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Advantages of Odoo ERP Customization

In the modern age of authorized consumerism, businesses should never undervalue the significance of customization in their business strategies. Every company has its distinct requirements, so customization has become frequently meaningful to business development in the preceding years. Moreover, as businesses paddle through unusual times, customization arises profoundly applicable in this year, 2021.

A business application must depend on the client’s preferences. Customization gives personalized knowledge and experience in an application concentrating on the client’s demands and ideas. Odoo provides an entirely practical package to meet up a business requirement, but the clients will always require extra effort to use any application.

Odoo Customization and custom module development help use ERP software per your organization’s business necessities and workflows. You can add multiple functionalities with the available applications when you use Odoo. However, if self-supporting apps don’t work according to the method, you would need custom app development or customization assistance. Odoo custom module development packages are mainly designed to guarantee you get Odoo custom development per your productivity and business demands. Custom development includes new Custom Module Development, Squeezing the functions aligned with your business processes, which includes, but is not limited to the customization of reports, the addition of custom fields, custom CRM workflows, and many other capabilities.

Customizing the base Odoo ERP software package is required when your company doesn’t receive the adequate software components straight out of the box from Odoo or its basic implementation. Any company that chooses ERP solutions will need to take the time and effort to learn the capabilities of ERP software. Once it matches every basis from a customization perspective, then only they settle for Odoo. Creating a final decision on executing any ERP adaptability plays an essential role.

Understanding Different Levels of Customization in any ERP System, Especially Odoo ERP 

If you want a fast ERP implementation and smooth migration in the future, you can choose to have lower customization. ERP software is a single software utilized by every business that substitutes the legacy and self-supporting software; industries and companies need custom ERP improvement. There are multiple levels of customization in any ERP software, which companies and organizations require to meet their ultimate aim of a perfect ERP system. 

Minor Customization

A statistic of 1 to 10% customization is where you end up with minor customization. This data means that the software matches your specific business demands. And through little custom development, you can begin using the solution. Minor customization permits you with swift deployment and goes active in the ERP outline.

Significant Customization

To customize an ERP solution within a percentage of 26% to 50%, you need to choose the necessary customization. This customization may lengthen the required time of the development and the cost of the entire project.

No Customization

Customizations in the ERP category include a specific app that demands to develop or customize to be aligned with the business demand. There can be multiple apps or departments that work within the particular flow not provided by its industry. That is the main reason why some tailoring may require in ERP software.

Remarkably Customized

If you are looking out for customization, more than 50% of every module belongs to extreme customization. This idea happens when you get the solution that fits your business needs or provides you with confidence, but certain areas are still not covered by the ERP software.

Fully Customized ERP solutions

Using a fully customized ERP software, you can select the best class solution that meets your business demands in every feature and improve it in-house or via business people. These varieties of ERP solutions are time and cost-consuming. Aside from the time and resources you need to provide, there are risks associated with failure and resource availability.

One of the most significant advantages of preferring Odoo over other costly ERP software is that Odoo is entirely customizable from a functionality perspective.

Difference between Odoo Customization and Configuration

If you want to designate your assets with the Odoo ERP system, many terms will not be very familiar to you. Including the terms customization and configuration. One of Odoo’s ERP implementation partners will expertly handle your business requirements and then configure your system to meet these necessities or customize your system to satisfy your needs.

Many times, a lot of people get distracted with Odoo Configurations vs. Odoo Customization. Although both are different is being discussed in this article. There is a considerable difference in Customization vs. Odoo Configuration as both works on a distinct model. Customization and adding new code in either an existing module of Odoo or creating a new module through coding to meet the company’s needs. In contrast, Odoo Configurations include only settings in ERP software to meet the needs of the customer. The time frame for both differs as Customization needs time, but you can complete configuration in fewer clicks.

Odoo Customization

Everytime you customize Odoo ERP, functionalities that weren’t previously there can be built even without the help of third-party apps. Suppose your Odoo Partner doesn’t have the capabilities to achieve the customizations you are looking out for. In that case, there may be difficulties that will increase your implementation timeline and the desired outcome of a particular Odoo Module.

Odoo Configurations

Odoo Configurations is not as complex as customizations because you replace the existing functionality without coding with configurations. When you are designing Odoo ERP, you are creating the workflows in fewer clicks. However, Odoo Configuration preferences are as vital to the software as customization might be depending on your organization’s complex needs and complexity. It is generally recommended that Odoo vendors must follow the complete level of configurations that can be performed in Odoo. Without proper configuration knowledge, the vendor will need to customize everything in Odoo, increasing the project’s ERP implementation cost and timelines.

Advantages of Odoo ERP Customization

Customization of Odoo ERP may allow businesses to have improved flexibility and better command, resulting in higher profitability and improved customer relationships. Choosing Odoo ERP customization can provide you significant benefits listed below:


Odoo ERP incorporates many business demands with various management areas like a financial, warehouse, customer relationship, and human resource. As a result, it can unite almost all areas of a business to enhance overall effectiveness. 


Flexibility and more reliable power over critical business purposes are two of the main advantages of Odoo ERP customization. The scope of that flexibility depends on the nature of customization made by the ERP development company. 

Provides support and enables customized upgrades 

The usage of ERP applications gives you complete control over their various features. This kind of control allows you to improve the applications when needed. 

Progress time

Progress time might affect businesses requiring a customized ERP solution within a given time frame. The improvement timeline differs from each project, usually depends on the necessities and expectations of a specific industry or company. Considering the long-term advantages, it can be a valuable investment.

Economical, low-cost

There is a prevailing misconception that Odoo ERP customization can set you back a pretty penny apart from complicating the the software system’s whole delivery. This reason has held back some businesses from investing in it. While it is a fact that customized ERP solutions need to be developed from scratch and tend to be more costly than made-to-order systems, you must think that the benefits and long-term profits far outrun the cost.  

The significant advantage of customizing Odoo ERP software is that it ensures you learn the essential functions of Odoo and how you can squeeze Odoo Functions as per your business processes and needs. With these customizations, you can also eliminate or add fields required in your Odoo Report Customization and other reports. This guarantees every department’s needs are accomplished while using ERP software. Odoo Custom Module development also secures to lessen the cost by adjusting your workflow as per Odoo business processes in demand.

Customizing the Odoo ERP system gives you the functionality that your business needs. It rejects any undesirable features that could complicate a client and customize the source code to fit your business needs and characteristics. Customization can also lessen entry duplication and remove irrelevant fields that can be a significant thing to enhance the effectiveness of your employees. These changes can approach your current business demands and provide you with the possibility to constantly improve and hone your business processes as another year comes with new challenges.

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