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Benefits of eLearning Using Odoo

Coordination is the key to success for any firm existing across the globe! Yes, no one can deny that a place with great synergy always comes up with better outcomes. The challenges in coordination while onsite training across different branches of the firm is common and keeps on coming in between the work.

Furthermore, there is not only one factor, which is responsible for this lack of coordination. Instead, there are many. The primary internal battle is getting a room for everyone’s diaries. For instance, it is no less than a logistic nightmare to allot time for training new teams and starters established across foreign offices.

Therefore, in such scenarios, the apt solution is to prefer an e-learning programme. You can consider it an interactive session where the firm’s workers can learn in their suitable environment and pace to understand better.

There are modified programmes, personalized as per the clients’ requirement, which is available across various range of CRM, software, and sales database systems. Hence, if you are new to this concept, here are some helpful frequently asked questions, which will give you a better understanding of corporate E-learning.

How To Know If You Need E-Learning?

E-learning is one of the most practically applicable ways out for large firms facing logistical problems. Still, many companies cannot figure out if they require E-learning for challenges such as training large groups of different departments at one time.  Hence, here are some of the factors, which you can consider to figure out if you need E-learning or not.

You Have A Geographically Large Workforce

Do you run a firm where the employees are from different companies working from diverse time zones? Or do you appreciate remote working more? If yes, then it is crucial to know if all your employees are equally trained or not. The same learning experience is needed to eradicate the challenges that might emerge afterward while coordinating.

Therefore, you can’t rely on traditional methods for this work. You require something more customized and current. Obviously, every firm owner can’t travel across the globe to train the employees, which can be costly. For training such a geographically dispersed workforce, you should consider E-learning.

E-learning will enable all employees to get access to similar learning events, anywhere and anytime. You can save the traveling costs as well. Moreover, E-learning is centralized at one location online, making it convenient to retrieve and track employees’ performance.

You Wish To  Cut Down Training Expenditures

Every firm has decided on a specific budget for training, and that is very necessary as well. There is nothing new if your training expenses tighten your actual budget, and you want to cut it down somehow. There is usually a well-qualified trainer in traditional training methods, and the companies are supposed to pay them a significant amount, which includes the training and traveling expenses.

Furthermore, the list of expenses does not end here. There are some more places where the firm is supposed to pay for meal expenses, staying, etc. Therefore, all this adds up to the total training making the whole budget expensive.

But you do not have to lose your heart because E-learning can help. You can easily eradicate all the add-on expenses by implementing asynchronous and synchronous online training sessions, allowing various employees to join from every nook-and-corner of the globe. It will enable them to search, live chat, record, download to view later, and store. E-learning will be a one-time investment but will have years-long benefit for the company!

What Type Of  Software Do E-Leaning Includes?

Since E-learning is vast, it can be applied to provide training across the latest upgrades, new system releases, etc. Moreover, it is also utilized to train the workforces on almost every type of Microsoft software package. It includes Skype for Onenote, Windows 10, and Project. Not just this E-learning training is also considered for CRM’S and databases like systems software including Oracle, SAP, SAGE, and Odoo.

What is the e-learning process?

In simpler words, E-learning is a process that uses digital platforms to get trained outside traditional classrooms. It is entirely online therefore, it needs to be modified so that the E-learning programme meets business requirements. Discussing is crucial to know the training needs and understand the aptest way to deliver the programme.

Firstly, recording the movements around the screen is done to show the software’s working. After the completion of the recording, we edit the voice for a better hearing experience. Once all the production work is complete, it is considered an E-learning tutorial distributed to the client for inviting the employees.

The pandemic has hit hard across the world and has forced everyone to be indoors for safety. In this case, it is the only way left for firms to educate and train the employees. The software systems such as Learning management systems are now integrated with online courses, evaluation tests, and research forums to help both form and the employee.

Odoo E-learning is a comprehensive, different, and convenient learning management system that helps the firms. It was released with Odoo version 13 and furnished the users with self-paced courses and significant learning experiences. Here is more information about Odoo Learning Management System.

Odoo Cost

If you are fed up with searching for a perfect E-learning module, then once you should try Odoo. It is way more inexpensive and is worth every penny you pay. Its E-learning module will cost you only $8.00 per month. Furthermore, access to its comprehensive features can never make regret over your decision.

Moreover, you only have to pay yearly or quarterly fees if you opt for Odoo through SaaS. It will include maintenance, servers, updates, and databases.


The awe-inspiring dashboard of Odoo will enhance your experience by offering you a bucketful of tabs such as Configuration catering to the implied functions, Courses, Reporting, and Forum. Moreover, it will commence just after you install the Odoo E-learning module to your database.

You can also try your hands on creating courses, adding course descriptions, lessons, visibility, access rights, and featured content. If you wish to incorporate the external reports, links, and stats, you can also do that. Also, you do not have to worry about the updates as the interactive interface of Odoo will also make it convenient for you.

Odoo Features

  • With the comprehensive Odoo E-learning module, you get access to create plenty of lessons and courses as per your desire. Organize, and manage the content with videos, web pages, PDF presentations, infographics, and certifications.
  • One of the most helpful features of this module is the translation. Yes, you can conveniently translate the website into various languages, which will help every employee across the globe to communicate and learn well. It allows you to overcome the language barriers!
  • You get access to easy and reliable payment options, which helps you sell and market your courses online. Odoo has also eased payment gateway integration.
  • There are some more assisting features, which you can get with Odoo. It enables you to set test duration, passing score, and the number of attempts. With this, you can easily calculate the performance of employees and then certify them.
  • The advanced reporting system is also given in this advanced E-learning module. It reports the overall performance of the content returns, courses, certifications, forums, and reviews. You can take the help of bar charts, stacks, graphs, and pie charts to portray and know the data.
  • Last but not least, Odoo also enables promotional tools such as sharing, search engine optimization, etc.

Odoo Benefits

  • The high-end and vast-ranging features of Odoo makes it a single tool that one can use to develop a multi-channel learning platform online.
  • It keeps the account of processes such as reporting, learning, evaluating, teaching, and promoting.
  • It is no more a challenge to reconstruct resources and courses with Odoo’s insightful reporting systems. One can make it even after considering the common needs of the employee.
  • It is one of the most pocket-friendly E-learning modules, mainly when applied through Saas. It can help your training budget be on the lesser side and eradicate the traveling costs to train employees.
  • The customer gets access to search engine optimization tools, which further helps in promoting courses digitally.

Hence,  Syncoria considers Odoo as an inexpensive yet smart learning management system. It builds an aura of better and interactive learning online without any need for a traditional training classroom. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a grab deal for all!

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