manufacturing is solely dependent on state-of-the-art technologies. To ensure that the flow of production is going smoothly, you have to make sure the machines are in great shape. Odoo features an integrated maintenance portal where you can schedule maintenance works according to each machine.

Odoo smart dashboard shows statistically computed data including MTBF and MTBR to further tune your preventative maintenance schedule.

This way the concerned authority will be notified when it is time to perform maintenance on any machine, preventing any unwanted downtime of production or untimely maintenance expenses. Because Odoo knows, machines in optimum conditions are the greatest allies of a manufacturer.

Synchronizing PLM

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management. PLM is an engineered method to ensure maximum productivity and productivity is the core of any manufacturing business.

The procedure of manufacturing is the key to a successful manufacturing business, so businesses tend to experiment with different approaches to manufacturing a specific product. To effectively convey the changes, communication is essential.

Odoo PLM has the power to flawlessly communicate across departments to implement the engineering changes.


Reports is a tool that changes the landscape of any business. Reports show a business’ credibility and weakness at the same time. Reports are a great way to improve your strategic planning.

Entrepreneurship is a trial and error method. You cannot possibly expect to hit the bull’s eye on the first try. Reports are the analytical tool to look for mistakes and take effective decision accordingly.

As Odoo is a specialized integrated system, Odoo reports export data from across the system. The reports are simplified to ensure a user-friendly interface. It is really simple with Odoo to import reports and check where your money is going.

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